Supreme Uprising Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Luo Yunyang's Significance

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“What happened?” Luo Yunyang asked tenderly as he walked forward, embraced his sister and stroked her head.

As Luo Dong’er hugged her brother, a warm current flooded her aggrieved heart, making her nearly burst into tears. She hesitated for a bit. She was about to say what her mother had told her to, when Luo Yunyang interrupted her. “Dong’er, Big Brother doesn’t want you to suffer any injustice. However, you must not lie to Big Brother no matter what, understand?”

When the Flame Emperor heard this, he walked up to Luo Yunyang hurriedly and said, “Dong’er sustained this injury when some Sky High Military soldiers bumped into her accidentally while protecting her. I have already punished those fellows.”

Luo Yunyang remained silent as he glared icily at the Flame Emperor.

The Flame Emperor suddenly felt a chill go down his spine. This was the first time he had felt that Luo Yunyang was this frightening.

“I have already detained them. They are in isolation. Plus…”

“Dong’er, is Gramps Flame Emperor telling the truth?” Luo Yunyang asked gently as he gazed at his sister.

“Yes, when that bad person tried to catch me, I bit him. The wound on my face was made by him,” Luo Dong’er articulated wittily this time.

“Flame Emperor, given your intellect, I believe you must be able to understand their reasons for trapping my mother and sister,” Luo Yunyang said indifferently as he glanced at the Flame Emperor. “They might have acted involuntarily, but they still shouldn’t have hit a child. I hope this incident doesn’t leave any lingering effects on Dong’er, but given the circumstances, you should break the arms of the people who hit my sister. If you do, I won’t pursue this matter.”

Luo Yunyang’s words had an unquestionable nuance.

The Flame Emperor knew that Luo Yunyang had the right to ask this much. He was the Blood Strike Guard Commissar and a god-grade telekinesis master, so executing a couple of insignificant individuals who had offended him wouldn’t be such a big deal.

“Alright, I will handle this right away!” The Flame Emperor nodded.

Luo Yunyang embraced his sister gently and told Shen Yunying, “Mom, I have been busy these past few days, so I haven’t tasted your cooking in a long time. Let’s get together and have a nice meal tonight!”

“Alright, I will prepare a tasty meal for you.” Shen Yunying, who felt relieved to see her beloved son unscathed heaved a huge sigh of relief when she heard Luo Yunyang’s request.

he Flame Emperor was an experienced man, so as he watched the calm Luo Yunyang, he had a feeling that this matter wouldn’t be resolved so easily.

However, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he got his men to deliver some of the finest food ingredients in existence before he contacted Lu Qubing.

“Viceroy, I believe that this matter isn’t over yet.” These were the Flame Emperor’s first words to Lu Qubing.

Lu Qubing paused before he replied, “Yes, I believe that it hasn’t ended either.”

“Yunyang wants me to break the hands of the men who hurt his sister. You know what his temper is like. He didn’t even respect the Martial God’s disciple, so how could we expect him to put up with this?” The Flame Emperor’s voice sounded grave. “I believe that Shen’du should give Luo Yunyang an explanation.”

The Flame Emperor awaited Lu Qubing’s reply, yet all Lu Qubing did was sigh silently.

“Did you hear what I just said, Viceroy?” The Flame Emperor thought that Lu Qubing hadn’t heard him, which made his tone become even more anxious.

“I was listening, Flame Emperor,” Lu Qubing said before he added, “But I’m afraid that holding them accountable so soon would be really difficult!”

“You know that the Sky High Tiger King and the Sky High Leopard King were just following orders. Do you think it would be possible to take that member of the Sky High Military out?”

The Flame Emperor fell silent. The Sky High Military was at the top of the Eight Armies. If it become the top army that oversaw Shen’du, it would be because of that extraordinary individual.

“Alright, you placate Yunyang first, and then I’ll go and discuss this!”

Lu Qubing ended the call with the Flame Emperor and went to look for Jin Zaitian. When he found him, he realized that the Vice-Chairman looked tired.

“I made a very bad move.” Jin Zaitian didn’t get up when he saw Lu Qubing walk in.

“An explanation has to be given for this matter, sir,” Lu Qubing said. “Whatever the case, Luo Yunyang is still the Blood Strike Guard Commissar. Even though we didn’t participate in his dispute with the Guardian Deity, we still shouldn’t have taken the Guardian Deity’s side. That was bitterly disappointing for him!”

“I know that I also made some mistakes about this,” Jin Zaitian muttered. “I have spoken to Ye Qingtian already and he is willing to let someone represent him and I and offer Luo Yunyang our sincere apologies.”

Lu Qubing slammed his hands against the table. “Offer your apologies? Do you think Luo Yunyang will accept your apology, sir? You should be able to understand the position he is in right now!”

The Vice-Chairman didn’t utter a single word. Instead, he took a sip from his wine glass. “This is the best I can do, Qubing. You are Luo Yunyang’s old superior, so he requires your support for a lot of things. This time, you should make an effort to have a nice chat with him. I could give him the biggest compensation possible in terms of goods, but everything else will have to wait for the time being.”

Lu Qubing glared angrily at the Vice-Chairman, but didn’t budge. In the end, he sighed and turned around to leave.

When Lu Qubing left, the Vice-Chairman kept slowly savoring his wine. Deep down, he longed for this issue to finally be over.

“Leopard King, our boss turned down the Vice-Chairman’s suggestion. You should have seen the aggressive manner in which he spoke. He even brought up taboo weapons. Ha ha ha! How neat!”

The Sky High Tiger King was so delighted that he gestured joyfully with his arms.

The Sky High Leopard King, who wasn’t as relaxed as the Sky High Tiger King, said unenthusiastically, “I know what our boss’ temperament is like, but I’m afraid that this matter won’t end so easily. Plus, taboo weapons can’t be mobilized as easily as he suggested.”

“So what? I don’t care how strong Luo Yunyang is, there’s no way he can shake up the Sky High Military. Besides, he slapped a Martial God’s disciple. The Martial God definitely won’t let this go!”

“Once the Martial God makes a move, perhaps…”

Luo Yunyang stayed at his house in Chang’an for three days. During these three days, he met his great uncle’s family once and spent the rest of his time at home with Shen Yunying and Luo Dong’er.

For three days, he acted like an ordinary young man living in that neighborhood.

However, the entire Chang’an City was jittery, as everyone knew very well that this young man was definitely not an ordinary neighbor.

He was a god-grade powerhouse who had slain another god-grade powerhouse.

That day, Luo Yunyang left Chang’an once again!

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