Supreme Uprising Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Battle Atop The Supreme Twin Peaks

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The Twin Star wasnt much smaller than the Demigod Tribes Divine Origin Planet. The reason behind its name was a mountain.

One of the highest mountains in the entire Divine Union.

With a height of 36,000 feet, these were the tallest twin peaks on the Supreme Twin Star. Anyone that saw this huge mountain would sense its unparalleled status. Thus, it was called the Supreme Twin Star.

The Supreme Twin Star had originally been a territory of a small sub-race of the Demigod Tribe. However, they had since moved out of it due to the impending battle.

Therefore, there were no longer any intelligent living things on the Supreme Twin Star.

There was a smaller planet about three million miles away from the Supreme Twin Star. This was the Supreme Twin Stars satellite, so almost all of the spectators had gathered on it.

The planet appeared much stronger due to the presence of the array formations set by the spectators. Thus, there wouldnt be much damage even if they faced any spillover impact during the battle of the Supremacies.

Apart from those formidable figures from the 18 Primary Tribes, anyone who was allowed on the planet was a top figure of a smaller tribe.

Dahai Saint came on behalf of the Demigod Tribe. Although the reputation of the Demigod Tribe had been swept away by Luo Yunyang, there were no other tribes or people in the entire Divine Union that could challenge the Demigod Tribe.

Almost all the spectators still greeted Dahai Saint respectfully when they saw him.

However, Dahai Saint was not interested in these people.

"Look, its a Human Tribe spaceship!" someone shouted out loud when more than 20 spaceships descended from the sky.

Dahai Saint saw more than 20 outdated ships slowly approaching them.

Bringing out such outdated spaceships for an important meeting would surely have been considered a joke in the past. However, everyone now watched the approaching spaceships respectfully.

The rise of the Human Tribe was ongoing!

"Go get some good spots for the Human Tribe!" Dahai Saint instructed his subordinates despite the displeasure he felt.

Dahai Saint knew about the arrangement Jueluo Supremacy had made for Luo Yunyang. However, he would never offend the Human Tribe before confirming that Luo Yunyang was dead.

Furthermore, he would be considered a sinner by the entire Demigod Tribe if his attitude attracted Luo Yunyangs suspicions.

A figure flew straight out of the spaceship as soon as it landed. Although it didnt appear to move that fast, it reached the Supreme Twin Star immediately.

"It is Yunyang Supremacy!" someone shouted deferentially.

Every single one of the 18 Primary Tribes had been bullied by the Demigod Tribe before. There was no shortage of hot-blooded youths in every tribe that dreamed about defeating the Demigod Tribe one day and getting revenge.

However, this was just a dream.

Right now, this impossible dream was about to be fulfilled by someone. As a result, most of them admired this person.

In the past, the virtual realm would have been bustling with commotion as people talked about the battle. However, no discussions were going on in the virtual realm about the battle between the Supremacies.

Meanwhile, on the Sky Vision, an anonymous person posted a lot of comments. The one that received the most attention was a comment referring to "delivering vegetables to the chopping board".

This was actually a figure of speech that meant that Jueluo Supremacy was going to offer himself up like food!

This comment caused an uproar in the entire virtual realm. While many Demigod Tribesmen were unhappy with the post and bombarded it with dislikes, many more supportively smashed the like button.

"Luo Yunyang, youre my idol!" Someone posted a picture of Luo Yunyang landing on the Supreme Twin Star. The post instantly reached the top of the Sky Vision.

Luo Yunyang did not care much about the things that happened in the virtual realm. He overlooked everyone below him while standing tall on the Supreme Twin Peak and pondering.

What was his future going to be like?

Jueluo Supremacy was no longer a huge problem, so Luo Yunyang was now thinking of the next step of his cultivation.

With the strength of the Heavenly Venerate True Body, he could definitely cultivate into a Supremacy in the Divine Unions void.

However, the Supremacies in the Divine Union were obviously much weaker than the Heavenly Verenates in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos. While the martialists did not have to undergo the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation or face any dangers, they were also much weaker.

The reason Jueluo Supremacy and the other Supremacies were similar to the First-Level Heavenly Venerates in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos was not because of their lack of talent, but because they took too long to become Supremacies.

The time they spent should be enough for their cultivation bases to become third-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation bases. However, they couldnt improve at all while staying in the Divine Unions void.

One couldnt train in the Divine Unions void and advance from a Celestial Domain-Grade to a Universe-Grade. The Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos was a good choice, but Luo Yunyang had made a name for himself after obtaining the Heavenly Venerate True Body.

It would be somewhat dangerous if he continued to enter the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

Almighties and Ninth-Level Heavenly Venerates wouldnt be suspicious of ordinary Heavenly Venerates after all.

As Luo Yunyang was pondering hard, he sensed a dangerous intent. This mysterious feeling had become much more apparent ever since Luo Yunyang had reached the Supremacy Level.

The battle was going to be dangerous!

Luo Yunyang tensed up. At first, he had thought that although it would be hard to kill Jueluo Supremacy, this person had to pay a hefty price for what he had done.

In Luo Yunyangs opinion, this wasnt a battle, but torture. He was going to torture Jueluo Supremacy. However, the feeling that welled in his heart made him realize that he had underestimated the battle.

Jueluo Supremacy would have some hidden tricks up his sleeves that might even destroy his Heavenly Venerate True Body.

Luo Yunyang formed hand seals right away without hesitating, conjuring layers of blood mist that shrouded his entire body instantly.

The blood mist dissipated very quickly after shrouding him.

No one saw Luo Yunyangs actions clearly. In fact, even if someone managed to see, they wouldnt think that there was anything wrong with what Luo Yunyang was doing.

"Luo Yunyang!" A hateful voice was heard from afar as a figure cut through the void and dashed towards him.

Jueluo Supremacy, who was dressed in black, gave off a formidable aura. Many Divine Inscriptions that were filled with murderous intent flashed around him.

The surrounding atmosphere began to fill up with murderous intent when Jueluo Supremacy arrived. Even the spectators, who were three million miles away, couldnt help but shiver when they experienced this pressure.

"That is Jueluo Supremacy indeed!" someone said in a shaky voice.

In many peoples opinion, Jueluo Supremacy was only a title. Most people were afraid when they saw the sky shaking.

However, this time, the reason Jueluo Supremacy had come to the Supreme Twin Star was purely to placate Luo Yunyangs anger. Therefore, many people felt that Jueluo Supremacy was being ridiculous.

Thats right, ridiculous. To be specific, some younger materialists who did not know about Jueluo Supremacys past achievements even belittled him.

Unfortunately, the extraordinary and terrifying aura exuded by Jueluo Supremacy suddenly made these young martialists feel the massive gap between them.

"Luo Yunyang, very well!" Jueluo Supremacy started at Luo Yunyang with endless hatred.

Then, a huge golden sword appeared in his hands.

The huge golden sword slashed at Luo Yunyang straightaway. While the cleave seemed rather average, as if it had been executed by an ordinary martialist, it had in fact gathered a large amount of changing origin source laws.

It was as simple as could be.

The martialists below the Universe-Grade did not think much when they saw this slash. However, they believed that they could not evade it.

Meanwhile, the martialists at or above the Celestial Domain Grade were staring closely at the sword slash. They felt an extreme mystery emanating from it and thought that they would be able to benefit endlessly if they could just comprehend it a little.

Luo Yunyang wasnt impressed by the sword slash. Jueluo Supremacys move was still a lot weaker compared to the Heavenly Venerates in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

Although Jueluo Supremacys slash was ferocious, it wasnt threatening. Luo Yunyang executed the Divine Martial Technique and blasted a punch towards the huge golden sword.

With the help of the attribute regulator, Luo Yunyangs strength exceeded Jueluo Supremacys by far. Furthermore, the Divine Martial Technique was also stronger than Jueluo Supremacys sword slash.

The mighty wave of energy dispersed in every direction after the collision of the fist and the sword.

Everything the ripples of the power touched was turned to powder. The Supreme Twin Star cracked instantly into 10 pieces under that enormous force as well.

Jueluo Supremacy was thrown off his feet by the collision and a crack appeared on the golden sword in his hand.

Jueluo Supremacy couldnt help but spit out a mouthful of blood that vanished completely in the void.

"Die!" After shouting again, Jueluo Supremacy rushed over at Luo Yunyang. When the huge golden sword clashed with Luo Yunyangs fist 100 times, Jueluo Supremacy spat out 100 more mouthfuls of blood.

Luo Yunyang realized that something was amiss when Jueluo Supremacy spat out his 10th mouthful of blood.

However, it was difficult for him to stop Jueluo Supremacys actions. Hence, he could only remain vigilant.

"Go to hell, Luo Yunyang!" Jueluo Supremacy yelled after spitting out his 100th mouthful of blood. "The sword is coming!"

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