Supreme Uprising Chapter 925

Chapter 925 How Greedy

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"Yunyang, you dont have to be courteous now. The Golden Mysterious Lord is loaded. You dont have to help him scrimp. It would be very rude of you to look down on the Golden Mysterious Lord in this way!" The Middle Hall Master spoke bluntly without any attempt to hide his opinion.

Luo Yunyang definitely had no intention of going easy on the Golden Mysterious Lord. There werent many things he desired now, but every single one of those things was extraordinary.

"Thank you for your advice, Middle Hall Master. Im still young and I would have carelessly offended the Golden Mysterious Lord by looking down on him!" Luo Yunyang replied courteously, as if he was very afraid.

In fact, only he knew exactly how afraid he was.

The Golden Mysterious Lord was not pleased with the way the Middle Hall Master had encouraged Luo Yunyang, but he knew that he had to bow before them since he was at a disadvantage.

After all, one of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Beings was in their hands. This was akin to losing a Taichi Yuan Venerate.

The Mysterious Underworld Races strength would be greatly impacted if they lost one of them.

"What do you want? Speak your mind!" The Golden Mysterious Lord snapped. "I hope you dont test my limits."

Many different thoughts ran rampant in Luo Yunyangs head, as few things could tempt people at his cultivation level.

Furthermore, the items he desperately needed were extraordinary.

"Nine-Sky Divine Clay!" Luo Yunyang thought about the items he needed before speaking his mind.

The Nine-Sky Divine Clay was a precious treasure that could glue the fragments of the World Shaking Sky Bell back together. Although it was hard to restore the World Shaking Sky Bell completely, this treasure could still allow the Sky Bell to display a sizeable amount of its original powers.

Luo Yunyang had attempted to find this during the years he had spent in the Sky Feather Sect, but unfortunately, there was no news whatsoever about the Nine-Sky Divine Clay in the Human Races territories.

According to Luo Yunyangs estimation, its value had to be sky-high. Hence, an insignificant person like him wouldnt be able to obtain it even if it could be found in the Human Race.

"Youre good at this. Alright, how about this? Ill give you a precious Taishi treasure and youll release the Green Wood Mysterious Underworld Being." The Golden Mysterious Lord rebutted somewhat angrily.

Luo Yunyang could guess that the Golden Mysterious Lord possessed the Nine-Sky Divine Clay. However, the value of the Nine-Sky Divine Clay was probably too high, so he couldnt bear to give it up.

After seeing the power of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Beings, Luo Yunyang had become totally obsessed with improving his strength.

He had been able to defeat the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Beings with the help of his attribute regulator this time. However, he might not be so lucky in the future.

A martialists cultivation was his greatest assurance after all.

"Five cubic squares of Nine-Sky Divine Clay, 10 pieces of Hong Meng Sacred Fruit, 20 pounds of Mysterious Yang Dao Tea and Mysterious Underworld Purple Gold"

Luo Yunyang ignored the Golden Mysterious Lords flustered, exasperated chiding as he mentioned more than 30 different types of precious treasures.

The Golden Mysterious Lords face was a little dark, and it looked like he couldnt wait to strangle Luo Yunyang to death.

In his opinion, the items demanded by Luo Yunyang were too much in exchange for the Green Wood Mysterious Underworld Being. After all, those items were top-notch treasures.

One of them could even be used to create a Yuan Underworlding. While it might be true that the Mysterious Underworld Race was loaded, Luo Yunyang shouldnt demand what he wanted at will.

The Golden Mysterious Lord huffed. "Do you really think it is possible to get everything you want?"

"Do you mean that Ive requested a tad less than I should? That all this doesnt match the status of the Green Wood Mysterious Underworld Being? Alright, Ill add some more things in that case!"

Luo Yunyang shifted his gaze to the Middle Hall Master. "Hall Master, is there anything you need? We can add it if you want. I cant think of anything else."

The Middle Hall Master smiled faintly. He had dealt with the Golden Mysterious Lord for a long time, but this was actually the first time he had seen the Golden Mysterious Lord in utter discomfort.

Thus, he was elated.

"Theres nothing I want. You have a long list already." The Middle Hall Master turned to the Golden Mysterious Lord and added, "We should remain gracious even if we cant close the deal. Whats the matter with you? Why are you getting all violent with a kid?"

"I can take Green Wood away if you dont want him. If you think its better to declare war against us, Im all for it. Ha ha ha"

The other four brothers of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Being were glaring at Luo Yunyang fiercely. They couldnt wait to swallow him whole.

However, even though they werent weak, this wasnt a place where they had the right to speak.

"Brat, dont go too far!" After exchanging a glance with him, the Thick Earth Mysterious Underworld Being threatened him.

Luo Yunyang did not have a good impression of the Thick Earth Mysterious Underworld Being. He merely listened to the empty threat and grinned without responding.

The Thick Earth Mysterious Underworld Being felt as though he had stubbed his toe. His face flushed red and he couldnt say anything.

"Alright, everyone back down!" The Golden Mysterious Lord knew that the Thick Earth Mysterious Underworld Being was having trouble keeping his temper in check, but this still made him very unhappy.

"I have a small jar of Nine-Sky Divine Clay. I can give that to you. However, you can dream on about getting everything else."

The Golden Mysterious Lords tone was firm, yet Luo Yunyang could still sense some hesitation in it.

Although the Green Wood Mysterious Underworld Being was only a Taishi Yuan Venerate, the power of nomological laws gathered by the five brothers was comparable to a Taichu Yuan Venerate.

A Taichu Yuan Venerate was equally important to both the Mysterious Underworld Race and the Human Race.

"No way!" Luo Yunyang responded in an equally firm manner.

The Golden Mysterious Lord glared at Luo Yunyus straight face while a deadly aura emanated from his body. Although this sort of action wasnt very useful regarding this negotiation, he just couldnt help himself.

He was the majestic Golden Mysterious Lord, yet he was actually being threatened by a Heavenly Venerate from the Human Race in a manner that pissed him off greatly.

He had an impulse to give up on the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers. However, his rationality told him that the cohesion of the Mysterious Underworld Race would be irreversibly damaged as a result.

"I will throw in three more Hong Meng Sacred Fruits!" the Golden Mysterious Lord said through gritted teeth.

Three Hong Meng Sacred Fruits? Anyone that ate such a fruit would become a Heavenly Venerate, so this was a considerably rare treasure in the world.

If one had some, they could save years of painful cultivation and become a genius. For many years, the Hong Meng Sacred Fruit of the Mysterious Underworld Race had never left their race. Now, the Golden Mysterious Lord was actually prepared to offer three in exchange for the Green Wood Mysterious Underworld Being.

Luo Yunyang shook his head and said, "Forget it. Im not going to deal with you. Although it will be hard to tame the Green Wood Mysterious Underworld Being, I believe that the Green Wood Qi I will get after obliterating his entire body should bring me a lot of benefits."

Luo Yunyang placed emphasis on the Green Wood Qi. The rest of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers were itching to devour Luo Yunyang when they heard that.

The five Qi they had obtained from the ancient bronze coffins were their entire lives. How could they contain their anger upon hearing that Luo Yunyang was going to meddle with this?

However, what infuriated them the most was the black millstone sacred images appearance in the void while Luo Yunyang spoke.

The Green Wood Mysterious Underworld Being was sandwiched between the millstone. As the millstone rotated gradually, one could see cracks appearing on the Wood Green Mysterious Underworld Beings body.

"Brothers, save me!" Although the Green Wood Mysterious Underworld Being was being restricted, his mouth could still move. Upon seeing that he was on the chopping board, he couldnt care less about his face any longer, so he begged his brothers for help.

All the elites of the Mysterious Underworld Race were fuming. When was the last time they had suffered such humiliation? Although no one dared to make any moves without being instructed by the Golden Mysterious Lord, the murderous intent that had dissipated originally suddenly covered the entire Sealed Sky City again.

The elites of the Human Race were also prepared. They were not pleased either. Although it seemed like they were the ones taking the initiative this time, the situation in the Sealed Sky City caused them a lot of distress.

After all, countless Human Race elites had been buried in the Sealed Sky City during the huge battle.

They were sullen, yet they could only stomach this. When Luo Yunyang had captured the Green Wood of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Beings, he had merely recovered some of their dignity for them.

Although it was rather insignificant, it was still very important to them.

Luo Yunyang was the key figure in helping them regain their lost dignity. Thus, they would never allow any harm to befall him.

Therefore, when the elites of the Mysterious Underworld Race showed their intention to kill him, they directed their aura toward their opponents. Heaven would fall and earth would tear apart once they made their move.

Although the Middle Hall Master had never expected Luo Yunyang to make such a daring move, he knew that there was no room for backing off after Luo Yunyang voiced his conditions. Hence, after mulling this over for a moment, he also locked his intent on the Golden Mysterious Lord.

The Golden Mysterious Lord was weighing his options quickly in his mind. He knew that something he did not want would definitely happen if he did not handle this properly.

"One jar of Nine-Sky Divine Clay and three Hong Meng Sacred Fruits. Ill top this off with a defensive Taishi treasure. This is all the ransom that I can offer. Well go to war if you dont accept it!"

Luo Yunyang felt that things had played out close to how he wanted. However, he wasnt the decision-maker, as the Middle Hall Master was the one with the authority to make decisions.

The Middle Hall Master, who could sense Luo Yunyangs gaze, was very satisfied with Luo Yunyangs attitude. Hence, after hesitating for a moment, he replied, "Alright, I agree."

Then, the state of mutual hostility between them loosened up immediately.

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