Tales Of Herding Gods Chapter 1094

Chapter 1094 Accomplishments Come As Naturally As Unstable Situations

Crimson adjusted his posture, and the three-headed and six-armed primordial spirit behind him displayed its incredible power to lift his people. His corporeal body grew as he became more powerful, becoming a giant that walked towards where the sun rose.

The Crimson Light Era rose from those ruins!

That giant with long and messy hair would lead the humans of the ruins to write a new chapter in history!

The Dragon Han Revolution hadnt succeeded.

The Crimson Light Revolution had just sprouted.

The celestial river flowed, and time passed. There were few changes in time. All that existed were the movement of humans and the evolution of substances.

The warrior at the front fell, and the warrior at the back picked up the flag to continue on bravely.

The ghost ship sailed through history. It was sometimes bright and sometimes dark outside the ship. Every rise and setting of light meant a year.

Qin Mu utilized the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and felt relieved. He was like sunlight.

"Junior Brother seems to have put down a bunch of worries and become happier as a result," Wei Suifeng smiled and said.

Qin Mu smiled and replied, "Ive always been happy."

Wei Suifeng shook his head and said, "When you boarded the ship, I found out that your happiness was an act. You had worries inside and disappointment from not being understood. It was as if a large dark cloud was hovering over you. Now, you are truly happy."

He gently smiled and said, "Your big senior brother might not be good at much, but Im good at understanding people."

Qin Mu laughed before faintly saying, "In the past, I always felt that no one understood, comprehended, and inspired me, so I lamented that fact. Now, I feel that someone understood, comprehended, supported, and inspired me."

He shook his head and said, "Even if that person lives in the past or is dead, hes my Dao friend. Even if were separated by life and death. Its enough for one to have one intimate friend!"

Wei Suifeng clapped his hands, praised him, and said, "Where do you intend to go with your last two chances to return to the past?"

Qin Mu stood up and said, "Nowhere! I intend to let go of these two chances and return to Eternal Peace first. I cant keep living in the past, I should look forward to the future! Big Senior Brother, Ill come and find you after Ive thought about it."

Wei Suifeng gave a cold humph and muttered, "Im not your boatman to be called and sent away at will"

He reinvigorated himself and called the dragon qilin and Yaner, hurriedly saying, "Bring out the Glassy Sky Pagoda. Let me see it some more before you two leave!"

Yaner took it and placed it on the deck. Wei Suifeng went to examine it. He was full of praises. He suddenly cried as he gently caressed the treasure before chokingly saying, "Now that were leaving, when will we see each other again, good baby?" After he finished, he hugged and kissed the treasure.

The dragon qilin and Yaner looked at each other, both feeling a shudder down their spines.

Wei Suifeng was obsessed with the Glassy Sky Pagoda. He spoke to the treasure without saying anything about returning Qin Mu and the others to Eternal Peace.

Qin Mu couldnt help reminding him before Wei Suifeng recovered. He returned it to him after kissing the treasure a few more times. Not once did his gaze leave the treasure as he said, "Junior Brother, in the future, if we get free of the unchanging substance, can you lend me this to play with for a few days?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "This is North Deitys treasure. We merely borrowed it. We have to return it in the future."

"We have to return it?"

Wei Suifengs pupils expanded as his eyeballs turned. Qin Mu instantly knew that he was up to no good. He probably intends to con the treasure away from Prince You Ming.

The ghost ship rapidly traversed through history as the fog around it disappeared. Not long after that, it disappeared, and the ship reappeared on Eternal Peaces Surging River.

Qin Mu looked at the banks. It was surrounded by high divine mountains and verdant flora. It had been an unknown number of years since they left.

He disembarked with the dragon qilin, Yaner, and the heavenly dragons. They pulled the tattered treasure carriage with them. It was so tattered that the canopy was barely attached to the carriage,

The carriage was a treasure, but there was little way for it to hold up to such torture.

Originally, the carriage had been disassembled. Wei Suifeng and the Feathered Forest Guards on the ship pieced it back together. However, it still wasnt exactly perfect.

Some of the soldiers saw how the mist went away and flew onto the banks. Yet, when they left the ship, fog surrounded them. When the fog was gone, so were their bodies. They reappeared on the ghost ship.

Wei Suifeng didnt stop them. Instead, he waved and said, "Junior Brother, dont forget your promise to us! Try and save me as early as you can!"

Qin Mu and the others landed and waved back. He said, "I will!"

"Once one has left the Jade Capital for nearly ten years, one finds it hard to be carefree."

Wei Suifeng stood at the head of the ship, drinking and singing with a mighty voice. "Its natural to sniff plums and know what to say, like how its natural to lean towards drinking booze heartily. Nobody wants a hundred thousand men to use an iron inkstone, so why give three thousand guests the same bronze plate?"

The ghost ship sailed away, and the fog rose to engulf the ship.

The warriors on the ship heard it and sang along with Wei Suifeng. "Accomplishments come as naturally as unstable situations. If one doesnt meet one, dont sabotage your own cause!"

Qin Mu laughed and turned towards Eternal Peace. He shook his head and shouted, "Frivolous! However, has it been five years since we left Eternal Peace? If so, am I ten years old now?"

He shook his head in a displeased manner as he said, "When I transmigrated, I was five! The age where I began to lose my baby teeth!"

Yaner cheered as soon as she stepped on Eternal Peaces land. She took out South Deitys vermillion bird feather and said, "Please summon my mothers soul, Master!"

Qin Mu took it, then looked at the dragon qilin, who was carrying the Glassy Sky Pagoda. He said, "Its too eye-catching. Pi, give it to me. Ill store it for you two."

The dragon qilin gave him the Glassy Sky Pagoda, and Qin Mu put it in the Qin word land. He was satisfied.

Yaner whispered grudgingly to the dragon qilin, "How could you give it to him like that? When elders say that theyll store it for you, the likelihood is that theyll never return it!"

The dragon qilin stared and said, "Really?"

"Isnt that the case? During festivals when I was young, Celestial Venerable Yue gave me New Years money, and after that, she said that she would store it for me to use as a dowry. I never saw it again!"

"Adults are like that?"

"Isnt that so? After Ive rescued my mother and we get married, Ill ask for my New Years money from Celestial Venerable Yue to be used as a dowry. Hehe. She saved it for thousands of years. Its a huge sum! Ill see how she can produce it!"

"Thousands of years? Yaner, how old are you right now?"

"Shut up!"

"Since we are getting married"

"Shut up!"

Qin Mu came to a place of vast, beautiful scenery. He blew out a breath of vital qi to get the vermillion bird feather in the air. As he moved, he circled the feather and utilized Soul Guide, reciting peculiar yet leisurely Youdu language along with it.




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