Supreme Uprising Chapter 744

Chapter 744 Rotten Wood Cannot Be Carved

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The battle on the Everlasting Sky Podium drew the attention of everyone in the Three Era Supreme Sect, as well as people like Taihao and Qin Wuliang.

According to the rules, outsiders like Taihao and Qin Wuliang shouldnt be able to watch the battle happening inside the Three Era Supreme Sect.

However, they were able to see it clearly, even though they were in their own sects.

Taihao, who appeared indifferent initially, started to sneer when Sky Origin Zongzi executed the mysterious technique.

Clearly, the one he was sneering at was Sky Origin Zongzi.

"Take a look at this! The Three Era Supreme Sect is going to act shamelessly this time," Qin Wuliang said unscrupulously to the people around him.

"He he If he loses the battle for the Zongzis position, then so be it. He should have admitted defeat after getting exposed for possessing the Eternal Divine Pestle. Instead, hes actually making things worse by being much more unscrupulous!"

As soon as Qin Wuliang said that, the grayish light gathering in Sky Origin Zongzis palm shot out suddenly, converged and transformed into a three-feet-long Divine Eternal Pestle!

"Can you stop being so shameless?" Someone in the crowd below the Everlasting Sky Podium jeered.

The person who had shouted was a young martialist around 16. He was so livid that he couldnt help voicing his displeasure.

Despite his defying act, he actually felt uneasy, as he knew that his actions would put him and his sect in an irreversible predicament.

However, when he turned to look in the direction of his master, he realized that his master, who was always poised, was fuming while glaring at Sky Origin Zongzi and the Eternal Divine Pestle in his hands.

His master reacted by saying, "Trash!"

"How unfair! This challenge is unfair!" a subsidiary sect disciple shouted out in disagreement.

As the sect master of the Glazed Titan Sect, Yue Liuli was burning with rage.

She thought that they were already despicable for allowing Sky Origin Zongzi to possess the Eternal Divine Pestle and use its power during a battle.

She had never thought that, after failing to contain Luo Yunyang, Sky Origin Zongzi would draw power from the Divine Eternal Pestle sealed inside him.

According to Yue Liulis understanding of the matter, Sky Origin Zongzi should be able to utilize 10% of the power in the Eternal Divine Pestle.

10% was enough to route all Universe-Grade elites.

"Sect Masters, I, Yue Liuli, find this unjust!" Yue Liuli clenched her teeth as she expressed her discontent.

Although she had been very tense before speaking, she relaxed immediately after expressing her dissatisfaction.

The Glazed Titan Sect disciples watching started to make a ruckus after they heard Yue Liulis words. Interestingly, some of them had never really accepted Yue Liuli as the sect master before.

They had thought Yue Liuli, as a woman, might not be able to make resolute decisions as the sect master.

However, they now accepted Yue Liulis words wholeheartedly, and many of them even proclaimed their support.

"Senior Brother, it really isnt appropriate for Sky Origin to act in such a manner." Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Master voiced his slight discontent.

Although Eternal Divine Sect Master remained silent, his facial expression was murderously cold.

Sky Origin Zongzi had thrown Eternal Sacred Mountains dignity into the garbage can. He would have lost his control and punished that good-for-nothing Sky Origin Zongzi severely if it had not been for their special relationship.

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master smiled grimly. "Whats wrong? You cant accept this? Great!"

An earthshaking intent immediately exploded forth from Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master. As it grew increasingly stronger, the people that had initially been causing a scene quietened down.

Even though their mouths were wide open, they were unable to make a sound.

The subsidiary sect masters situated below the three Sect Masters also remained very quiet.

They had all turned extremely pale.

"Luo Yunyang, take my Eternal Divine Pestle!" Sky Origin Zongzi bellowed. Although the rowdy crowd had been annoying him, he felt at ease after they were silenced by Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Masters overbearing might.

Even though the Eternal Divine Pestle was only an illusion formed by a concentration of energy, it felt very real. After shouting out loud, he dashed towards Luo Yunyang with it.

When he swung the pestle, the gray boundless energy transformed instantly into a vast world.

In this world, titans stood tall on the ground and beasts roamed the land. There were endless forests of divine trees that covered the surface of the world, sheltering everything below from the sky.

Sky Origin Zongzis swing was more than a strike from the pestle. This was an entire world. A world that contained the hidden laws of the Eternal Divine Pestle.

Many Universe-Grade elites drew in a cold breath when they saw the pestle. While they possessed exceptional cultivation, fear still crept into their terrified eyes when they saw the pestle strike.

Although Luo Yunyang looked unperturbed, a raging flame was burning ardently in his heart.

Hiding the Eternal Divine Pestle wasnt that big of a deal to Luo Yunyang. He didnt care even if it increased Sky Origin Zongzis power significantly.

However, he had never thought that Sky Origin Zongzi would utilize the power of the Eternal Divine Pestle directly after failing to defeat him.

Even though the power contained in the Eternal Divine Pestle was only 10% of its original strength, it was considered devastating by Celestial Domain-Grade martialists.

What kind of methods could he use to counter it?

After mulling this over for a moment, Luo Yunyang decided to use his Sky Blade Seven Cleaves, a set of miraculous cultivation techniques he had created that could fuse with any other blade techniques.

For example, it could fuse with the Dragonslaying Titan Blade Technique of the Glazed Titan Sect!

"I forgot to bring a blade. Can anyone lend one to me?" Luo Yunyang asked after evading the strike of the Eternal Divine Pestle by using his speed.

No one responded, as they were scared stiff by Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master. However, their actions spoke louder than words.

Blade-light immediately engulfed the sky as they flew towards the Everlasting Sky Podium.

10,000 blade-lights transformed into a blade realm in the void. Upon seeing the massive long blade that was flying towards him, Luo Yunyang stretched his hands instantly to grab it like any other ordinary blade without hesitation.

"Die!" Luo Yunyang screamed as he unleashed his cleave even before Sky Origin Zongzis Eternal Divine Pestle reached him.

The speed of the blade was insanely fast. Luo Yunyang executed the Single Blade Dragonslaying move of the Dragonslaying Titan Technique, which also contained his Sky Blade intent.

Fast! Fast! Fast!

The speed of Luo Yunyangs blade was lightning fast. It was so fast that Luo Yunyang changed his unleashed technique before Sky Origin Zongzi could switch his to parry Luo Yunyangs blade-light.

One-tenth of the Eternal Divine Pestles power was nearly undefeatable by a Celestial Domain Grade. However, this power couldnt be fully used because the martialist was too slow.

Luo Yunyang had decided to employ a suppressive attacking style to deal with the Eternal Divine Pestle. As long as there was a window that allowed him to attack, he would swing his blade quickly past the Eternal Divine Pestle and slash directly at Sky Origin Zongzis body.

Cracks were developing rapidly on Sky Origin Zongzis battle armor every time the blade-light flashed. Some of the cracks continued to suffer strikes from the blade repeatedly during the subsequent clashes.

Sky Origin Zongzi was enraged. He suddenly realized that he was being treated like a clown by Luo Yunyang.

"Rotten wood cannot be carved!" Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master snapped after seeing Sky Origin Zongzis arm get severed by the blade.

Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master seemed to have gone completely mute. It was already despicable enough that Sky Origin Zongzi had utilized the Eternal Divine Pestle. However, it actually hadnt benefitted him at all.

Sky Origin Zongzis speed, which was way inferior to Luo Yunyangs, became the reason he wasnt able to fully execute the power he had harnessed from the Divine Eternal Pestle.

"Ha ha ha! Sect Master, this is really an eye-opener for me. The Earth Moon Sect thought that the challenge for the Zongzis position was over," said a Universe-Grade elder.

He was holding on to a small golden parasol as he spoke.

Eternal Sacred Mountain Sect Master and Immeasurable Sacred Mountain Sect Master did not respond. Only Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master snapped back coldly, "Dont jump the gun. Things havent concluded yet. The victory is still anyones to claim."

As soon as Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Master finished speaking, the lightning-quick Luo Yunyang mysteriously appeared behind Sky Origin Zongzi and slapped the side of his blade across Sky Origin Zongzis face hard.

Sky Origin was smacked far away by a single blade slap!

The Eternal Divine Pestle illusion couldnt react in time to block the attack!

Buddha Sacred Mountain Sect Masters face was starting to turn red. Had they been able to allow Yunyang to obtain the Zongzis position, he would have announced that Sky Origin Zongzi had already lost.

"Die!" Sky Origin Zongzi was in a frenzy. He had never imagined that things would turn out like this.

He had shamelessly harnessed the energy within the Eternal Divine Pestle in hopes of winning.

However, he had never thought that, even after increasing his power, he would still be defeated by Luo Yunyangs terrifying speed and superior blade technique.

His eyes were burning with rage, and he no longer cared about anything else. His body crumbled in the void while the Eternal Divine Pestle hidden in his body shot forth like an arrow, hurtling towards Luo Yunyangs body.

The attack was as quick as lightning, and its impact would be devastating!

All the subsidiary sect disciples gasped fearfully when they saw the appearance of the massive pestle.

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