Tales Of Demons & Gods Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Stationed in?

The main hall of the Heavenly Note Sect was still swept in intense, chaotic battle as disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect were in a stalemate with the experts of the Demon Gods Sect. There were already a few hundred corpses lying on the floor as a dense stench of blood spread out in the hall.

At the centre of the hall, there were afterimages that were fast to the extent that they couldnt be seen.

Guard the Soul Hall, we cant let the Demon Gods Sect take half a step into the Soul Hall! Nangong Xianyin let out an enraged roar.

Yes, Sect Master. A group of Heavenly Note Sects girls yelled out in lovely voices in succession.

Xiao Ninger and Ye Ziyun guarded the entrance of the Soul Hall. Their current strength was stunning and could slaughter any expert of the Demon Gods Sect that came here.

Although the barrier between the both of them had not been removed, they had a rapport in their cooperation in this life-and-death moment of the Heavenly Note Sect.

Lightning and ice were guarding the two of them in the middle.

With a bang, Nangong Xianyin sent several experts of the Demon Gods Sect flying away as a trace of blood seeped out of the corner of her lips. Her face was pale and looked to be on the verge of collapse.

Just when the experts of the Demon Gods Sect was about to continue launching their attacks on Nangong Xianyin, a whoosh resounded from far away. It was a brilliant light ball that flew into the horizon, turning into dazzling fireworks as it danced magnificently.

That brilliant light shone onto the entirety of the Heavenly Note Sect.

The experts of the Demon Gods Sect briefly hesitated, before turning into black smoke and disappeared.

The group of Heavenly Note Sects experts wanted to chase after them but was halted by Nangong Xianyins voice.

Dont chase after them! Nangong Xianyin said, appearing to be a little powerless.

When the surrounding disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect saw her, they gathered towards her.

Sect Master, how are you?

Sect Master, are you alright? The group of Heavenly Note Sects disciples asked with concern.

Im fine. Nangong Xianyin shook her head as she continued, I never expected the strength of the Demon Gods Sect to be so powerful. If they did not retreat, Im afraid that it wouldve been a fierce battle.

The group of Heavenly Note Sects experts exchanged looks, looking deeply worried. The Demon Gods Sect had always been the old enemy of the Six Righteous Sects. Now that the strength of the Demon Gods Sect was so powerful and Heavenly Note Sect being the weakest amongst the six Sects, it would be easy for them to be preyed upon by the Demon Gods Sect.

This whole time, despite having some occasional friction between the Demon Gods Sect and the Heavenly Note Sect, this was the first time that they launched such ferocious attacks.

When the battle started, the Heavenly Note Sect was not sufficiently alert. They only realised it afterwards, and the Demon Gods Sect had sent ten Martial Ancestor Realm experts aiming for the Soul Hall. The intentions of those Demon Gods Sects experts sent a chill down their spines.

Facing those Martial Ancestor experts, Nangong Xianyin even suffered grave injuries.

The Demon Gods Sect had just temporarily retreated. If they were to come again, the Heavenly Note Sect might not be able to withstand it.

Despite obtaining the Sacred Elixirs that had significantly strengthened the Heavenly Note Sect, they were still too lacking in comparison with the Demon Gods Sect.

Not to mention that the Sect Master of the Demon Gods Sect had not come herself!

If the Sect Master of the Demon Gods Sect were to come, the Heavenly Note Sect would probably be entirely annihilated today!

You guys go take a look at the condition of the Elders. Nangong Xianyin asked. The few Elders of the Heavenly Note Sect were fighting with the experts of the Demon Gods Sect at other locations.

A brief moment later, leisurely Nie Li walked into the hall.

Nie Li! Upon seeing Nie Li, Xiao Ninger called out in pleasant surprise.

She was worried about Nie Lis safety and, after seeing his return, the massive rock in her heart was naturally placed down.

Ye Ziyun cast a deep glance at Nie Li as she walked to his side and asked, Are you alright?

Im fine, I have told you before. Good people do not live a long life, a scourge is left for a millennium. If someone like me does not live up to ten thousand years, how can I break even? Nie Li said as he chuckled.

Pfft. Xiao Ninger couldnt help laughing out loud. Every time she saw Nie Li acting improperly, she felt that it was somewhat funny.

Never the slightest bit proper. Ye Ziyun couldnt help mumbling to herself as her mood became much more delighted.

Sect Master Nie. Seeing Nie Lis arrival, Nangong Xianyin lightly cupped her hands towards Nie Li.

Sect Master Nangong, what happened to you? Are you alright? Nie Li said in a somewhat surprised voice. At this moment, Nangong Xianyins face was pale. She should have suffered heavy injuries.

I was wounded by several experts of the Demon Gods Sect earlier. Nangong Xianyin bitterly smiled, But its nothing.

Experts of the Demon Gods Sect? Earlier, those enemies that Sect Master Nangong had faced should only be the tip of the Demon Gods Sect. I encountered Elder Feng Yu of the Demon Gods Sect earlier. Luckily, no battle broke out between her and me. If Elder Feng Yu acted as well, Im afraid that the Heavenly Note Sect Nie Li appeared to take joy in the calamity of others.

Ye Ziyun quickly pulled the corner of Nie Lis clothes as his words were too disrespectful to Nangong Xianyin.

The surrounding disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect all looked unhappy as Nie Lis words had pierced the sore spot in their hearts.

Hearing Nie Lis words, Nangong Xianyin bitterly smiled, But I have no idea why the Demon Gods Sect suddenly stopped.

The Demon Gods Sect was just temporarily frightened off. They received the orders of Feng Yu, so they naturally retreated. Nie Li faintly smiled.

So it was Sect Master Nie that helped us, Nangong Xianyin expresses her endless gratefulness here. Nanging Xianyin cupped her hands towards Nie Li. Earlier, the experts of the Demon Gods Sect were about to achieve their objectives, but suddenly received the orders to retreat. It should have been because what Nie Li had said earlier, it was Nie Lis meritorious service.

Although Nie Lis words were a little unpleasant to hear, as a Sect Master and the fact that Nie Li saved the Heavenly Note Sect, she at least had enough broad-mindedness to express her gratitude.

What is Sect Master Nangong planning next? Nie Li looked at Nangong Xianyin as he continued, If the Demon Gods Sect returns, Im afraid that the Heavenly Note Sect

If the Demon Gods Sect sends someone over again, my Heavenly Note Sect will fight with our lives on the line, even if we perish together. Nangong Xianyin righteously said, I, Nangong Xianyin will exist together with the Sect!

Exist together with the Sect! The group of female disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect spoke out in succession as well.

Everyone of the Heavenly Note Sects courage is praisable. I have an idea that can resolve the desperate situation of the Heavenly Note Sect. I wonder if Sect Master Nangong Nie Li appeared to have a little difficulty as he spoke.

Sect Master Nie, pray tell. Nangong Xianyin paused as she asked. She had no idea what other crafty ideas Nie Li had, but at this sort of time when the Heavenly Note Sect was facing such grave danger, she could bear any sacrifice to protect the Heavenly Note Sect, even if Nie Li were to speak his demands.

Its simple actually, now that my Divine Feathers Sect is powerful with innumerable Martial Ancestor Realm experts, I will have someone send a message back to have the Divine Feathers Sect send a few experts to be stationed in the Heavenly Note Sect. This way, the safety of the Heavenly Note Sect can certainly be guaranteed, said Nie Li.

Only that? Nangong Xianyin was briefly stunned, since she initially thought that Nie Li was going to have excessive demands.

Only that. Nie Li nodded his head as he said with a slight smile.

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