Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Only Relying On Myself

Chapter 225: Only Relying on Myself
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Lin Wanwan did not sense Lu Zhanbei’s odd expression. She stretched to loosen her stiff body. “I prefer you like this. I’m just curious about what incurred the change. Did you have a nice conversation with the person you like after hearing my suggestions?”

She blinked cheekily at him, and the urge to gossip was written all over her face.

Lu Zhanbei’s face sank as his hands reached out to Lin Wanwan.

He had decided to murder her right now!

Seeing the approaching hand, Lin Wanwan moved her head closer. “Go ahead.”

She clearly misunderstood his intention and thought that Lu Zhanbei wanted to rub her head. She was too used to him treating her as a kid.

Good thing that Lin Wanwan didn’t speak her mind…

Lu Zhanbei’s anger faded as Lin Wanwan rubbed her head against the back of his hand like a cute kitty.

He vented all his remaining frustration out by making a mess out of Lin Wanwan’s hair.

Lin Wanwan didn’t dare to say a word.

After a while, Lu Zhanbei spoke casually, “The Silver Deer Movie Festival is starting soon.”

“I’ve heard.” Lin Wanwan clicked her tongue. “Not sure if I can make it into the nominees this time.”


“I’m still a newbie!”

Thanks to all kinds of scandals, Lin Wanwan had always been on the big screen. Nonetheless, she had only debuted this year, and this movie was her only work.

Silver Deer Movie Festival was one of the top three award ceremonies in the country. The criteria for the awards were strict and diverse. Although she was commendable in “The Palace,” she might not be chosen.

Lu Zhanbei smiled. “Not only will you be a nominee, but you will also win an award. Trust me.”

Lin Wanwan raised her voice. “Don’t you dare use your connections. I want to rely on myself!”

“It’s nothing like that.”

“How are you so sure then?”

Lu Zhanbei smirked. “Gu Mo once said that I have the power of a prophet. All the major decisions that I have made were never wrong.”

Lin Wanwan curled her lips. “How about you make a wish of me getting Luo Han’s heart.”

Lu Zhanbei glared at her. “Don’t be such a fool. If I were to make wishes, I would satisfy my own first.”

His words sparked Lin Wanwan’s interest. “What wish do you have?”

Lu Zhanbei looked at her gravely in the eyes and chose not to answer.

After countless fruitless attempts to find out Lu Zhanbei’s wish, she finally gave up. When it was time to meet Yu Xi, Lu Zhanbei gave her a ride to the studio as Lin Wanwan prepared for two days of high-intensity filming.

On Sunday night, Lin Wanwan dragged her exhausted body back to the dormitory and fell asleep in an instant.

Time flew as she pulled through her tight schedule. One day, she received a call from Si Han.

She thought it was related to work, but he was spitting fire once she picked up the phone.

“Lin Wanwan! What is going on? Didn’t I ask you to take care of the ‘god of destruction’? Why is she here again? You better f*cking bring her back now!”

“…” It seemed like Baoer had gone to him again.

Lin Wanwan pouted. This guy only looks for me when he has something he needs. When there’s nothing wrong, his face is darker than ink.


She was about to end the call when Si Han’s yelling came over.

“Wait! Wait! The list of nominees for the Silver Deer Movie Festival is out. Aren’t you curious about the results?”

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