Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld Chapter 237


Todd called out to Jackson who was busy dealing with loads of paperwork on his desk.

“Huh? Oh! Is it already time?”

Jackson pulled himself up from the chair. It was time for the first train to depart with carts full of coal.

“Nngh dammit. My bones ache.”

“You should get a checkup at the hospital”

“Ah, no. It’s nothing like that.”

Jackson approached the window and opened it. Bright light flooded into the room as Jackson looked out at the broad street. It was the street that was connected to Khalodian’s central plaza. It was so wide that it allowed thirty carriages side-by-side, but even that didn’t seem like it was enough.

‘To see this place so crowded’

The city that started so weak was now an empire that was unparalleled in power. All the merchants joined the Khalodian Empire for better profits that came from the free trade that the Empire provided. The empire also created roads that connected Khalodian to neighboring countries.

The Khalodian Alliance created by these nations and nobles was now so strong that it spawned an Anti-Khalodian Clan. However, that wasn’t enough slow their growth.

‘It’s good that we have an enemy.’

Jackson thought of what happened a while ago.

-Leave them alone.-

He had collected information about the forming of a new alliance; however, Emperor Joonbum ordered him to leave it be. It wasn’t what Jackson originally had intended; he was hellbent on crushing the enemy completely so that they would never dare to stand against Khalodian again.

‘I was a fool. That would’ve created a cycle of revenge.’

Under Joonbum’s orders, there was no such thing. In fact, more people requested to be protected under Khalodian. The Anti-Khalodian Clan only taunted and tried to provoke the Khalodian Empire, but it united the people of the Empire to stand firm against the enemy.

The Anti-Khalodian Clan also did not seem to truly intend to attack the empire. In fact, they asked for peace and sent their information willingly under the table.

‘They even send their children to study abroad in our empire.’

It was what the nobles and royals of the other countries were currently doing. They sent their children over and admitted that they had no intention to oppose the empire.

“Our new military law has been adjusted. It will bring in at least a hundred and fifty thousand female soldiers into our military. We will have our new female recruits fill in the roles of medics and other operational personnel.”

“Didn’t the generals and other officers oppose the idea?”

“No. They have no opposing thoughts on the issue.”

“I see.”

“It is as you expected. Our territories are growing so quickly that we lack the manpower to properly protect our empire against monsters and bandits.”

Besides, the weapons that Joonbum brought over allowed women to fight without any physical limitations.

“But Sir Jackson. Are you really going to gift guns as presents?”

Jackson flinched. Todd looked upon Jackson’s back and asked, “If we send out our secret weapon it might pose a future threat. I ask that you have the emperor rethink the idea.”

Jackson frowned, he had the same thoughts as well. However, Joonbum was confident about giving out their newly-created small rifles as presents.

-It can’t be a secret for too long. It’s better we give out what we can create than to have our stuff leaked. They will definitely work on their own to recreate the things if we give it out, and sure it will speed up their progress, but it’s under our careful watch. We will also let the whole world know that we are giving away our guns. It will make it harder for other countries to attack us with the weapon that we freely gave away. Besides, we are not going to stand still and do nothing while others develop their own weapons.-

It was absurd. Nobles did not care about promises, nor did they care about other people’s thoughts. However, Jackson now realized what Joonbum was focused on.

“It’s okay. These guns that we are giving out are simpler versions that require reloading each time they fire. Even if they try to do something with the weapons, we will always be a step ahead.”


Todd nodded. He understood what Jackson said, but he still had doubts.

“Oh, Officer Todd.”

“Y-your Highness!”

Todd bowed deeply at the waist as Joonbum frowned.

“It’s okay, don’t be so formal. Just call me Sir Joonbum like you always have. Don’t make things so complicated.”

“Yes, Your Highness Uh, I will see to it.”

Todd shook his head. Joonbum always insisted on such things, but it was difficult to comply.

“Just consider it an order from the emperor. It’s not like I let any other king or noble do that to me, and you guys are special.”

Joonbum laughed. Like Todd, Joonbum allowed all the people he knew from his beginning days here to address him without formalities.

Jackson looked upon Joonbum with respect.

‘This man is a blessing to Khalodian. No, to this world.’

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