Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 640

Chapter 640 Your Ability Is No Different

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The crucial thing was

These hot searches were not about Lin Wanwans scandal but, rather, were exposing the so-called truth!

Lin Siqing casually clicked open a Weibo article, feeling ill at ease.

The moment she finished reading the contents, her expression turned from incredulity to immense anger.

"Damn!" She waved her hands casually and the things on the table fell to the ground.

Hearing the commotion, Lin Wanxin walked in. She was holding the poodle that had only half a ear in her arms.

"Siqing, Ive taught you before. You have to keep calm at all times. Victory would never belong to rash people."

Lin Siqing couldnt hear any of this, and she grabbed her hand in agitation. "Our plan failed. Lin Wanwan found out the truth and Gu Yien was arrested!"

"I already know about this."

The first instant that this incident happened, Lin Wanxin had already received news.

"So what? Lin Wanwan doesnt know we set her up."

"Im unwilling to take this lying down!"

Lin Wanxin touched her head. "Isnt this very interesting? Lin Wanwan is a strong opponent. I havent had the excitement of meeting my match for so many years. Im starting to feel excited"

Lin Siqing interrupted her impatiently. "Lin Wanxin, you have thought of this plan. Now, it has failed. Your ability is no different"

Lin Wanxin looked at her quietly.

Lin Siqing looked into her dark eyes and her heart tightened. She could no longer say any accusatory words.

" What should we do now?"


"What are we waiting for? I dont want to wait any longer!" Lin Siqing was anxious.

Lin Wanxin sat on the sofa. Her slender fingers fiddled with the poodles ears, as if not realizing it was trembling in fear.

"Since Lin Wanwan isnt stupid, then regardless of how wonderful the plan we had envisioned, we cannot completely destroy her because she has a Mr. Lu by her side."

"Mr. Lu? Lin Wanwans financier? Does he have a strong background?"

Lin Wanxin curved her lips into a mysterious smile and didnt answer her question.

"Based on the current situation, there are only two ways to destroy Lin Wanwan. Number one, Lin Wanwan breaks up with Mr. Lu. Without him protecting her, its not difficult to play her to death. Number two, once Mr. Lu dies, the result is as above."

Lin Siqing seemingly understood. "So we should break them up or kill that Mr. Lu?"

"Yes. However, it will not be through us. Someone will do that on our behalf."


"You dont have to know this."

Lin Wanxin was about to leave. However, when she saw Lin Siqings look of unwillingness, she returned and said a few words.

"My silly sister, I meant what I said about the things Ive promised you. Haste makes waste."

Lin Siqing was inexplicably afraid of this sister of hers. Even if she was unwilling, she could only nod.

Lin Wanxin lowered her head and touched the poodles fur.

Her plan was actually quite perfect.

If Lu Zhanbei hadnt trapped Wu Chen in the Imperial Capital, once he escaped from Xia country, the truth would have been buried.

However, it was fine. There were a lot of people who wanted Lu Zhanbei to die and to split up with Lin Wanwan. There was no need to rush.

It was good that the truth had surfaced. It could be said that Lin Wanwan had completely cleared her name.

As for Gu Yien, she became the representative of ingratitude in the entertainment circle, oh no, the entire Xia country. Almost everyone criticized her behavior.

Of course, she could no longer see these comments now that she was in prison.

Upon thinking of how they had berated Lin Wanwan in the past, the netizens inevitably felt guilty. Every day, there would be some netizens whod comment "sorry" on her Weibo page.

Lin Wanwan was indifferent and felt numb.

At this time, Lu Zhanbei, who was also refreshing his Weibo, handed over a mobile.

"Look at this."

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