Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Continuously Kissing Her

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The mans warm, thin lips landed lightly on her ice-cold lips. He tasted it lightly first, then finally peeled open her tightly closed lips with extreme patience. He pushed inwards inch by inch, full of gentleness.

At last, he caught the tip of her tongue, which she had wanted to keep away from him. They were tangled gently, and the lingering sensation was incredible.

Lin Wanwan allowed him to kiss her deeply, forgetting to react.

Only when she started to feel breathless did Lu Zhanbei stop. His eyes were not lustful but carried only a gentle softness, like a spring breeze.

"Do you still feel terrible?"

Lin Wanwan was stunned. After a long while, she shook her head.

"Still feeling terrible?" Lu Zhanbei lowered his head again, then said at the same time as he kissed her, "Then lets continue."

Seeing this scene from the rearview mirror, Gu Mo silently held his chin, which was about to fall.

Amitabha, it seemed like Sir really fell for her!

Lu Zhanbei continued to kiss her. Lin Wanwan was kissed into a state of confusion. Her body was soft and limp, and even the pain brought about by the drug was temporarily suppressed.

Finally, they reached Yun Mansion.

Gu Mo looked back and immediately stopped looking.

Although he wasnt sure if he should disrupt him, seeing that it was a critical situation, Gu Mo bravely opened his mouth and said, "Sir, we have arrived."

Lu Zhanbei froze in his movements. When he was getting up, Lin Wanwan subconsciously sucked on his lower lip.

A small action like this made him lose control!

He lowered his body once more, and the hot kiss swept through every corner of her lips. It was only when the person beneath him made a sound of protest did he stop fervently.

Gu Mo silently closed his eyes, then silently shut his ears.

See no evil, hear no evil

Lu Zhanbei stood up and took a deep breath. He calmed down his restless body movements, hurriedly lifted Lin Wanwan up, and left.

At this moment, Zhou Yan arrived. The first thing he did was inject a tranquilizer into Lin Wanwan. However, the effect was not strong. He could only frown and inject another tranquilizer.

"Whats the situation now?"

Hearing Lu Zhanbeis question, Zhou Yan shook his head with a grave expression on his face. "Not very good. This drug is different from the ones on the market. If you can get the formula, I might be able to create the corresponding anti-drug."

Lu Zhanbei looked at Lin Wanwan, who was lying on the big bed. She was already asleep, and the ferociousness on her face was gone. It was at last peaceful.

After a long while, he said in a low voice, "I will get the prescription."

"As soon as possible. Even if you cant get it, you mustnt let her addiction work up again. If not, the pain will be stronger each time. Thankfully, she has strong willpower. If she didnt, she probably would not have lasted until I came over. She would have chosen to end her life due to the pain."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes darkened and he waved his hand. "Thank you. You can head back first."


The doctor left. Lu Zhanbei sat by the bed and quietly looked at Lin Wanwans sleeping face.

Gu Mo walked in and looked a little embarrassed. "Sir, I did something wrong"

Lu Zhanbei lifted his hand to interrupt his words. He didnt look at him and said coldly, "You forgot to tell Lin Wanwan that drinking alcohol will trigger her drug addiction?"

He should have known earlier.

Lin Wanwan was not an impulsive person. Although she usually seemed unconcerned, her prudence was not less than that of others.

If she had known drinking alcohol would trigger her drug addiction, she would have stayed far away from alcohol.

However, the past few times, her attitude was seemingly disapproving.

Gu Mo lowered his head. "Yes."

He had indeed forgotten. If he had not seen Lin Wanwans addiction working up today, he probably would not have remembered.

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