Supreme Uprising Chapter 240

Chapter 240 Extreme Speed

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“This kid is too arrogant!” the Sky High Dragon King slammed his hands against the table furiously inside the Sky High Military Headquarters.

The Sky High Military’s Four Great Generals were the Dragon King, the Tiger King, the Leopard King, and the Snake King.

The Four Great Generals were all first-class geniuses, so they were the Sky High Military’s cream of the crop.

The Sky High Dragon King’s influence within the Sky High Military wasn’t much lower than that of the Viceroy, Ye Qingtian.

However, unlike the other three kings, the Sky High Dragon King didn’t reside in Shen’du. He was garrisoned north of Shen’du, where he scared off bandits and outlaws.

If Luo Yunyang hadn’t come to Shen’du to provoke the Sky High Military’s Generals, then he wouldn’t have rushed over so urgently.

“Don’t get angry over this, Big Brother. The kid can’t be blamed for having a death wish,” the Tiger King said.

“The three battalions are composed of the Sky High Military’s most elite experts. 10,000 crack troops armed to the teeth can lock down a five-kilometer radius around Shen’du within 10 seconds. Luo Yunyang might be strong, but he is just a god-grade powerhouse. He’s not a real god!”

Although the Sky High Tiger King seemed to be right, the Sky High Dragon King’s eyebrows arched up once again.

In the past, the Sky High Tiger King had been a daring hero who had fought and strived, yet the Sky High Tiger King in front of him was filled with fear and dread.

The Sky High Dragon King shook his head, but ultimately didn’t say anything.

Although deep down he could not accept being weaker than Luo Yunyang, he knew all about the pressure and might of a god-grade powerhouse.

Shen’du took care of its residents. They just couldn’t be disgraced like that!

“This time, he definitely won’t be able to bypass the three battalions’ defence, so he will have to retreat. This matter will soon come to pass,” the Sky High Leopard King added.

As he said this, he heaved a sigh. Thanks to this issue, he had endured a huge amount of pressure.

Jin Zaitian and Lu Qubing, who were leading the mediation, had yet to promise anything. However, as a member of the top brass of the Sky High Military, he knew that some debts ought to be paid.

He only hoped that, after this was over, the Martial God would put Luo Yunyang in his place so he wouldn’t come and cause them more trouble.

The top brass of various armies, including the Royal Forest Military, the Grand Sky Military and the Hanging Sun Legion, gathered at Lu Qubing’s rather small residence as though they had discussed this beforehand.

Lu Qubing, who wasn’t very pleased with their arrival, helplessly got his men to open the Rising Dragon Army’s large conference room and send everyone in.

“Old Lu, the only people able to advise this man are you and the Vice-Chairman!” an old man with flowing white hair said firmly.

“What the Sky High Military did was improper, but we are all part of the same family, damn it. If you can’t afford to offend others, then you can stay out of this. No one would blame you. But to think that they actually used shady means on one of our own! How could anyone tolerate this sort of thing?”

As the old man spoke vehemently, Lu Qubing had a grim smile on his face. He could only reply with a chuckle.

He knew that back when Luo Yunyang had been targeted by the Guardian Deity during the custom-breaking, the white-haired old man hadn’t taken any action. However, he had asked his men to monitor Luo Yunyang closely.

The intention of this observation was naturally no secret.

Now that Luo Yunyang had returned to Shen’du to settle a debt, the old man had suddenly transformed into a good person. Did he think that everyone was too retarded to see through a trashy person like him? Although deep down Lu Qubing despised his actions, he just smiled.

Shen’du’s defensive systems had already been activated. The large electronic screen displayed the defensive position of the three big battalions.

“F*ck, those are the newly-developed Beheading Armor-Piercing Shells No. 9. Damn it! Back when they were developed, I sought out the Vice-Chairman once, hoping to get some for half a battalion, but I didn’t even get to see them.”

The white-haired old man stared at a row of neatly-arranged vehicles as he cursed. “The Sky High Military actually took 100 of these? If they all fire simultaneously, they could even flatten a mountain!”

“What’s the big deal about flattening a mountain? Their most crucial function is auto-locking on the target.”

“Right now, Luo Yunyang’s best option is to leave the three big battalions alone and flee. That way, everyone will save face!”

Lu Qubing shook his head as he heard the envy-filled discussions around him. Judging by the equipment of the three big battalions, he could understand why Jin Zaotian had always been unable to punish the Sky High Military decisively.

If the Sky High Military betrayed them, then…

Just as wild thoughts started to go through Lu Qubing’s mind, the image on the screen changed and a figure he was very familiar with appeared on the screen.

Five kilometers away from the deployment of the 10,000 crack troops of the three big battalions, Luo Yunyang was standing still.

The soldiers of the three battalions all used their own binoculars to observe him. When they saw him, they were all stunned.

He was currently facing 10,000 men from three battalions alone.

“Fire!” the Vice-Commander of these forces shouted at his subordinates. He had made the firm decision to kill Luo Yunyang.

As soon as he roared out his command, countless firework-like weapons covered the entire sky as they flew over at Luo Yunyang.

The sounds of all sorts of explosions and immense surging energy were heard. A massive crater suddenly appeared on the originally flat ground.

The crater had a radius of five kilometers.

This was without a doubt a sort of annihilation. When a multitude of blazes sprouted, nobody saw Luo Yunyang cross over the flames and escape from the crater.

Could Luo Yunyang have died?

This thought popped into a lot of people’s minds. The very thought of this man dying delighted them.

However, as soon as they thought about it, waves of a loud, tsunami-like alarm were heard.

Lu Qubing, Zhuge Yi and the others immediately stood up. As the Viceroy’s armies, they knew clearly when this sort of warning alarm sounded.

This alarm was heard when a source beast broke through Shen’du’s city gates.

Although the space barrier was becoming thinner and cracks had started appearing at certain places, there hadn’t been any sign of a source beast breaking through and entering Shen’du yet. For a moment, everyone was unable to believe this.

Then, they all rushed frantically towards the direction the alarm was coming from.

In the blink of an eye, they reached the city gates and saw a shadow below.

An ordinary-looking figure was standing under the huge city gates of Shen’du!

He had arrived!

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