Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Turning The Tide

Chapter 641: Turning the Tide
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Lin Wanwan glanced at her cell phone.

"Even though Lin Wanwan didnt seduce a married man, she still tried to snatch Ms. Yues fiance. Such a disgrace like her doesnt deserve to be an idol. She has nothing positive about her!"

This comment had over five thousand likes.

Lin Wanwan raised her brows and logged into her Weibo.

She did not reply to the rumors til this day, but she thought it was time to give everyone an answer.

Its an eyesore looking at the keyboard warriors defaming her.

Lin Wanwan: "My fellow followers, I do have a boyfriend. We met one-and-a-half years ago and confirmed our relationship after I turned eighteen. God knows where Ms. Yue was when my boyfriend and I were already deeply in love. Period. Trust me, and you will be blessed for life. Otherwise, I couldnt care less."

The comment section blew up.

Some investigated the details of this three-way relationship while others dug into the background of her mysterious boyfriend.

Her fans had to admit that their idol had a weird sense of humor.

Netizens had different attitudes toward her statement. Half chose to believe, and the rest thought of it as her meaningless excuse.


Luo Han: "As the nephew of Wanwans mysterious boyfriend, I have witnessed their love right before my eyes. I would swear on my dignity that Lin Wanwan is not a third-party. My greatest blessing to my uncle and Wanwan."

The internet went crazy!

Lin Wanwans boyfriend was Luo Hans uncle!

However, given the seniority, could it be a nasty old man?

Although Luo Han had proven Lin Wanwans innocence, a new round of judgment flooded the page.

To marry into a wealthy family, Lin Wanwan was dating a man old enough to be her father.

The anti-fans took that chance to condemn Lin Wanwan for her action.

When Lin Wanwan saw the comments about Lu Zhanbei, she couldnt help but burst into laughter.


She read the comments out loud as she laughed hysterically, completely unmindful of Lu Zhanbeis expression.

"Lu Zhanbei, a netizen named King of Analysis defined you as a man who is fifty-odd years old, bald, about 100 kilograms, has pea-sized eyes and boat-sized nose, a belly bigger than a pregnant ladys"

Lin Wanwan fell onto Lu Zhanbei as she laughed uncontrollably.

Lu Zhanbei snared her with his eyes. "Funny?"


Under Lu Zhanbeis threatening glare, Lin Wanwan covered her mouth and her eyes curved into two cute half-moons.

Lu Zhanbei had the urge to post a few selfies on Weibo to prove to the world that he was still young.

After blankly staring at the phone screen, he quietly put his phone down.

How childish.

Who had the right to judge the way that Lu Zhanbei looked?

Unfortunately, no matter how many excuses he found for himself, he couldnt get over this issue.

"Lin Wanwan, are you not planning to clarify this?"

Lin Wanwan pretended ignorance. "Havent I made it clear? Everyone knows that I have a boyfriend now; your position is secure!"

Lu Zhanbei finally got a taste of his own medicine.

"What Im trying to say is do you not mind these people judging your taste in men?"

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