Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 45

Chapter 45 I Lin Wanwan Will Be Able To Conquer The Entertainment Circle Soon

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“Lu Zhanbei, my father actually agreed for me to enter the entertainment circle? It must have been heaven who felt my sincerity. Amitabha!”

Looking at her foolish look, Lu Zhanbei’s eyes flashed a hint of a smile. “Congratulations.”


Lin Wanwan took a big bite of the sandwich in her hands. “Hahaha. I, Lin Wanwan, will be able to conquer the entertainment circle soon!”

Conquer the entertainment circle?

Lu Zhanbei seemed to recall something, and his eyes flashed a hint of ridicule.

“Have your meal.”

Lu Zhanbei’s cold response did not reduce Lin Wanwan’s enthusiasm. She excitedly finished her meal and was about to rush out when Lu Zhanbei stopped her.

“Let the driver send you there.”


Before leaving, Lin Wanwan thought for a while before saying sincerely, “Thank you for yesterday. If it weren’t for you, I guess I would have frozen under the bridge. I owe you a lot. If there’s anything you need my help for in the future, please feel free to find me. Of course, I might not be of help too. Bye~”

She smiled pleasantly and quickly ran out.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows. She still knew how to thank him, which meant she was not so ignorant after all.

Half an hour later, Lin Wanwan returned to the Lin family. Once she entered, she was stopped by the servant.

“Second Miss, Master would like you to go to his study room.”


Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and pushed open the door of the study room. “Father, you were looking for me?”

Lin Qinghao was seated back on the swivel chair, facing her, and he was holding a photograph on his hand.

The photograph showed a man and a woman holding a two-year-old girl in a Lolita flower dress. They were all smiles.

The man was handsome, and the woman had delicate facial features. There was a small red mole in between the eyebrows, which looked alive and radiated endless charms.

Lin Wanwan sneaked a glance and was stunned.

Could it be that this was a photograph of that cheap mother of hers and Lin Qinghao?

“You’re here.”

Lin Qinghao did not turn his head and pointed his finger at an open safe in the corner.

“What you want is there. Take it yourself.”

Lin Wanwan silently walked over and took out the documents that belonged to her.

“I’m leaving.”

Lin Wanwan did not plan to talk to him much. When she reached the door, she suddenly heard Lin Qinghao’s deep voice.

“Wanwan, actually, I know it myself. It’s because of your mother that I could not love you as much as before. However, at the very least, I can let you have a bright future.”


Lin Wanwan was stunned for a while, and she felt slightly conflicted.

If this was his reflection out of guilt, then it was too late.

Because of his lack of love and neglect, that poor girl was no longer around.

Lin Qinghao waved his hand in exhaustion. “It’s ok. Go out.”

“Goodbye, Father.”

As the door closed, a sigh could be heard from within.

He thought back about yesterday, where the Lin’s biggest investor ordered him to agree to Lin Wanwan entering the entertainment circle and letting her move around freely, failing which will lead to his withdrawal as a shareholder.

Lin Qinghao knew he could no longer control this daughter of hers.

He asked what relationship the investor had with Lin Wanwan. The other party just said that it was an order from a man that he himself could not afford to offend.

Lin Qinghao smiled bitterly.

Where did this daughter of his whom he had neglected for so many years know these big shots?

Was she really a fool?

Lin Qinghao looked down and stared at the photograph on his hand, his thumb rubbing against the little girl on it.

He had investigated the movements of Lin Wanwan these few years but did not manage to find out what he wanted to know. Instead, he found out that Tao Xinyue had abused Lin Wanwan frequently.

Perhaps, her foolishness was just to make herself feel better.

It was a pity that he came to understand certain things too late.

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