Supreme Uprising Chapter 530

Chapter 530 The Proud Heavens Converge And Shine Upon The Space River

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The Bloody Space River was actually forbidden grounds for many martialists. This was because there were countless dangerous beasts and disasters in this region. Most importantly, this was a killing ground for the four different factions.

However, thanks to the blossoming Blood Jade Flower, the four factions had lifted the prohibition on entering the Bloody Space River.

The martialists from the four different factions were not supposed to fight before the upcoming battle took place.

Of course, being able to spectate the battle came with rules as well. Should anyone not follow the given set of rules while spectating the match, they would immediately be expelled on the spot.

The total number of rules one had to follow to prevent getting expelled was over 30. However, even so, there were still many spectators who came from all directions just to watch.

The four major powers had erected viewing platforms for spectators within a 1,500-kilometer radius of the void around the Blood Source Mountain.

Every single viewing platform was made of many buildings of several different levels. There were also seats of different sizes on each platform.

The view from the bottom levels was the worst. Most people there were crowded to the point that they even rubbed shoulders with one another. Even the larger spectators had to squeeze into the small area they were given.

Despite this, in order to view the battle from the bottom level, one still had to fork out a whopping 100,000 star dollars!

In comparison to the lower levels, the viewing pleasure got much better as one moved up, especially if one reached the top levels. The view at the top levels was almost akin to viewing a landscape from a park pavilion.

1,000-year warm jade served as a floorboard, and many ancient trees had been transported over by the Evergreen Tribe. Many pots of rare flowers and plants also decorated the surrounding environment, giving it a blissful fairyland theme.

A group of more than 10 young men and ladies from the Demigod Tribe sat poised on the platform made out of a mysterious jade while they engaged in casual chatter.

"Everyone, I heard that Luo Yunyang actually rejected the kind offer of the Demigod Tribe. He really does not know the dire situation he is in." A young man from the Demigod Tribe groused.

Upon hearing this, another young Demigod man with a slim face added, "This news already spread widely a while ago. The one who spread the news was actually my cousin!"

"He really thinks that he is somebody big. So what if he is a disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy? The outcome will still be the same. He is doomed this time around. The Primeval Underworld Monarch doesnt even care."

Suddenly, the man with the slim face began pointing and gesturing with his hands as he said, "The might of the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas is known to everyone here. Based on what I see, the only one who can rise up and defeat the Primeval Underworld King in the Demigod Tribe is the Brilliant Sun Sage!"

"You are wrong. He is perhaps the only one in the entire Divine Union!" said another young man from the Demigod Tribe as he laughed.

Faint displeasure appeared on other mans slim face. He was in the midst of talking, yet he had suddenly gotten interrupted. How dare this person interrupt him before so many people! Was he trying to embarrass him?

Although there was anger in his heart, the young man decided to control his temper. After all, the subject involved the Brilliant Sun Sage.

The Brilliant Sun Sage was not somebody he could offend!

In the center of the crowd was a beautiful lady from the Demigod Tribe who was over 20 meters tall. Upon hearing someone mention the Brilliant Sun Sage, the corners of her mouth curled into a faint smile.

Her beautiful smile managed to placate the anger of everyone around her.

"Alright, everyone, please stop arguing. According to the calculations of the elders of our tribes, there is only one hour left before the Bloody Jade Flower blossoms."

"Although we cannot get the Divine Sky Source hidden in the center of the Bloody Jade Flower, when the flower blossoms, we could have a great opportunity to evolve many different Origin Source Laws. We have to focus and make full use of this so that we do not waste a good opportunity like this one!"

Once the lady spoke, the dozens of young men and ladies from the Demigod Tribe replied in unison respectfully, "You have our deepest gratitude, lady maiden, for pointing this out and guiding us. We will definitely do our best."

The lady maiden waved her hands dismissively. "You are all elites of the Demigod Tribe. Although you are the equivalent of Divine Marquises in the Bloody Space River, we still shouldnt be too relaxed during cultivation."

"Heaven Lady, I think that Luo Yunyang should not even be allowed to participate in this battle. He is doomed to fail and risk his life, as well as the Divine Sky Source."

The slim-faced Demigod man then added, "I think that he should be stripped off the right to represent the Divine Union in battle. We should let the Brilliant Sun Sage enter instead. After all, the Blood-Colored Divine Sky Source is of paramount importance!"

The beautiful gaze of the lady maiden fell on the face of the young man before she said, "This is a decision made by the higher-ups. What can we do about it?"

The young mans eyes suddenly lit up as he said, "Lady Maiden, I have thought of a solution!"

The rest of the Demigod men, who had all begun to understand what was happening, looked at their slim counterpart with eyes full of jealousy and hatred.

They felt unbearably uncomfortable about letting him steal away such a good opportunity.

That was why, after exchanging glances with one another, they simultaneously stepped forward and said, "Lady Maiden, we feel the same way about this matter!"

The lady known as the Heaven Lady smiled. She was about to say something when a massive Blood-Colored Spaceship appeared in the void and cruised over.

The Blood-Colored Spaceship was majestic. The moment it charged and stalled near the viewing platforms, all the platforms began shaking nonstop.

"How repulsive! The Purgatory is obviously doing this on purpose!" The slim man cursed.

He felt thoroughly insulted.

The ravishing Lady Maiden did not say anything. Her eyes had already darted across the void and made contact with another gaze in the Blood-Colored Spaceship.

This gaze also belonged to a beautiful lady. Even though the heaven lady was hard to resist, this lady was like an angel that had descended from heaven. Her beauty radiated in every direction!

"He he So its the Lady Maiden. We have not met in a long time. How have you been?" said a gentle voice, uttering every word in an enticing fashion.

The brown eyes of the lady exuded youth and charm, while her features were so finely detailed that several geniuses from the Demigod Tribe could feel their heartbeats increase from just hearing her voice.

"Princess Medusa, long time no see!" the Lady Maiden said as faint killing intent flashed across her eyes. However, her voice remained gentle.

"Big Sister, did you know? A while ago, some guy from your tribe known as the Brilliant Sun Sage actually sent someone to my tribe to ask for my hand in marriage. It was truly a fun, silly incident! Did he actually think he was the ruler of the universe or something?" the lady said gently.

There was a cold glint in the Lady Maidens eyes. If she could, she would rip apart the devilishly beautiful Princess Medusa right away.

"The Brilliant Sun Sage needs concubines and maids while he cultivates, so I instantly thought of my younger sister."

The gentle exchange between the two beautiful ladies was full of implied meanings and hidden agendas. These subtle attacks were felt by everyone that was listening to their conversation.

Everyone remained silent, as they did not want to get dragged into a fight like this.

"Why not have a wager with me, Sister? Lets see who wins this upcoming battle. If your side wins, I shall marry the winner and become Luo Yunyangs concubine. On the other side, if we win, you shall become the Primeval Underworld Monarchs concubine. How does that sound?"

Princess Medusa smiled sweetly after saying that. Her eyes, which were cute, alluring and attractive, were curved like crescent moons. After drawing back and forth, she started provoking the other lady once again. "Unless you dont dare take this bet, Sister Lady Maiden?"

The Soliciting Moon Maiden was in a predicament. She knew very well in her heart that she had been cornered and pressured due to the presence of so many people.

She really did not dare bet on this battle. After all, the Primeval Underworld Monarch had already trained until he had mastered the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas.

Even if the Demigod Tribes Brilliant Sun Sage himself took part in the battle, the Soliciting Moon Maiden wouldnt dare take this wager. Why would she do so when an unworthy competitor like Luo Yunyang, who lacked the constitution of a Demigod, was their representative?

"Why are you keeping quiet, Sister? Does your silence mean that you consent to my wager? In that case, I will definitely help the Primeval Underworld Monarch make the necessary preparations!"

Princess Medusas voice was seductive yet confident, as she was sure that she would win. However, the Soliciting Moon Maiden felt nothing but anger as she heard these coy words.

"You are far too naive, Younger Sister!" the Soliciting Moon Maiden retorted as she tried her best to restrain herself. However, her fists were already tightly clenched together.

She was livid!

Anyone who knew the Soliciting Moon Maiden knew that it was a great source of insult and embarrassment for her to be cornered by Princess Medusa during such a large tribe gathering.

This insult made her really uncomfortable.

Laughter that sounded like jingling bells was heard before the Blood-Colored Spaceship began departing. So did the mesmerizing figure that had been standing in front of the crowd.

"What a disgrace. The Demigod Tribe is obviously much stronger in terms of power than the guys from the Purgatory. We have only Luo Yunyang to blame for this. If hadnt been for him, our Lady Maiden would definitely not have been mocked by that beautiful demoness."

The slim young man had sensed the wrath of the Soliciting Moon Maiden instantly. After sighing, he told his fellow counterparts, "I believe that there is no need to let him participate in this upcoming battle when he will surely lose. If we let him, we will end up embarrassing ourselves. Men of the Demigod Tribe, follow me!"

His words lightened the Soliciting Moon Maidens words greatly. The men of the Demigod Tribe who hadnt intended to participate also stood up now.

The Soliciting Moon Maiden did not stop any of these actions. Instead, she looked into the distance. Although she still did not see anything, she believed that the Brilliant Sun Sage would make it in time eventually.

This was not just about victory. However, even if this was about the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas, the Brilliant Sun Sage would still have to rush to make it back.

Half an hour later, a pleasant fragrance started emanating from the Blood Jade Flower on the Blood Source Origin Mountain. This scent began to diffuse across the void, while the Origin Source Laws that had been faintly discernible initially began to form into something more sequential.

The source of this fragrance was the sparkling flower bud that was blooming!

Suddenly, a shadow appeared 5,000 kilometers away. At first, it looked ordinary. However, it approached very rapidly.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch had arrived!

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