Tea Of Summer Chapter 11

11 Chapter 11 Autumn Tale 2.2

"How long have you been doing voice acting?"

Song Qiyan picked up a small piece of cake from the table and asked while Xia Liang was twisting her brain to find a conversation subject.

Xia Liang thought about it, "Uhm, It was two years ago that I heard about this circle and I began to listen to audio dramas. It was about more than half a year ago that I formally started to voice act online. I had nothing to do after I finished the university applications during 12th grade, so I bought equipment and gave it a try. I passed the audition unexpectedly. Then I became involved..."

Song Qiyan ate the small cake in his hand and continued to ask, "Then how about commercial voice acting?"

Xia Liang shook her head. "Basically not at all. The one I did in summer was because I was a summer intern in the recording studio. Zhao Ge grabbed me as free labor accidentally. "

"Not bad."

Xia Liang slanted her head and looked at his face from the side, "Delicious? Then I will try it too later."

Song Qiyan glanced at her and repeated, "I meant, your recording in the recording studio was pretty good." He thought about it then added, "It was very good for a rookie. Though you need to improve the control of your breathing."

I was praised, I was praised, I was praised, I was praised...

Xia Liang blinked her eyes and tried to digest this fact. But she heard Song Qiyan added matter of factly, "As for the cake, it was pretty good too."

It's so adorkable...Xia Liang felt he had hit her soft spot right there.

Oh, describing Bei Yan Da Da as adorkable, Xia Liang probably would be drowned in objections from his fans.

Xia Liang was in a daze for a few seconds before she felt her plate suddenly become a little bit heavier. She saw that her plate now had an extra small piece of cup shaped cheesecake. It was bite-sized with a blueberry on top.

Song Qiyan had the same cake in his hand and had already eaten half of it. He noticed that she was looking at him and winked his eyes. His pair of beautiful slanted eyes attracted Xia Liang's attention instantly.

Usually his eyes were hidden underneath the cap. Xia Liang didn't expect that his eyes were so beautiful that they didn't seem to belong to a man...

Xia Liang heard Song Qiyan talking to her. "Very tasty. It was the speciality of a professor in the German Department." He stuffed the other half into his mouth and said in a muffled voice, "Better eat it fast before the others take it all away."

Being so obsessed with desserts...

Bei Yan Da Da was just too adorkable . (note: was a web symbol for crying)

Xia Liang was bewitched and picked up the cheesecake to take a bite. It was indeed very delicious. Her eyes sparkled and she returned to being a foodie. She ate the remaining cake quickly and smiled happily to Song Qiyan, "mhm, delicious!"

Lin Qian was walking over looking for Xia Liang because she was concerned that her good friend had not returned after such a long time. She was speechless when she saw that the two were so involved with their desserts. She paused, thought for a while, then decided to turn around and walk away.

She did not see anything _.
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