System That Is Hacked Prologue

1 Prologue

Its been 6 years from when I drop from college. I don't have any job because I am a hacker. I would be number 1 hacker on earth an and my code name on hacker list is Zack.

I have hacked many different banks and also various big sites and earn a small fortune as I am unethical hacker so I have to limit my tackiness if I got caught by any source then my luck is no good.

Now I am 26 years old I have to find a job and have a wife and live a happy life. My whole life suck when I was 8 years old my both parents were died by the car accident. By luck, their insurance helps me complete my studies and course. I don't know my any relative is alive or not. I live pretty much otaku lifestyle where I play the game, hack game read manga and watch anime fulltime if bored then just hack some account of the game and sell it online. It'ss my daily life.
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The matrimonial sites are fucker I should not believe in it at first. Today was my first date and it sucks.


In my mind, I shouted aloud. Today is going to new game online so just let's download it and play it or say just hack it.

So let download its name is "Gods Sanctuary" it's the pretty badass name I hope game should be that badass. I clicked at download button it'ss going to take some time lets play some music and have some fun.


A sudden notification popup. It seems some freaking advertisement so is should avoid it or should just click it after all I am pretty much bored so I click it

[Do you want to travel a world where you can become what you want.]

Hey, What is this fucking notification its seem some hackers? Let's see what is it so I click Yes.

[Are you sure you want to travel world its impossible to stop the process one started so please affirm it]

It'ss like I have to click ye again so I click it yes.

Suddenly My computer froze I thought its a virus and the virus has bypass my security system.

My program is pretty much use for hack the game and protects from malware virus but it seems to to to fail I have to update it. I have various thoughts in my mind suddenly my pc blast and I got unconscious.

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