Swallowed Star Chapter 1288

The human team had come up with many plans before the war regarding how powerful the humans were, relative to the united forces alliance. When they were fighting, the human team immediately realized how powerful the united forces alliance was, and the human team was at a disadvantage. The human race tried to keep showing their weakness so that the real body of Father God would come out.

However, universe masters led by Darkness Master couldn’t resist the attacks for long. If they kept displaying their weaknesses, they might be crushed. That was why Luo Feng decided to counterattack!

“That’s their plan!”

The united forces alliance was terrified. Father God was also scared. They had been at an absolute advantage at first. He did, indeed, want to emerge and fight the human team in close quarters, as that way, he could wield more power. As for Luo Feng, he was afraid that the universe masters of his own team wouldn’t be able to resist the attacks much longer, which was why they had enacted the backup plan so soon.

“Humph! Why are you so smug?” Father God shouted. “You just got the strange valuable by luck. Without that strange valuable, you would definitely have lost!”

Luo Feng held Star Tower, standing in the space of the dark universe and shaking his head.

Peng Gong Master shouted, “How big of a loser are you to search for excuses for losing the war? You don’t have the demeanor of a universe supreme master, Father God. I despise you.”

The two teams stood in the area, yet neither team was willing to back down from the dispute. However, neither of them was fighting. The human race realized that only universe supreme masters were outside the palaces, so they couldn’t kill them. As for the united forces alliance, they knew that they would be totally crushed if they kept fighting!

“Shock Demon Ancestor, Dream Demon Ancestor, Father God, and Bug Empress,” shouted Luo Feng. He glanced at the three powers in the distance. “Some universe masters of your races are kept in my Star Tower. Do you want them back?”

“Of course, we do,” said the black oval.

Both the silver snake and the sawtooth-shelled strange beast looked at Luo Feng, and so did Bug Empress.

The voice of Bug Empress sounded seductive, despite the fact that she did not intend it to; she had been born that way. “Name your price,” she said.

“It’s simple,” Luo Feng said. “For the next era, the universe masters and universe supreme masters can’t enter the human territory. If you can do that, I’ll give you back all the universe masters detained, as well as their true treasures.”

“This is the only requirement,” said Peng Gong Master. “Do you agree?”


Luo Feng gazed at the supreme masters from the three-race alliance. He was well aware that winning the fight against the united forces alliance greatly improved the humans’ circumstances. However, if those neutral powers and lone universe supreme masters attacked them, it would be a nightmare for the humans.

If they could keep the united forces alliance out of the war by holding some universe masters hostage, their situation would be much more advantageous.


The four supreme masters transmitted their voices to converse with each other.

“We’ve already risked everything for this war!” said Father God. “After this fight, I now realize we alone will not be enough. Those powers who wanted us and the human team to suffer great losses will definitely pick a side in the future. We should wait until those powers act. After that, we’ll join again. With our combined powers, it’ll be easy to get some inheritances!”

“That’s right. We’ve come so far, so there’s no way for us to back down!” said Dream Demon Ancestor.

“Those who have the best chance to become universe supreme masters are all living in the miniature universes,” said Shock Demon Ancestor. “Even though there will be a loss of universe masters, most of them are of other races.”

“I agree,” said Bug Empress.

They reached a consensus immediately. Compared to the inheritance, the losses they would suffer were bearable! After all, they had come prepared for losses.


Golden Horned Beast, Luo Feng, and Peng Gong Master stood side by side in space, waiting for a response.

“Do you really expect us to compromise after you have killed so many great beings of ours?” said Father God angrily. “We’ll let you win this time, but you’ll regret it soon enough!”

“It seems they’ve rejected the deal.” Luo Feng strolled along with Star Tower in his hand. “You’re sending these universe masters to their death. Shock Demon Ancestor and Dream Demon Ancestor, I told you last time that you would suffer greater losses. Next time, you won’t be able to negotiate.”

“Negotiate? Next time, you humans will be annihilated.”



The united forces alliance disappeared from the dark universe without saying more.

Darkness Master stepped out of Black Prison Tower.

Peng Gong Master clenched his teeth. “Those bastards.”

“The united forces alliance will return again!” Darkness Master also looked anxious. “Besides, many more will come next time. The united forces alliance is not giving up.”

“Of course, they won’t give up!” said Luo Feng coldly. “The opportunity to transcend incarnations is invaluable. Besides, most of the universe masters we captured are from other races. Even though they’ll be upset by the losses, it’s acceptable to them.”

“For what it’s worth, we’ve won big time,” said Darkness Master. “Let’s go back first.”



Luo Feng, Peng Gong Master, and Golden Horned Beast flew back to Boat of Mausoleum, and Darkness Master flew back to Black Prison Tower.

Boat of Mausoleum and Black Prison Tower left the dark universe and went back to the original universe, rushing to the primal secret region.


Inside Star Tower, the 16 universe masters from the united forces alliance were separated. Two were from demon race, one was from the automaton race, and one was from the bug race. As for the others, they were all from other races! Only 20 universe masters were actually from the three races of the united forces alliance, while a total of 112 universe masters had participated. The others were all from the subsidiary races and other races.

Only a small portion of them were actually from the three races. As for the 16 universe masters detained, four were from the three races, so the percentage was already relatively high. Those four were detained in a sealed space, while the other 12 were detained together in a different area.

A voice was transmitted into Star Tower. “Do you really expect us to compromise after you have killed so many great beings of ours?”

“It seems they’ve rejected the deal.”

The negotiation was transmitted in.

“Damn it! Bastards.”

“Those goddamn bastards!”

“They’re willing to let us die just for their own ambitions!”

The four great beings from the three races were calm, yet the other 12 universe masters of other races cried with outrage. They were all from weak races. Some of them were actually the only universe master in their races. What would happen to their races if they died?

Although the united forces alliance had made a promise to them as to what they would do if the universe masters died it was very easy for a race to be bullied if it had no universe masters. Even if the demon race, the automaton race, and the bug race could help them, the three races couldn’t do anything once other pinnacle races, like the prison race, decided to annihilate them. The most they could do was save some lives to allow the race to continue breeding.

The 12 universe masters of other races swore in anger. As for the other four, they were angry, but they had to obey the universe supreme masters.

Only three of the universe masters had multiple bodies, but they were not ready to self-destruct yet, as they were still waiting for a chance to get out. After all, they didn’t want to give up their bodies and true treasures so easily.


It was pure rapture in the main palace of Primal Chaos City.

Primal Chaos City Leader stood on the stage of the main palace and looked down at the universe masters, excited. “Universe masters, congratulations. Thank you for all your contributions. Thank you all! The three-race alliance was indeed formidable, but they were still defeated! To the glory of the humans, the glory of the Hong Alliance, and the glory of every one of you! Let’s drink up!”

Everyone was cheerful. Those universe masters who had been anxious before were all exhilarated. Even Primal Chaos City Leader was elated. As for Luo Feng, Darkness Master, and Peng Gong Master, they temporarily forgot about the united forces alliance’s unwillingness to compromise and celebrated the victory.

Soon, the universe masters started to talk with each other, and Luo Feng was the one who received the most attention.

After a long while, Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Leader walked out of the main palace.

“They didn’t agree?” asked Primal Chaos City Leader.

Luo Feng shook his head. “It not unexpected. Those four old fellows have great ambitions. However, we need to enact another plan.”

“Okay.” Primal Chaos City Leader nodded. “It may be less ideal than their compromise, but it can still empower us.”

Another plan was to drive a wedge between them!

Most universe masters in the united forces alliance were from other races. They didn’t hold absolute loyalty to the three races, and they certainly weren’t about to die for them. That was why Luo Feng had purposefully allowed the conversation during the negotiations to be transmitted into Star Tower.

“They all have avatars in their own races and avatars in the central region of the united races alliance,” said Primal Chaos City Leader slowly. “They originally came from lesser powers, especially those with only two or three universe masters. You can certainly draw them to our side.”

Luo Feng nodded. “Yes. We can at least draw some of them to our side so the united forces alliance will be weaker, and we’ll be stronger. I’ll go to Star Tower now. I’ll persuade them to surrender and try to draw some lesser powers to our side.”

“How about the universe masters from the three races?” asked Primal Chaos City Leader?

“I’ll kill them, of course.” Luo Feng smirked. “It’s protocol.”

After all, only when Luo Feng killed a universe master would Sitting Mountain Guest made him a true treasure.

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