Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 46

Chapter 46 A Fool Must Be Aware She's A Fool

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The taxi that Lin Wanwan took arrived at the coffee house near the studio, and she successfully signed the contract with An Qiao.

Before leaving, An Qiao asked, “Have you created a Weibo account?”


An Qiao thought for a moment and suggested, “Sooner or later, they will know that you are Lin Wanwan. You will be subjected to a lot of controversy then. Rather than hiding, why not take the initiative instead and explain who you are? If you act pitiful appropriately, quite a number of people will develop positive feelings towards you. So be more open about it!”

After saying this, he saw Lin Wanwan’s naive and innocent look and felt mentally tired.

“Forget it, all up to you then.”

“Yes, yes.”

Of course, Lin Wanwan understood what An Qiao meant.

However, she stood tall and chose to go about it properly. When the movie screens, those dissonant voices would naturally disappear.

The two of them stood at the studio entrance and chatted. They were surrounded by staff personnel, and occasionally, there’d be a few reporters who’d walk past and take photos everywhere.

“Eh? Isn’t that Director An Qiao? Is the girl who’s talking to him the second female lead for this movie?”

“Should be. We know the rest of the people except for this one. She’s a newbie.”

“She’s not bad-looking. Looks a bit familiar though”

“Wait, I think I remember who she is. Let me look up the information!”

“Hey, if there’s anything, remember to share with me too!”


An Qiao did not notice those two reporters. He was holding Lin Wanwan’s hand and eagerly telling her stuff, afraid she would forget.

“Our movie’s opening ceremony will be at 8 pm the day after tomorrow. You must remember not to be late, understand?”


After separating from the troubled An Qiao, Lin Wanwan returned to school.

Not only did the teacher not bother about the reason for her absence yesterday, she also did not ask her anything about it at all and just continued to let her attend class.

Lin Wanwan glanced at the table next to her. The seat was still empty today. The pigeon holes were fully stuffed with examination papers.

“Class is dismissed!”

Once the teacher left, Lin Wanwan immediately heard some mean and harsh voices. She took a side glance and saw that it was the two girls she had locked up in the toilet the previous time.

One of them was called Liu Zilin, who was fairly pretty and was the class belle of Class 5.

“A fool copying others to skip class. I really don’t know why she came here to study.”

“She’s just pretending, hanging around in school doing nothing. In the end, she can just pay some money to get a certificate of graduation. That way, when she’s out in public, she can also call herself a high school graduate.”

“If the school would allow a person like her to graduate, then the school’s reputation will be completely tarnished!”

Lin Wanwan pretended not to hear these words and concentrated on the examination paper from yesterday.

Although the teacher had explicitly told them not to bully Lin Wanwan, the verbal ridicule never stopped.

“Look, a fool can be so hardworking!”

Liu Zilin’s words caused the whole classroom to burst into laughter.

Lin Wanwan tightened her grip on the ballpoint pen she was holding, and her eyes hinted a flash of annoyance.

This was not going to end, was it!

Liu Zilin walked over shaking her hips, then reached out and took away the examination paper that Lin Wanwan was currently answering.

“A fool must be aware she’s a fool. Don’t ruin this examination paper.”

Another burst of laughter broke out.

Lin Wanwan had her head down. Her lips slowly formed a cold smile. As if inadvertently, her right arm moved and it knocked over the ink bottle on the table.


The ink bottle fell to the ground and the black ink splattered everywhere. Not only did Liu Zilin’s white socks become black, her light blue uniform skirt was also splashed with big and small ink dots.

Liu Zilin screeched, “Lin Wanwan, you brainless girl! I bet you did this on purpose!”

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