Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 303

Chapter 303 Have A Blissful Marriage And A Baby Soon

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“No problem.” Lin Wanwan shook her head. “We should be forward-looking. The Luo Han I appreciate isn’t a loser who would only remember the past and stay put at a single spot forever. I’ll go out first. The director’s calling for you.”

Luo Han’s black eyebrows hung on his pale eyelids, letting show only black irises. He actually looked a little frail.

He had initially worked hard towards that target and swore to suppress Lin Xiao so that he’d be qualified to stand by her side. Without relying on family or depending on anyone, he wanted to have that ability to shelter her from wind and rain.

He had achieved that, but the person who motivated him was no longer around.

Returning to the studio, Lin Wanwan was still feeling depressed. Although she hoped that everyone would remember her, she didn’t want to see them in a sorrowful state because of her death.

Seeing her walk over, the people who were initially whispering immediately cast ambiguous looks at her.

That makeup artist with a baby face smiled and even showed her a victory sign with her fingers. “Go for it, Wanwan! May you get Luo Han soon!”

“Wanwan, you have indeed entered the entertainment circle because of Luo Han!”

“I wish you both a blissful marriage and to have a baby soon. When you’re getting married, remember to send us invitations~”


What the? Things had not started to take shape yet between Luo Han and herself. Lin Wanwan admired their imagination.

Not long after, Luo Han came out too. He had already restored his usual cold silence and calm expression. However, that slight redness in the corners of his eyes betrayed his true emotions.

“Luo Han, it’s your turn!”

Seeing Yu Xi wave his hand, Luo Han walked over. As he passed by Lin Wanwan, he stopped and said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

Lin Wanwan smiled. “No problem.”

She hoped that everyone who cared about Lin Xiao would let the past go as soon as possible.

The looks exchanged between the two were not lost on the others, and they exchanged a tacit smile.

They had to say that Lin Wanwan was really playing with high stakes this time.

In order to pursue her male god, she didn’t hesitate to enter the entertainment circle and be in the same industry as Luo Han. Taking advantage of the filming opportunities, she got into a favorable position to gain some advantage.

But based on the current progress, the chances of Lin Wanwan’s hopes were high.

Yu Xi heard these comments as well. Considering that Lin Wanwan would be in trouble if the news were to spread, he ordered the production team members to shut their mouths.

The final exams were approaching, and the filming of the television drama was also near completion.

She was busy with both sides at the same time. Lin Wanwan felt that she didn’t even have the time to breathe.

Whenever Lu Zhanbei tried to date her, she would try her best to squeeze out time. Thankfully, Lu Zhanbei also knew that she was busy, and most of the time, he only called and asked about her situation.

In such a busy state, one day, Lin Wanwan received Lin Qinghao’s call by surprise.

He said stiffly in the call, “If you have some time tonight, come home.”

Lin Wanwan asked plainly, “I’ve already left the Lin family. Is there something on?”

“It’s your grandpa’s 66th birthday in two days. We were discussing about holding a banquet for him. This morning, your grandpa and grandma came over. They heard that you have recovered fully and would like to see you.”


Lin Wanwan thought for a while before pulling out the old man’s information from her brain.

Different from Matriarch Lin, who was born rich, Old Master Lin was born into a small family. As he was handsome and had a gentle temperament when he was young, he was fancied by Matriarch Lin, who used her family’s power to half-force, half-tempt Old Master Lin to marry into her family.

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