Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 662

Chapter 662 No Limit To Her Tricks 1

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On the other hand, Lu Zhengyu, who was busy scheming the murder of his son, received a call.

Lu Zhanbei invited him to have a meal at Golden Sparrow, saying that there was a matter to discuss.

Lu Zhengyu instinctively knew that his son was up to no good, but he wasnt afraid to go.

In the basement, Lu Zhengyu pushed the door open.

Lu Zhanbei was sitting harmlessly in the corner of the room, and his smile looked as innocent as a lamb. "Father, have a seat."

The word "father" put Lu Zhengyu on full alert. "What are you trying to pull off this time?"

Lu Zhanbei looked wronged. "Old man, we are blood-related, for gods sake! Dont let temporary hatred blind you; I just wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with you."

The change of tone gave rise to a strange thought in Lu Zhengyus head.

Old man sounds way better

He took a second to recollect his thoughts and quickly shook his head.Did I become a masochist thanks to this unfilial child?

Lu Zhanbei couldnt read his mind or he would have called him "father" a few more times, just to gross him out.

Lu Zhengyu sat down, black-faced. "What is it? It cant be that you want us to be on good terms, right?"

Lu Zhanbei pretended like he couldnt read the sarcasm.

"Lin Wanwan had been asking me a question: Why is it that you allow us to be together but forbid us from publicizing our relationship? How should I answer her?"

Lu Zhengyus brows were knotted, and he replied without hesitation, "Her background is too humble to be known as the first lady of our family."

"Heh." Lu Zhanbei smirked.

He knew that the old man would say this, but such words wouldnt deceive Lin Wanwan.

"Does Madam Yu have the right to be the first lady, then?"

Lu Zhengyus face sank. "Lu Zhanbei, what are you trying to say!"

Every time Lu Zhanbei grinned, it showed an uncompromising level of confidence.

"If you deem Lin Wanwan as a woman too lowly to be seen, I would think that Madam Yu has no right to be my step-mother as well. How about we each take a step back and keep both our relationships hidden in the shadows?"

"No!" Lu Zhengyu refused immediately.

He cared about that woman so much, and he wanted her to walk by him proudly!

Lu Zhanbei snorted. "Whats so good about Madam Yu? Although you are old now, Im sure plenty of young and gorgeous ladies want to be your wife. Why are you so stubborn with a lowly woman like her?"

"Shut up!" Lu Zhengyu exploded in a fury. "Lu Zhanbei, she is your senior! If you dont learn to respect her, Ill punish you in her place!"

Lu Zhanbei couldnt hold back his laughter.

Compared to Lu Zhengyus insults toward Lin Wanwan, he said nothing that crossed the line.

If the old mans lover was an angel who couldnt be touched, then was his woman a thin grass to be stepped on?

Lu Zhanbei clapped his hands three times.

With his signal, the door was pushed open, and four girls dressed in Cheongsam walked in and beamed at Lu Zhengyu at once.

Lu Zhengyu frowned. "Whats this?"

Lu Zhanbei smiled like a gentle kitty, but his eyes sparkled with fox-like wisdom.

"They are all specially trained in the Ground Palace and are professionals at having fun with a man. You will forgo your stubborn past once you give it a shot."

Lu Zhengyu was furious. "Hell no!"

This bastard found hookers for his father!

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