Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Someones About To Become A Hungry Wolf

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"" Was this man trying to bully her because of her young age?

At that time, what she said was that if he kissed her once, she wouldnt be angry anymore. Furthermore, she was obviously joking then, alright?!

She had said so much else previously, but Lu Zhanbei turned a deaf ear to her words. Instead, he remembered a joke by heart!

Lin Wanwan was suffering under a lot of grievances, but she could not feel angry at all when she looked at Lu Zhanbeis innocent eyes. She glared at him, then pulled open the blankets and got ready to get out of bed.


Upon pulling the blankets off, she realized that she was not fully dressed. She exploded once again!

"What is it this time? Helping me again? Lu Zhanbei, why didnt I realize you were such a beast back then? You actually had the cheek to lay your hands on someone whos unconscious!"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her with disdain and said, "What stupid words. I have no interest in bean sprouts. Youre the one who complained that it was hot and removed your clothes."

Who would believe him?!

Also bean sprout?

Although this body was only seventeen-years-old and currently undergoing puberty, it was not as bad as he said, alright?!

"Even if you didnt remove them, you would still have touched me!"

Lu Zhanbei didnt explain further this time round. His tacit consent made Lin Wanwans heart beat faster.

This beast in human clothing really laid his hands on her?

Lu Zhanbei suddenly sat up and the thin silk slipped down to his waist. His upper body was bare too, and his firm chest was unobstructed. The beautiful muscled lines were sexy beyond cure.

Experiencing such a strong visual impact, Lin Wanwan was stunned for a while and did not have the time to consider properly if this was indecent or if she should continue to appreciate his body.

"Old rules." His lips curved and he grabbed her hand. He smiled with a hint of seduction. "For the sake of fairness, Ill let you touch me back. Where do you want to touch?"

Lin Wanwan was shocked and saw that her hand was about to land in front of his chest.

She fought hard and struggled, not caring about wearing her clothes. With the blanket wrapped around her body, she jumped out of bed barefooted, shouting, "Oh my, someones about to become a hungry wolf!"

Lu Zhanbei smiled and seemed to understand what was going on.

When this girl took the initiative to flirt with others, she feared nothing and no one, and she would reach out for a yard after taking an inch.

However, when others flirted with her, she would immediately recognize it and apologize at once when she realized something was wrong.

Lin Wanwan showered in the bathroom and found a bathrobe.

When she came out, Lu Zhanbei was wearing his clothes. The window curtains were half-opened. When the golden sun rays shone in and reflected his defined and handsome face, it was as beautiful as a painting.

He buttoned his clothes at an appropriate speed. The tooth marks with a trace of blood on his shoulder attracted exceptional attention. Lin Wanwan looked at it for quite some time and asked, "Whos so bold as to bite you?"

Lu Zhanbei half-laughed and glanced at her. "A wild kitten."

Lin Wanwan felt guilty and immediately understood that it was once again something she had done

"Was it? This means that even a cat could tell that youre a beast and wanted to you give a little lesson."

"Oh" Lu Zhanbei dragged the long note and smiled without saying anything.

Lin Wanwan hurriedly changed the topic. "Where are my clothes?"

Lu Zhanbei pointed to a box on the table. "Wear this."

"Wow! Im sorry you have to go to such expenses again!"

Lin Wanwan apologized hypocritically. However, both her hands quickly opened the box. She took out a sky blue dress and gesticulated how it would look like on her body.

The corner of her lips had just revealed a satisfactory curvature when Lu Zhanbeis cold sneer sounded as he said, "Do you laugh that much when youre sorry?"

Lin Wanwan smiled and gave him a side glance. "I remember someone saying before that no matter how much I owed him, I dont need to repay."

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