Supreme Uprising Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Any Objections?

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Instead of going to Shen’du, Luo Yunyang was heading in the direction of the Great Snow Mountain. This didn’t mean that he was giving up on getting revenge. He just had more important matters to attend to right now.

Thanks to the Guardian Deity’s personal records, Luo Yunyang had realized that the reason the Great Snow Mountain had become famous for its fighting prowess and the Guardian Deity had been able to become a god-grade powerhouse was a mystical item called the Prime Yin Water.

The Guardian Deity’s master had given it this name because he had believed that this water was the strongest, most frigid water in the world.

While the Guardian Deity and the other ordinary disciples of the Great Snow Mountain had cultivated, they had all relied on the dilute Prime Yin Water to raise their cultivation bases.

According to the Guardian Deity’s records, he had gasped in surprise when he had seen the ball of fire in the deep abyss where the source of the Prime Yin Water was.

It had been a ball of snow-white, ice-like flames…

Although the Guardian Deity had been unable to find out what sort of flame this was, based on what he had felt when he had been about to become a god-grade powerhouse, he had believed that if he tried to withstand this flame, both his body and soul would be destroyed.

Luo Yunyang’s body had already contained four types of flames, so the addition of the green flames had allowed his cultivation base to increase by a significant amount once again.

Of course, Luo Yunyang believed that he had to obtain the essence flame found on the Great Snow Mountain.

Although he thought that he shouldn’t delay taking revenge, he could not let the opportunity to obtain such a mystical treasure slip by.

As soon as he’d left Chang’an, many people had started shaking in fear, while various military commanders of the Eight Armies had heaved sighs of relief. While Luo Yunyang had been in Chang’an, they had felt like a plague-like existence had been suppressing their spirits.

They didn’t care where Luo Yunyang went, as long as he wasn’t in Chang’an.

The residents of Shen’du could fend for themselves!

The entire population of Shen’du was scared sh*tless when they heard that Luo Yunyang was leaving Chang’an. The last time Luo Yunyang had been to Shen’du, he had slain Nie Tianyuan. Plus, this time, he was a god-grade powerhouse.

The Sky High Military mobilized its entire force, including various commanders and some taboo weapons that were only supposed to be used during a crisis.

The news about Luo Yunyang had frightened the entire Sky High Military.

Some people had even contacted the Martial God, hoping he would take action and punish Luo Yunyang for disrespecting his reputation.

Unfortunately, the Martial God had replied that he was currently in seclusion trying to break through an even higher boundary, so it was unknown when he would emerge.

This news made many people feel as though their hearts were being constricted.

As a result, Lu Qubing’s residence started to become lively once again. A few old friends and powerhouses that were on good terms with him asked Lu Qubing to reason with Luo Yunyang so he would not do anything too extreme.

In the end, Jin Zaitian paid a personal visit to Lu Qubing’s office and asked him to talk to Luo Yunyang.

Just as Lu Qubing was about to crack under this pressure, news that Luo Yunyang had reached the Great Snow Mountain arrived.

Many people heaved sighs of relief when they heard this. However, the people who knew Luo Yunyang were more apprehensive. Luo Yunyang wasn’t one to patch up a quarrel, so he definitely wouldn’t let things go.

When the Sky High Tiger King and the Sky High Leopard King, who were in charge of guarding the Viceroy, heard that Luo Yunyang hadn’t shown up, the Sky High Tiger King roared with laughter. “I knew this fellow wouldn’t dare come to Shen’du!”

“Taboo weapons have been mobilized, and I’m not talking about the sort of outdated taboo weapons the Nie Family owns. These weapons use new technology, he he…”

The Leopard King pondered this for a moment before he said, “He went to the Great Snow Mountain. Perhaps he wants to take over the Guardian Deity’s domain and come back when he’s had ample time to prepare. Wouldn’t that be a bigger problem?”

The Tiger King fell silent for a bit before he consoled the Leopard King by saying, “The Viceroy wouldn’t allow this sort of thing to happen.”

Although his words sounded firm, his heart was actually wavering. This person affected their hearts like a venomous snake in hiding. No one knew when he might appear and bite and poison them to death. Even if one wasn’t scared of death, who could guarantee that he would be lenient enough to kill them mercifully?

The Great Snow Mountain already had a dilapidated vibe to it.

Although it was a sect, so there were still martial-grandmaster level fighters there, ever since the Guardian Deity and the 18 Guardians had fallen at Luo Yunyang’s hands, the Great Snow Mountain had basically become a second-rate power.

The disciples of the Great Snow Mountain could attest to the saying that the rise and falls of life were too difficult for one to grasp.

The Guardian Deity’s ascension to a god-grade powerhouse had made every single one of them soar like a rising tide.

However, even though the Guardian Deity had become a god-grade entity, he had been slain while trying to ‘break the customs’ and become the laughing stock of the entire Da Alliance.

These disciples had also suffered as a result, so the notion of leaving the Great Snow Mountain had already sprouted up among some of them.

Deep in the recesses of the Great Snow Mountain was a large manor that housed the base of the Great Snow Mountain Sect, which currently appeared grey and drab. Without any of the Guardian Deity’s disciples to keep watch, it had lost most of its vitality.

Two people were currently arguing inside the manor.

Even though they were the two remaining martial grandmasters of the Great Snow Mountain, their fighting strength was limited, so they weren’t capable enough to support the sect of the Great Snow Mountain.

However, all their leaders had died, so they were the only ones left.

“I am the Guardian Deity’s younger brother, so I should be the one to take his seat on the Great Snow Mountain,” said a short man. Although he was pretty old, his voice reverberated loudly.

“I am his senior uncle! The Great Snow Mountain’s seat should be given to an elder.”

The other party didn’t back down, so the two of them kept quarrelling angrily.

However, no matter how much they argued, nobody said the persuasive words that would allow them to inherit this position.

Nobody mentioned avenging the Guardian Deity!

“Do both of you wish to become the master of the Great Snow Mountain?” a voice asked, interrupting their noisy argument.

The two martial grandmasters were furious. They had the highest status on the Great Snow Mountain, so they wouldn’t tolerate anyone speaking to them this way.

“That’s utter rubbish! Is there anyone else in here…” The short old man, who had a fiery temper, was half-way through his chiding. However, he found it hard to continue when he saw who had spoken.

“Luo… Luo Yunyang… Why have you come here? Are you trying to completely eliminate the Great Snow Mountain? Listen, the Great Snow Mountain won’t seek revenge, so you… you shouldn’t do anything too vicious!”

The younger generations of Great Snow Mountain disciples were shaking in fear. They had seen for themselves Luo Yunyang’s tremendous might during that shocking battle, so they simply had no intention of doing anything to him.

As he scanned the crowd of terrified faces, Luo Yunyang suddenly had an idea.

He had originally planned to force someone to take him to the Prime Yin Water, but now he had an even greater idea.

“From this day on, I will be the master of the Great Snow Mountain. Does anyone object?”

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