Sweet Love 1v1: Spoiled By The Executive Chapter 842

Chapter 842 The Greatest Hidden Danger 5

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Ruan Guosheng entered the large study. This was the place that he had coveted the most for the many years.

In the past, only his father could come in. Then, father brought Ruan Qishan in but didnt allow either him or Ruan Guofu to even come close. Then, father put him and Ruan Guofu out of the house.

Even now, Ruan Guosheng still remembered the words that his father had said to him and Ruan Guofu.

"Only the heirs of the Ruan family and its clan head are qualified to stay in this mansion."

Just like that, they were cold-heartedly sent out of the mansion. They were made to stay in another house outside with Qin Shi.

Although that house was also lavishly decorated, and they had servants to look after them, it still couldnt compare to the main house.

Father seemed to have forgotten about the three of them. Although they didnt lack for anything and lived a life of abundance, they could never meet with father.

During that time, Qin Shi complained every day. She scolded Madame Ruan, scolded Ruan Qishan

It was also during that time that Ruan Guosheng swore to himself in his heart that one day, he would become the master of this large mansion. He wanted to be the one who was qualified to stay here and go in and out of the large study!

Ruan Guosheng sat on Ruan Qishans chair and breathed in.

Today, on this day, he had finally done it!

After a brief moment of excitement, Ruan Guoshengs expression grew dark once more.

This was different from what he had imagined. Even now, the Ruan family still didnt really belong to him. Ruan Zeyan was missing, while Ruan Qishan and the others were still alive.

The other problem was that he couldnt target Ling Tianya either. From what that person had said, even if they found Ruan Zeyans dead body, he still wouldnt be allowed to kill Ling Tianya.

However, if he kept Ling Tianya alive, she would always be a threat to him!

But the most important thing right now was to find Ruan Zeyan as soon as possible. Then, even if he couldnt kill Ling Tianya, he could deal a huge blow to her by killing the other people, especially her son!

In the living room, Ling Tianya hugged the sleeping Tiny Rice Ball. Her heart was a little heavy but at this moment, she didnt dare think too deeply about this, let alone go near anything related to KSI.

At this critical juncture, she must maintain a clear head. She couldnt afford to have her migraines act up again.

Madame Ruan was getting on in age and her stamina could no longer keep up. In the middle of the night, she couldnt stay awake any longer and fell asleep on the sofa.

The young and old were both sleeping, but the rest feel at all sleepy. They didnt dare sleep, for they were afraid that if they did, they would never wake up again. They were even more afraid that even after waking up, there still wouldnt be any news about Ruan Zeyan.

Ling Tianya carried the baby and stood beside the window. There were KSI members patrolling outside.

Through the window, she looked towards the sky. The moon was faintly visible, but they were barely any stars at all.

Ling Tianya suddenly recalled the view of the stars on that island during her honeymoon with Ruan Zeyan.

The sky there was especially low. It was as if they just needed to stretch out their hands to touch the sky full of stars.

Tiny Rice Ball moaned in her arms. Ling Tianya looked down towards him with an unending gentleness in her eyes.

Back then, Ruan Zeyan asked her to name that island, but she couldnt think of anything even after a long time. In the end, she got lazy and said that she would name that island after their first child.

The amazing thing was that Tiny Rice Ball was also conceived on that island.

So that island had a name now.

"Lets name it Xiao Island then" Ling Tianya muttered softly while looking towards the sky, as if speaking to the air, to Ruan Zeyan who was breathing the same air.

In Country Es Chinatown, in the second floor bedroom of some traditional medicine clinic, a mans eyelids fluttered as if he was about to wake up.

The ponytailed girl was surprised and dashed out immediately. "Dad! Dad! The mans eyelids just moved!"

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