Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 224

Chapter 224 Foolish And Blind

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She planned to come up with a way to Luo Han’s heart. However, Yu Xu filled her schedule to the brim.

The whole weekend passed, and there was hardly any breathing room for her.

Back at the school, the teacher brought her another nightmare!

It was nearing the final exams, and the school had decided to increase the school hours.

The Imperial Capital High School had always been a school that focused heavily on students’ performance. Combining long school hours with heavy homework, Lin Wanwan couldn’t even get enough sleep.

Weekdays were filled with high-intensity revision, and weekends were filled with fast-paced filming. Even though Lin Wanwan had experience from her past life, she felt exhausted and drained.

A month had passed, yet she still had no idea how to approach Luo Han.

When Lu Zhanbei invited her to a meal, Lin Wanwan ranted her frustrations.

Her complaints put a well-concealed smile on Lu Zhanbei’s face. “Even if you confess your feelings now, he might reject you since you are still young. How about thinking about your relationship after you are done with your work and studies?”

Lin Wanwan recalled Luo Han’s words about how she shouldn’t date at a young age and nodded in agreement.

“Sounds about right!”

Gu Mo, who was playing mobile games, turned to look at the chatting pair.Is this considered wheedling an underaged girl

Acting as a relationship consultant and cutting her off secretly.

Gu Mo clicked his tongue.Seems like trickery is the best way to a woman’s heart

It was still an hour away from filming, so they strolled along the street after the meal.

Lu Zhanbei asked casually, “Is homework heavy these days?”

“Super heavy!”

“Are you tired out?”

“A little”

“How is the food in school? Should I get someone to deliver food to you every night?”

While suggesting this, Lu Zhanbei was already deciding which restaurant in the city would suit Lin Wanwan’s taste.

King of Cook, Flavours of Earth, Gluttonous Palace

These places are pretty good, should they take turns?

She turned to Lin Wanwan, who was yet to reply, and met her suspicious eyes.

His expression became a little uncomfortable. “Is there something on my face?”

“Not really, but there is a change!”


Lin Wanwan scratched her head. “If I remember correctly, you have always had a high-and-mighty style. When did you become so kind?”

Although Lu Zhanbei seemed humorous at times, those who knew him well understood that he was a cold-blooded dictator.

Lin Wanwan felt distant no matter how nice Lu Zhanbei treated her.

However, she realized that Lu Zhanbei had changed.

He’d become more human.

Lu Zhanbei’s voice was soft and gentle, pulling Lin Wanwan back to reality. “Do you prefer me like this?”

Lin Wanwan felt goosebumps on her arms. “Don’t look at me with your pampering eyes. I’m not used to this”

Lu Zhanbei was speechless.

It seems like this girl is not just foolish, but blind as well.

The good thing was, Lu Zhanbei didn’t want Lin Wanwan to see through his intentions yet. It would have shocked her to the core.

However, deep in his heart, he just wished that she could see him as a man, not simply a senior!

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