Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 660

Chapter 660 You Have A Good Plan I Have A Wall Ladder

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Gu Mo could tell that his boss was not in a good mood as his plans had been spoiled. He was witty and left hurriedly.

Lu Zhanbei picked up the laptop and looked plainly at the Weibo page.

Lin Wanwan had her own pride so he wouldnt interfere.

However, she had relied on herself for her achievements and glory. How were others qualified to take them away?

In this day and age, examples of holding someone up high and stomping someone down low were aplenty.

All the media platforms began to blindly follow the trend. They slammed "The Distance Just for You" on the Internet, degrading the plot and criticizing the heavily watered content. They said it was not worth watching. Lin Wanwans performance was especially lousy.

As the saying goes, everyone kicks a man who is down.

Lin Wanwan was furious.

She didnt care that people looked down on her. However, this movie was Tan Zhiyues and her hard work. It was not to be maligned.

She had a counter-attack plan in her heart that was gradually taking shape. However, before she could make a move, the situation ushered in an unexpected turn.

Just when everyone felt that this movie was a complete failure and Lin Wanwan could no longer have the chance to turn over, a trace of doubt formed in Lu Zhengyus mind.

According to his understanding of that unfilial son, Lu Zhanbei would definitely be furious now that Lin Wanwan was in trouble. The trick he arranged for afterward would then be put to good use.

However, Lu Zhanbei didnt make any move until now. Could it be that he admitted defeat?

At the same time that Lu Zhengyu found it impossible, he could not help but faintly rejoice.

"Old Master!"

At this moment, the butler hurried in, carrying a newspaper in his hands.

"Take a look at this."

This was the latest entertainment newspaper.

A headline in big and bold font was printed on the most eye-catching position.

"The Distance Just for You" rushed out of the country and walked toward the world. It was simultaneously released in Asia and Europe, and box office sales exceeded US$500 million. It even broke the single-day box office record of Country L. Female celebrity Lin Wanwan was shortlisted for the best supporting actress award for this movie at the Asia Movie Festival!


Lu Zhengyu rolled the newspaper into a ball and his face turned green.

"What is going on?"

The butler said with a bitter expression, "Ive already checked on this. A month ago, Young Master had already agreed to Si Han buying the overseas copyright for this movie. Si Han was the one who operated the promotional efforts and release of the movie in all countries!"

It was all thanks to Si Hans outstanding ability and the Si family having a substantial influence in the Asia-Europe entertainment circle. If not for that, even if Lu Zhanbei had a plan, it wouldnt have been possible for him to create a 180-degree reversal of the situation in such a short period of time.

A month ago?

At that time, he hadnt given out the orders to give Lin Wanwan the cold shoulder

It looked like Lu Zhanbei had seen through his plans a long time ago!

"This a*shole!" Lu Zhengyu said out of extreme anger. However, a trace of relief rose in his heart.

Although Lu Zhanbei was younger, regardless of his ability or strategy, he was no worse than himself, a wily old fox who had been around for decades.

Indeed, he was his son!

"Old Master, do we continue giving Lin Wanwan the cold shoulder?"

"Of course."

Lu Zhengyu squinted his eyes slightly. His recognition of Lu Zhanbei was not going to change his determination.

"However, there is that unfilial son protecting her. Lin Wanwan would eventually be safe and sound. So"

The butlers body trembled. "What Old Master means is"

"Start preparing the second phase of the plan."


The butler looked respectful on the surface but was clucking his tongue in his heart.

It looked like Old Master has made up his mind to be ruthless. This is the rhythm of him completely ruining Young Masters reputation!

The news of "The Distance Just for You" being a hot seller in the box office sales in Asia and Europe had spread throughout the country. Everyone was shocked.

Not only were Lin Wanwans fans surprised, even citizens of Xia country felt honored.

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