Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 33

Chapter 33 What Happened Between You And Lu Zhanbei

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“Ms. Lin, our boss offers an invitation.”

Lin Wanwan was confused. “Who is your boss?”

Just then, the window was set down and out came a deep voice, “Lin’s second daughter?”

His voice was magnetic and fancy, drawing everyone’s attention. When the crowd saw the man’s defined features and sharp jawline from the side, she heard them gasp in shock.

Even with the black sunglasses on him, it was evident that he was the best-looking one around.

“Get in, I’ll give you a ride.”


Tang Chen?

Others might not recognize him, but how could Lin Wanwan forget this face?

What is he up to this time!

With hundreds staring at her, she wouldn’t do anything risky. Who knows what this crazy guy will do?

If anything went wrong, maybe her road to becoming a star would end before it even started.

“Oh, Uncle Tang!” She put on a face of sudden realization as she raised her voice.

Those who were curious about their relationship took the hint and dropped their doubts.

Except for one.

Somewhere in the crowd, a girl with short curly hair was shaking Lin Siqing’s arm with excitement.

“Siqing, why didn’t you tell me about your rich and handsome uncle? Why is he inviting that stupid girl instead of you? Why don’t we join them? I want to get a taste of riding in sports cars too!”


Lin Siqing didn’t bother answering her friend. Looking at Lin Wanwan getting into the car, her eyes were raging with disbelief and jealousy.


The Lin family had never once had a relative that wealthy!

The Ferrari represented his power and authority, something that the Lin family can’t even imagine obtaining.

When did the stupid girl get to know a man of such majesty?

Thinking about Lin Wanwan’s foxy face, Lin Siqing felt like she figured out the truth.

He must be her sugar daddy!


“I have something up, got to go!”

No matter how badly Lin Siqing wanted the world to know about her sister’s scandal, she didn’t want the school to know about their kinship.

She couldn’t bear having ties with the mentally-challenged girl. Pushing her way out of the crowd, she rushed off.

Cheap b*tch! She’s such a shame to the family!

The Ferrari sped across the roads like a spark of blue flame dancing in the wind.

Tang Chen slouched like a slime, his brows slightly raised, letting out a captivating aura.

“You said Uncle Tang?”

“Do you prefer Grandpa Tang?”

Lin Wanwan snorted. She decided to stop acting since Tang Chen had obviously seen through her cover.

“To be honest, I didn’t really anticipate seeing you. Don’t beat around the bush, tell me what you are up to this time!”

Tang Chen rested his chin on one hand and spoke in a fascinated tone, “Nothing that important”

He dragged out his words, and his smile was almost wicked. “I just want to know about what happened that night, when you were alone with Lu Zhanbei.”

Tang Chen had been confident that Lin Wanwan would go back and beg for his help.

But she certainly proved him wrong. It felt like a tight slap on his face.

Not only was he curious about how she spent the night with Lu Zhanbei, he also wanted to know how she had endured the effect of the drug.

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and stared right into his grave, enigmatic eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

The unexpected apology startled Tang Chen for a split second.

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