Swallowed Star Chapter 1286

Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor were horrified by how the tables had turned!

“How is it possible? It shouldn’t be this strong!”

Neither Shock Demon Ancestor nor Dream Demon Ancestor could understand it. Although they had suffered a huge loss in the first battle against the humans, they hadn’t told the automaton race or the bug race about the valuable that had the “mind shock” power, as they had wanted to weaken they two races.

However, the bug race and the automaton race weren’t stupid! When they were distributing the universe masters, they firmly demanded that the great beings from the three races should be equally distributed at three places!

The ship under the protection of Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor, the black oval of Father God, and the Empress Palace all had universe masters from three races, so every power would suffer roughly the same, which could ensure the unity among the three races.

And then Dream Demon Ancestor and Shock Demon Ancestor found an excuse to mention the “mind shock.” The bug race Empress and Father God asked universe masters like Forbidden Masterwho had survived the mind shockand they had confirmed that only limit universe-master minds could resist it.

“There are 80 universe masters in Empress Palace. Although those who have the best chance to become universe supreme masters didn’t participate, three of them have the minds of universe supreme masters, and 11 of them have limit-universe-master minds. There are 16 godly bodies like that in total. Combined, they are able to rival two universe supreme masters, and the energy domain they form can easily resist the swallowing power from Black Prison Tower. Plus, they have the capacity to protect other universe masters as well! No matter how powerful the enemies are, Empress can still put them in the palace.”

This was the plan of the three races. However, the mind-shocking valuable was more powerful than last time, which was totally unexpected!

“I’ve never heard of mind-shocking valuables that can threaten universe masters. The human race got two of them? And the second one is more powerful than the first one?” Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor were shocked.


Bug Empress was anxious as well.

Bug Empress transmitted her voice. “Top-tier true treasure palaces! Pinnacle true treasure palaces! You three, get in the true treasure palaces first and get as many universe masters around you in there as possible. Quick!”


In the distance, Luo Feng was controlling Ancient God eye on Boat of Mausoleum. Ancient God Eye was close to Empress Palace, and it attacked the universe masters again and again, rendering them powerless.




The top three beings from the subsidiary race knew that even if the hid in the palaces, the palaces would be swallowed by Black Prison Tower. They immediately followed Bug Empress’s orders.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Three palaces showed up. Two of them were pinnacle palaces, and one was a top-tier palace.

“Quick, protect the other universe masters!” Bug Empress urged them.

“Come in!”

“Come in!”

The three powerful universe masters all enlarged their palace true treasures, and they tried to put all the universe masters in their palaces.

Bug Empress also acted. “Swallow!”

Bug Empress tried to swallow the universe masters from the human team before. Now, she changed her target and tried to swallow the 80 universe masters from the united forces alliance. The swallowing power worked on the three palaces and the universe masters floating around them.

Empress Palace and Black Prison Tower! It tried to swallow the 80 universe masters at the same time! The power immediately slowed the universe masters, while the three universe masters of other races also tried to fight. However, Luo Feng, Peng Gong Master, and other universe masters from the human team started to attack.

They were so close, and the human team had attacked too fast. Even if the three universe masters all took out their palace true treasures and put the floating universe masters in, they only managed to put in most of them. Some universe masters were still floating in the distance.

Hong! Long! Long!

The blade of light and the rod-shaped shadow swept across them.

The mental force of Ancient God Eye was still working. The universe masters who were floating in the sky didn’t even know that any danger was coming.

“No!” Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor roared.

“No!” Father God was also in agony, as one of the universe masters who died was from automaton race.


A top-tier level-six universe master was able to kill a top-tier level-three universe master with one attack! And that was even when the top-tier level-three universe master used everything he could to resist the attacks. Now, when those universe masters were unconscious and unable to resist, even level-four great beings would be killed. The storm of attacks over level seven could kill even level-five great beings if they didn’t resist it.

22 godly bodies were annihilated immediately.

“22 godly bodies, 18 universe masters! Six of them have multiple bodies. Some of them lost one body, and some of them have two bodies. However, the other 12 universe masters lost their lives forever. 12 universe masters!”

The four universe supreme masters were all in agony.


Bug Empress and the other three conscious universe masters avoided being swallowed because they had the palaces to protect them.

The united forces alliance was furious. However, they were also relieved, as their worst nightmare was that all the universe masters would be swallowed.

“Plan number three!” Luo Feng transmitted his voice.

“Plan number three!” Darkness Master also gave an order in Black Prison Tower.

The human universe masters and the universe masters of other races on the human team were all excited. What had just happened was amazing! They had killed 22 universe master bodies in total, and they presumed that at least ten were dead, even if some had multiple bodies.

But this was only the first step of the counterattack.

“Plan number three, attack!”



The universe masters started to attack Father God and the two demon ancestors. Half of the attacks were aimed at Father God! The other half was aimed at the two demon ancestors!

“Humans are so arrogant!” Shock Demon Ancestor roared.

“Humans should die!”

Universe masters from the united forces alliance were standing at the door of the spaceship and the black oval. They were all enraged and were counterattacking the humans as well. However, they were careful, remaining close by universe supreme masters.

Ancient God Eye kept sweeping across the three palaces flying toward Empress Palace so that the 62 universe masters weren’t able to wield their real power! After all, the 62 universe masters were the central power of the united forces alliance. If Ancient God Eye left, the power would be fully utilized again! That was why they had to be suppressed!


The human team kept attacking the automaton race and the demon race. Ancient God Eye suppressed the 62 universe masters. At the same time, Luo Feng and Peng Gong Master started to move.


Luo Feng stood in space, and a giant being appeared beside him. It was a golden horned beast with scaled black wings! There were two blood stains on the black wings. (The white wing was an exceptionally advanced supreme true treasure, so it can change its color easily).

Luo Feng, Golden Horned Beast, and Peng Gong Master attacked at the same time!

“Duan Mie!” Golden Horned Beast roared.

This was the first time that he had performed Duan Mie, one of the core techniques from Duan Dong River. Although he had created Nirvana Incarnation, the power of the white wing was still inferior to Blood Shadow Blade, even if it was better than ordinary supreme true treasures.

Golden Horned Beast could barely reach level six without Duan Mie. However, after performing it, it could reach top-tier level six instantly!

The blade of light was thin at the beginning, and it became thicker and thicker, sweeping across the sky and land. The other streak of bloody light followed almost the same trajectory.

It was a combination of three top-tier level-six powers! Together with the attacks from the other 50 universe masters, they all fell on Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor.

“You can’t even harm me.”


Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor weren’t scared, despite being surprised by the power of this golden horned beast.

Shock Demon Ancestor became very cautious; he had learned a lesson before. He immediately transmitted his voice to the universe masters between him and Dream Demon Ancestor, saying, “Get into the ship.”

At the same time

Hong! Long!

An enormous object showed up.

A tall tower showed up. There were nine levels. It was more than 100 billion kilometers tall, and it kept surging. There was an abyss under the tower, and a drop of godly blood was stuck to the abyss.

“Star Tower!”

“The humans have Star Tower!”

Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor were both dazed. Under the combined attacks from the 50 universe masters and three top-tier level-six power, even Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor bounced away. Under this situation, Star Tower’s appearance was catastrophic for them.

“No!” Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor both roared. “Star Tower!”

“No!” Father God and Bug Empress were also anxious.

Luo Feng and Golden Horned Beast, who were making attacks, both said, “Swallow!”

Their godly power and minds were driving Star Tower!

This was the first time that Star Tower had appeared.


The pinnacle true treasure ship immediately flew toward the abyss under Star Tower. Some universe masters tried to fly out, but they were swallowed immediately after flying out.

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