Supreme Uprising Chapter 714

Chapter 714 Demon Sword Gathering In The Void

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High above in the sky, Tianluo Supremacy and Shenluo Supremacy stood quietly watching the battle between the Supremacies from high above.

While they didnt show themselves publicly, they were actually very concerned about the battle.

Jueluo Supremacy had to be full of grievances after being forced by them to battle against Luo Yunyang on the Supreme Twin Star. However, both Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy had no other choice.

If Luo Yunyang was allowed to continue killing, even though they could retaliate against the Human Tribe, the Demigod Tribe and the Human Tribe would eventually disappear from the entire Divine Union.

They found it unbearable to experience such a huge loss. Hence, in the end, they had decided that the one who had caused all this should bear the consequences.

Both of them felt very uncomfortable while watching Jueluo Supremacys reckless, maniacal actions.

However, they also realized that something was wrong, especially after Jueluo Supremacy spit out over 30 mouthfuls of blood in a row.

What on earth was Jueluo Supremacy up to?

Even though Shenluo Supremacy and Tianluo Supremacy knew Jueluo Supremacy extremely well, both of them still had no idea what he was trying to do.

"Does he think that we havent lost enough face? Does he want to make us lose more by doing this?" Shenluo Supremacy was clearly displeased.

It had actually been his decision to make Jueluo Supremacy face Luo Yunyang and suffer this disgrace himself. However, Jueluo Supremacys action was a blatant protest against his decision. No, it wasnt just a protest. It was clearly revenge against him!

While Tianluo Supremacy felt the same way, she still whispered softly in order to prevent the relationship between Jueluo Supremacy and Shenluo Supremacy from deteriorating any further. "I dont think theres a big possibility of this. Jueluo Supremacy isnt that kind of person."

As they were talking, Jueluo Supremacys shout interrupted and alerted them. Both of them grimaced when they saw those jet-black sword-lights heading toward Yunyang Supremacy.

498,000 Swords!

A total of 498,000 sword-lights were shot at Luo Yunyang from all directions.

The sword-lights were extremely scattered but appeared really thick. The moment they appeared, the world and origin source laws around started retreating frantically.

"It is the God-Slaying Demon Sword!" the Blood Lotus Supremacy, who was also watching the battle from a distance, exclaimed.

He had always wanted to possess the God-Slaying Demon Sword. Unfortunately, the God-Slaying Demon Sword was scattered between heaven and earth, so it was difficult to gather all of it.

In the end, the Blood Lotus Supremacy had given up on the idea of obtaining the sword after repeated failures. He hadnt expected that Jueluo Supremacy would actually be capable of summoning the sword.

The demonic aura that shrouded the entire battlefield both scared and excited the Blood Lotus Supremacy. He watched the sword in Jueluo Supremacys hands, which seemed like it contained an infinite amount of power, and lamented. "It seems that fables arent baseless after all. Fabled items are indeed real!"

Luo Yunyang tensed up when he saw the God-Slaying Demon Sword. Although he did not recognize the sword, his body experienced tremendous pressure when it appeared.

The power that had been working smoothly in his body was oppressed by the strange pressure coming from the God-Slaying Demon Sword. To add insult to injury, Luo Yunyang felt that he had nowhere to run when the sword was pointed at him.

This was an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

Jueluo Supremacy felt extremely powerful when he held the God-Slaying Demon Sword in his hand. As a Supremacy, he had the power to control the entire universe. However, when he held the God-Slaying Demon Sword in his hands, he finally felt that he was truly the strongest.

He felt like he had reached another level with the help of the God-Slaying Demon Swords power.

However, before he could comprehend it, a surge of vital energy moved from his body and flowed into the God-Slaying Demon Sword.

"Die!" Jueluo Supremacy unleashed the sword, which could kill celestial beings, toward Luo Yunyang.

The longer the God-Slaying Demon Sword was held up, the more damage he would receive. Thus, Jueluo Supremacy knew he couldnt delay this execution.

This sword attack seized the opportunity to shoot at Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyang felt a huge looming fear in his heart as the sword-lights approached.

He had executed many different types of techniques before, and Heavenly Venerate Purple Cranes Soaring Crane had even allowed him to escape the pursuit of 12 Supremacies.

However, when Luo Yunyang executed Soaring Crane this time, he realized that the distance between him and the God-Slaying Demon Sword wasnt wide at all.

In the blink of an eye, the jet-black sword-light appeared in front of Luo Yunyang. Upon seeing that the sword-light was about to hit him, Luo Yunyang struck at it.

He had no other choice. At the moment, all he could do was strike back!

All his energy gathered momentarily and the Samsara Palm was released toward the God-Slaying Demon Sword. The Samara Palm was Luo Yunyangs secret technique after completing the reincarnation cycles, so it could be comparable to the Divine Martial Technique.

It could even be said that the Samsara Palm was more brilliant than the Divine Martial Technique.

However, when Luo Yunyangs Samsara Palm and the God-Slaying Demon Sword collided in the void, the black light on the sword sliced the boundless energy of the Samsara Palm into two.

It seemed as though things had been supposed to turn out this way.

Luo Yunyangs attack seemed rather weak while he faced the sword-light

Dahai Saint, who was watching the battle through the satellite, was elated. Even though he saw Jueluo Supremacys body turn demonic, he still felt delighted deep down.

While Jueluo Supremacy had paid a hefty price for it, it was still none of his business. The reputation of the entire Demigod Tribe would improve so long as Jueluo Supremacy struck down Luo Yunyang with the God-Slaying Demon Sword.

In the Divine Union, all the people who were watching the commotion happening in the Demigod Tribe and wanted to compete against them were shocked by the Demigod Tribes might.

This was a good thing for the Demigod Tribe.

The humans watching the battle stiffened. They were able to see the scene very clearly, as they had very good seats. Thus, they were feeling much more empathetic toward Luo Yunyangs crisis.

Luo Donger felt her heart sink when she saw the jet-black sword-light.

She was unable to speak as she stared closely at the sword, hoping that her beloved brother could create a miracle for himself.

Yunxi was much more nervous than Luo Donger. Her keen senses far exceeded her cultivation. Hence, she immediately felt an ominous premonition when this sword strike was unleashed.

That feeling made her extremely uneasy.

As this feeling became more and more intense, the black sword-light also got closer to Luo Yunyang.

"No!" Yunxi and Luo Donger shouted at practically the same time. However, their shouts wouldnt change anything.

The Human Tribe martialists who had come to watch the battle were stunned. They didnt know how to describe their emotions.

Why was this happening? Werent they here to witness the Human Tribes victory?

However, what they saw was Luo Yunyangs impending crisis, which also meant that there was a possibility that the Human Tribe would fall into an infinite abyss again.

They were extremely nervous, as their fates were in Luo Yunyangs hands now. Without Luo Yunyang, the Human Tribe would simply have no way of fighting against others, let alone against the Demigod Tribe.

The Demigod Tribe would never let the Human Tribe off if they didnt have Luo Yunyang.

Just as they were looking down, the jet-black sword-light struck Luo Yunyangs body!

In an instant, Luo Yunyangs body was cut in two by that terrifying sword.

"How is this possible?" A young martialist squealed in fear. He was a Saint of a certain tribe, so he was there to try and learn something.

His initial prediction had been that Luo Yunyang would completely abuse Jueluo Supremacy.

However, the current situation was completely different. Jueluo Supremacy had split Luo Yunyangs body into two.

"Dont be afraid. A Supremacy wouldnt die, even if their body was destroyed!" someone said softly to the young martialist. "Keep watching!"

The young martialist nodded as he silently thought of a saying that his tribe had firmly believed in for many years.

One should never give up until the end. Jueluo Supremacy had performed exactly as this saying implied.

Black light shrouded Luo Yunyangs broken body. Luo Yunyangs face turned extremely scared as he seemed like he was trying to break free from something but was unable to do so.

"Forget it, hes dead. Jueluo Supremacy is using the God-Slaying Demon Sword. Even a god would get killed by that sword, let alone Luo Yunyang, who is only a Supremacy."

Supreme Daozi walked out unhurriedly as he glared at Yunxi and Luo Donger like a monster greedily staring at the food it was about to gobble up.

His expression was sinister and crazy, and a faint hint of delight was visible in his eyes.

This delight came from eliminating his greatest opponent.

Although he hadnt killed Luo Yunyang with his bare hands, there was basically no difference. After all, Luo Yunyang was still dead.

He had died thanks to his plan, so he believed that many people would like to hear it.

"Ha ha ha!" Jueluo Supremacy leaned back and laughed hysterically as the sky shook.

Luo Yunyangs body turned to ashes as this laughter echoed throughout the void!

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