Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 196

Chapter 196 Lu Zhanbei's Palpitating Heartbeat

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Lu Zhanbei gave him a side glance, his stare cold.

Gu Mo did not try to defend himself and knelt a single leg on the floor without a word.


Lu Zhanbei fiercely stretched out his long leg and kicked him heavily on the chest.

Gu Mo could not and would not avoid it. He suffered the kick rawly. After letting out a sound from his mouth, he steadied his staggering body and knelt perfectly straight.

“Get yourself punished for three days.”

Finally, upon hearing Lu Zhanbei open his mouth, Gu Mo’s heart eased.


Sir was still merciful towards him. Based on this mistake alone, it would not have been enough even if he were to die 10,000 times.

Lu Zhanbei cast a glance on the bed. His slightly cool fingertips slid down slowly from the girl’s exquisite eyebrows and finally fell on that pale lips. As if unconsciously, he traced the curves of her lips in an exceptionally gentle manner.

“Lin Wanwan”

He whispered her name, and his eyes shone in a complicated way.

He had understood everything now.

His feelings for Lin Wanwan was definitely not as simple as lust.

On days when he did not see her, he would always remember her inadvertently.

Every facial expression, smile, action, and word of hers was branded in his heart. That was why he broke his principles repeatedly and would rather act on the sly just to take a look at her.

When she was in pain, his heart would ache and he could not wait to be the one undergoing all of it instead. This feeling reminded him of the feelings he had for Lin Xiao two years ago.

He had personally seen Lin Xiao falling down from the wire when filming, and she was bruised all over. That feeling he felt then was exactly the same as now.

He was sure he liked Lin Xiao. That type of liking became even more memorable after her death and the accumulation of time.

However, Lin Wanwan gave him the same palpitating heartbeat as then.

Before forgetting Lin Xiao completely, he knew he shouldn’t be like this. However, it was really hard to control.

He always felt that he had met Lin Wanwan before. To him, that was the most fatal kind of attraction.

In these moments, a voice in his heart was constantly reminding him that he should not let her slip away. He should not let her go.

Lu Zhanbei sighed silently. He lightly brushed away Lin Wanwan’s hair, which was drenched in sweat, and helped her wipe it off.

“I’m not going to think so much anymore. Have a good dream.”

It was a long sleep. Lin Wanwan slept very unsteadily amidst her dreams. She dreamed that she was standing under the scorching sun and a giant black shadow was slowly enveloping her, pressing her down inch by inch.

She ran hard, but she could not run out of the shadows no matter what she did. At last, she could only watch herself being swallowed by the darkness.


Lin Wanwan woke up suddenly from the shock. She had not sat up straight yet when a long arm forced her back down on the bed.

The man tucked her back into his arms, and his slightly hoarse voice sounded, “Sleep a while longer.”

Lin Wanwan turned her head and what came into view was Lu Zhanbei’s handsome face.

After a few seconds of dead silence, she opened her mouth and nearly screamed.

Lu Zhanbei saw her intentions and interrupted her lazily. “If you scream again, I’ll throw you out.”

Lin Wanwan choked and obediently shut up.

The memories of last night started to appear in her mind intermittently. She had forgotten some, but there were others, such as images of Lu Zhanbei kissing her, that were extremely clear.

“Lu Zhanbei, you took advantage of me again!”

As if irritated by the noise she was making, Lu Zhanbei finally opened his eyes. His beautiful phoenix-shaped eyes still carried a little sleepiness.


He even dared to feign ignorance!

“Yesterday in the car, you, you”

Lin Wanwan was a little shy and could not say out the words. However, Lu Zhanbei looked as if he was enlightened. He raised his eyebrows with a little elegant laziness.

“You said so yourself previously. As long as I kiss you, you won’t feel so terrible anymore. I was only helping you out of goodwill.”

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