Supreme Uprising Chapter 551

Chapter 551 The Heaven Shattering Divine Spear

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As the compensation from the Demigod Tribe and the other tribes arrived, Luo Yunyangs resources increased many times over.

Although he had a super consumer in the form of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, the number of goods and resources he received, which was nearly the size of a planet, made him really satisfied.

Even 100 Human Tribes wouldnt have been able to produce these many resources, let alone just one.

Luo Yunyang felt really pleased as he watched the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast within his internal galaxy, which was already hundreds of miles long, devour a Thick Earth Crystal the size of an ocean. It seemed like taking people by force was better than negotiating!

Ever since he had entered the Galaxy Grade, not only had his cultivation base improved rapidly, but the Nebula within his body had also evolved into a Galaxy.

The Galaxy within him was already many times the size of the galaxy within an ordinary martialist. More importantly, there werent any planets in that galaxy, only a black hole that had swollen up many times and covered a huge area.

This black hole was the core of Luo Yunyangs power.

Although the black hole was under his control, Luo Yunyang still placed the extorted resources far away from it. He was worried that if he didnt pay attention, the vast amount of treasures and resources would be swallowed.

Thanks to the number of resources he had, in conjunction with the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts tremendous consumption ability, Luo Yunyang estimated that the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast would be able to ascend to the Galaxy Grade in 30 years.

A Chaotic Four-Origin Beast that broke through to the Galaxy Grade would definitely compare to a Universe-Grade. Within the Divine Union, Universe-Grades were at the absolute apex.

Although they were slightly weaker than the Supremacies, who had space-time powers, they were still genuine big players.

"Yunyang, you have a guest." Badebus voice rang out beside Luo Yunyang.

A guest? Following the Celestial World Supremacys announcement that Luo Yunyang had become his personal disciple, many people had called upon him. However, Luo Yunyang had ignored anyone that had come to flatter him or foster a relationship with the Bloody Massacre Path Master.

If Badebu had reported this to him, it seemed like this guest had some kind of influence.

In a moment, Luo Yunyang emerged from his room. His status was different now, so he lived on a planet specifically belonging to him.

Most helpers on this planet were people from the Bloody Massacre Path and the Da Alliance. The servants in the innermost parts of his palace were his most trusted followers from the Da Alliance.

"Master Yunyang, it is your Eldest Senior Brothers disciples." After some upgrades, Badebu had become the A.I. controller of this entire planet. He could quickly gather this sort of information from communication devices and transmit it to Luo Yunyang.

Eldest Senior Brother?

Luo Yunyang froze for a moment before he recovered. Although the Celestial World Supremacy wasnt from the Demigod Tribe, his subordinates also had disciples.

When it came to personal disciples, besides Luo Yunyang, there were also two others: the Cloudy Sea Saint and the Empty Fire Saint.

These two personal disciples had already followed the Celestial World Supremacy for many eons, so they were Universe-Grade Saints strength-wise.

In the Divine Empire, Galaxy-Grades were known as Rulers, Celestial Domain-Grades were known as Great Emperors, and anyone who entered the Galaxy Grade was called a Saint.

Universe-Grade Saints practically stood at the top of the entire universe. They were the strongest powers in the Universe.

In the past, when Luo Yunyang had only been a disciple in name, he had already found information on these two. The Cloud Sea Saint was from the Cloud Mist Tribe.

Although the Cloud Mist Tribe wasnt very big and the total of its tribesmen only added up to millions, it was still one of the 18 Primary Tribes.

The reason the Cloud Mist Tribe had been able to become one of the 18 Primary Tribes was easy to guess.

The Empty Fire Saint had been born to a traveler from a small tribe. Although he was very powerful, he didnt have any subordinates.

Those two hadnt bothered Luo Yunyang when he had become the Celestial World Supremacys disciple in name. However, the Cloud Sea Saints disciples had come now.

"Let them in," Luo Yunyang instructed after thinking about it slightly.

In three minutes, three Cloud Mist Tribesmen walked in. Their external appearance was similar to a humans. However, they each had a gem embedded between their brows.

The colors of these gems were all different. It was said that, within the Cloud Mist Tribe, no two tribesmen had the same gem color.

The gems of the Cloud Mist Tribe were the tribes most precious treasure. Not only did such a gem determine the power and strength of a Cloud Mist martialist, but it was also related to every cultivation path of the Cloud Mist Tribe.

Three people came in, including one woman and two men. All of them were especially good-looking. The lady at the front, who had a cultivation base at the peak of the Celestial Domain-Grade, was dressed in a luxuriant white flowing dress of the finest quality.

The lady greeted Luo Yunyang respectfully when she caught sight of him. "I am disciple Yun Rushui. Greetings, Uncle-Master!"

The two men that followed behind the lady also had Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation bases. However, it seemed like they had just recently ascended.

Although they followed this lady and bowed, Luo Yunyang could tell from their expressions that their behavior seemed a little forced.

These two Celestial Domain-Grade Emperor Lords werent willing to salute Luo Yunyang in such a manner. However, their status was fixed, so they had to greet him.

Luo Yunyang wasnt bothered by this. Without missing a bit, he said, "No need for formalities. Does Eldest Senior Brother require anything? Is that why he sent you all here?"

As Luo Yunyang appraised the three of them, Yun Rushui and the others sized up Luo Yunyang as well. They had already been hearing about Luo Yunyang for some time. Although the three of them were Celestial Domain-Grades, their reputations far surpassed Luo Yunyangs.

Yun Rushui and the others had studied an image of Luo Yunyang more than once and realized that, although Luo Yunyang wasnt ordinary, there was still a considerable gulf between him and the other disciples of the Celestial World Supremacy.

However, as soon as they saw Luo Yunyang, a feeling welled in their hearts. The young man before them was like a layer of nothingness that could absorb countless beings.

At the moment, Yun Rushui had a faint doubt over the objective of this visit. However, she quickly dispelled this doubt.

After all, this item was too important to her!

"Uncle-Master, Master sent me here because he has a gift for you." Her slender, jade-like arms produced what looked like a spear. However, behind the tip of the spear was something that looked like a huge plate.

As this weapon emerged, waves of pressure similar to a chaotic hole spread out in every direction.

Many Human Tribe guards felt their bodies trembling involuntarily under this pressure. Even the large palace that was shielded by array formations started shaking.

"This is a fearsome weapon!" Luo Yunyang, who didnt show any signs of fear, said coolly as he surveyed the weapon.

"Yes, Uncle-Master. This is the Heaven-Shattering Divine Spear, which ranks 136th on the Divine Unions Terrible Weapon Chart!"

Yun Rushui then added in a gentle voice, "Among all the weapons used by martialists like us, basically most martialists below the Celestial Domain-Grade use forged weapons."

"However, once we break through to the Celestial Domain-Grade or beyond, we are able to develop our own unique weapons within our internal well-developed universe."

"Unfortunately, many powerhouses arent willing to waste large resources within their bodies to create weapons, or they are simply afraid that the might of the weapons produced wont be too strong. Thus, most people think that the best weapons are still the weapons or ultimate treasures produced naturally in the vast universe!"

"This Heaven-Shattering Divine Spear was an ultimate offensive treasure our Master found in a strategic location."

Luo Yunyang understood some things about such weapons. Although he nodded his head, he didnt reach out to pick up the Heaven-Shattering Divine Spear. Instead, he said indifferently, "Your Master wouldnt have given me such a gift just to congratulate me on becoming his Junior Brother, would he?"

When someone humbled themselves like that, they wanted to make a request.

Although Luo Yunyang was the Celestial World Supremacys personal disciple and had a status that would make countless people worry, this status wasnt much to be proud of compared to the Cloud Sea Saint, who was a fellow disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy.

After all, he was the eldest disciple that the Celestial World Supremacy had taken in. Furthermore, he wasnt like Luo Yunyang, who had relied on retrieving the Samsara Bodhi Seal in order to become a disciple.

Yun Rushui said softly, "Uncle-Master, I have found it difficult to improve my powers for many years. According to my Master, the reason is that I lack an ultimate treasure."

"The Grand Master has one such ultimate treasure in his treasury. However, he wasnt able to obtain it from the Grand Master when he previously came to request it."

By now, Yun Rushui sounded a little miserable. "I beseech you to help me choose that ultimate treasure when you select your items, Uncle-Master."

Luo Yunyang already knew that things wouldnt be so simple. How could this Eldest Senior Brother not have any requests when he was sending over such an important gift?

However, although the Heaven-Shattering Divine Spear was a good weapon, it wasnt something that Luo Yunyang needed now. He also didnt know what other suitable items he might encounter in the Celestial World Supremacys treasury. Thus, how could he give up such an opportunity just over a favor?

"Apprentice-Niece, I understand the Eldest Senior Brothers intent. If I dont find anything too suitable in the Masters treasury, I will retrieve that item and exchange it with you."

Luo Yunyang had spoken sincerely. Although he had never met the Cloud Sea Saint before, he was still very willing to help out with such an effortless task.

Yun Rushui appeared a little crestfallen when she heard Luo Yunyang say this. After all, being able to choose was a really good opportunity. There wasnt anything wrong with Luo Yunyangs intention.

The problem was that this Divine Congealed Water Fluid was really important to her.

When she glanced at Luo Yunyangs calm face, Yun Rushui realized that saying anything else would be useless. At once, she said respectfully, "Thank you, Uncle-Master!"

Luo Yunyang smiled. He was about to let them take their leave, when one of the young men standing beside Yun Rushui pointed at him. "Luo Yunyang, how can you be so ungrateful when we are treating you respectfully?"

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