Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 304

Chapter 304 Thin Relationship Between Father And Daughter

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In the old era, a male who had married into the female’s family had an even lower status than a female who had married into the male’s family.

Coupled with Matriarch Lin’s meanness and strong position, Old Master Lin had been living under her control all these years. His initial gentle character gradually became cowardliness.

However, such a weak and introverted old man was the one in the Lin family who treated her best.

When she was bullied by Lin Siqing in the past, Grandpa helped her out.

When she was beaten by Tao Xinyue in the past, Grandpa begged her for leniency.

Even during that year when she had a fever and became a fool, and Tao Xinyue wanted to delay and let her die from the illness, Grandpa was the one who sent her to the hospital so that she could still remain alive.

The reason why Lin Wanwan did not have to live with the embarrassing identity of an illegitimate daughter was also because Old Master Lin had begged Lin Qinghao to let her live under the name of Tao Xinyue!

Thinking of these, Lin Wanwan felt touched, as well as a sense of guilt.

She was touched that Old Master Lin had treated her well, and guilty that she had actually not thought or cared about him all this while.

“Got it. I’ll be back.”

It was as if Lin Qinghao didn’t expect her to agree so readily, because he said after being in a daze for a while, “Then come back earlier. We will have dinner together.”

Lin Wanwan pretended not to hear the excitement in his voice and replied plainly, “Ok.”

Ever since Lin Qinghao announced publicly that the Lin family would no longer sponsor her with even a single cent and that whatever she did no longer had anything to do with him, the two of them had lost contact.

The father-daughter relationship, which was not deep in the first place, was even thinner now. Lin Wanwan was not in the mood to chat with him. She was about to hang up the call when she heard Lin Qinghao ask, “Wanwan, you have really recovered?”


Lin Wanwan’s coldness did not kill Lin Qinghao’s enthusiasm. “That’s great! You can live like a normal person from now on. I’m really happy!”

A sarcastic smile formed on the corner of Lin Wanwan’s lips. “Really?”

The news of her recovery had been around for so long, and he was only expressing his happiness now. Wasn’t it a little too fake?


“I still have something on so I’ll hang up first. I’ll arrive punctually at 4 pm.”

Without waiting for Lin Qinghao to say anything else, Lin Wanwan deftly hung up the call.

As she was returning to the Lin family in the afternoon, she applied for a day’s leave from the headmaster. She went to the condominium and changed into a simple sportswear. She tied her hair and let Ruan Baoer do her makeup so that she’d look like she was full of pimples. Finally, she wore sunglasses and was ready to head out after the change.

Suddenly, she thought of something.

“Baoer, the last time you called me, what actually happened?”

She was very busy these few days and didn’t return to the condominium. Also, Ruan Baoer didn’t contact her, so she had forgotten to ask about this matter.

Ruan Baoer, who was doing styling in front of the mirror, answered without lifting her head, “My period was here. It was so painful that I couldn’t even walk, so I wanted you to help me buy some sanitary pads and sweets.”


Lin Wanwan could not wait to beat her up. She nearly died because of this small matter!

After enduring it, she tried her best to keep her tone calm. “Then how did you settle it?”

“I went to find Si Han.”

Lin Wanwan was shocked. “He bought them for you?”

She could not tell that Si Han actually still had the potential to be a filial boyfriend!

Ruan Baoer pouted. “That wasn’t the case. He only picked up after I called him 32 times. I threatened that if he didn’t buy it for me, I would go over and die from pain in front of his door. He had no other choice but to send an assistant over and deliver these to me.”

After explaining, she was a little gleeful. “Indeed, when one becomes shameless, even ghosts would be afraid!”

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