Supreme Uprising Chapter 236

Chapter 236 The Master Of The Snow Mountain

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The Great Snow Mountain had a total of 326 disciples. Two of them were martial grandmasters, 46 were martial masters and the remainder were martialists.

Although this sort of strength was rather considerable even among the Eight Armies, Luo Yunyang could eliminate them with a wave of his hand.

Absolute silence filled the large main hall where the Great Snow Mountain disciples used to convene and discuss any issues.

Master Xin Yuan, the skinny younger brother of the Guardian Deity said solemnly, “Mr. Luo wants to be the Great Snow Mountain’s master. Does anyone have any objections?”

Luo Yunyang’s words were repeated by Master Xin Yuan in a very assured manner.

Opposite Master Xin Yuan was the older uncle also vying to become the master of the Great Snow Mountain. The two men, who had already been scared into submission by Luo Yunyang, naturally didn’t say anything to oppose him.

Nobody spoke. The entire hall was flooded with absolute silence.

Although the disciples might have had an opinion on the way Luo Yunyang had forcefully seized power, they didn’t voice any objections.

The might of god-grade powerhouses wasn’t something ordinary martialists could afford to provoke.

“Since no one has objected, I shall represent the former master and accept Luo Yunyang as a disciple. His new name will be Supreme Deity!” said the older uncle of the Guardian Deity. He didn’t dare assume the role of Luo Yunyang’s uncle, so instead he represented the former master of the Great Snow Mountain.

Luo Yunyang, who didn’t care much about these formalities, waved his arm, causing droplets of water to appear out of thin air on his palm.

Even ordinary people would be able to sense that these droplets contained boundless power. As soon as they appeared on Luo Yunyang’s hand, fear crept into the faces of most disciples.

Before they could show their fear and dread, the droplets had already entered their bodies.

“These droplets contain my secret art. If you aren’t able to obtain the antidote in one month, you will feel as if your body is being pierced by 10,000 needles every day. The pain will be so insufferable that you will die within 10 days,” Luo Yunyang told the frightened Great Snow Mountain disciples indifferently.

“We already agreed to let you become the Great Snow Mountain’s Deity. Why… Why do you have to treat us this way?” a rather young-looking martial master wailed indignantly.

“Well said! Since I have already become the Great Snow Mountain’s Deity and you have all pledged your loyalty to me, why would you worry whether this seal is inside your body or not?” Luo Yunyang replied indifferently. “Unless some of you don’t mean what you say…”

His words made the entire main hall go silent once more. Although there were still some people who weren’t very accepting of Luo Yunyang, they no longer dared say anything.

The two frontrunners had already shut their mouths tactfully. They had witnessed the power of Luo Yunyang’s seal, so they no longer dared do anything that would provoke this demon.

“It seems that some of you doubt my actions, so I shall let you have a taste of the might of this seal.”

Suddenly, all the disciples felt an immense frigid energy arise within their bodies.

This energy caused a prickling, painful sensation to appear on every inch of their skin. Some Great Snow Mountain disciples with stronger resolve clenched their teeth and grimaced, but the majority started to roll around on the ground as they struggled.

One minute, 10 minutes…

Luo Yunyang stood eerily still as he watched the frantic wailing of the Great Snow Mountain disciples. To be honest, he didn’t really like using such simple, cruel methods, but he had no choice right now.

If he had thought that he’d be able to obtain the devotion of those disciples just by saying a few words, then he would have been a fool.

He had slain the Guardian Deity and the Great Snow Mountain’s 18 Guardians after all. Even though the animosity between them wasn’t as deep as the ocean, there was still a whole lot of accumulated rancor.

At this point in time, Luo Yunyang couldn’t afford to be lenient.

“Deity, they… they can’t think clearly yet. There’s no need to make them go through this.” Master Xin Yuan hesitated for a second before he addressed Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang smiled at Master Xin Yuan and said, “I understand your kind intentions, but letting them suffer a little today will prevent them from losing their lives in the future.”

Although Luo Yunyang spoke in a tranquil manner, Master Xin Yuan could sense the underlying killing intent of his words.

Master Xin Yuan didn’t say anything else. He could understand Luo Yunyang’s intentions now. Letting these disciples experience his might would go a long way in making them feel reverence towards Luo Yunyang.

This reverence would allow the disciples to remain safe and sound in the future.

After a short while, Luo Yunyang waved his arm again. The frigid energy that had rushed into the Great Snow Mountain’s disciples suddenly dissipated considerably.

Besides some hostility, Luo Yunyang was now also able to see some reverence in their eyes.

“Oh, by the way, I don’t really like the name Supreme Deity. I make the decisions here, so you will all call me Ardent Sun Deity.”

When he was done speaking, Luo Yunyang left the main hall. Although no one told them to, the shell-shocked disciples of the Great Snow Mountain all arched their backs and bowed.

Half an hour later, the two martial grandmasters led Luo Yunyang to the cave inside the peak of the Great Snow Mountain.

The cave entrance was very well-hidden, so had he gone there alone, Luo Yunyang would have had to use a great deal of mind power to discover it.

“Deity, according to our master, this is the coldest place on the Great Snow Mountain. Even though your cultivation base is extraordinary, you still have to pay attention to the extreme cold inside.”

When Master Xin Yuan led Luo Yunyang through an entrance full of ice, a cave about 100 meters long and 30 meters wide appeared.

A jade-white conical pillar that looked like a gigantic icicle hung about 10 meters from the ground.

Although Luo Yunyang’s current mental abilities were extraordinary, when he saw the jade pillar, he felt as if his mind had frozen for a second.

The base of the icicle was only as thick as an infant’s finger, and a drop of snow-white liquid hung from its tip.

The liquid looked like it could fall down at any moment.

“Every drop of Prime Yin Water takes at least six months to drip down. According to the sect records, three months have already passed since this droplet formed, so it will take three more months before it falls from this frigid jade pillar.”

Master Xin Yuan carefully pointed to a small pit below the pillar that looked like a white-jade bowl. “It contains some accumulated Prime Yin Water. If you want to, you can use it right away.”

Although Luo Yunyang could feel his ice source core itch to test out the Prime Yin Water, he didn’t do so right away. Instead, he scanned that huge icicle first.

Indeed, as he gazed at it, a throbbing, pulsating flame within it caught his eye!

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