Tea Of Summer Chapter 15

15 Chapter 15 Autumn Tale 3.3

As a foodie, Xia Liang firmly believed that the greatest happiness in the world was eating good food.

But, as a foodie, she had been miserable the whole last year in the US. Even though Chinatown was not too far from school, she still had to eat most of her meals at the school cafeteria. Besides she and Lin Qian weren't the best cooks, therefore most of the time they just ate so they wouldn't go hungry.

What's more was that her taste buds had been spoiled from all the gourmet foods she had eaten with her mother every night in Shanghai during those three months she was home for the summer.

Then today, Xia Liang was with her favorite voice and ate the most authentic noodle soup and wontons she had ever eaten since she had come to the US. She was overflowing with happiness. Just as she thought nothing could be better than now, she arrived at an exquisite pastry shop with Song Qiyan.

Xia Liang widened her eyes as she stared at the elegant desserts inside the showcase and absent-mindedly turned to Song Qiyan.

"Are... Are we going in?"

Song Qiyan looked at her strangely. It obviously meant "What else."

So they walked into this pastry shop. Then------Xia Liang was like a mouse that had fallen into a sack full of rice.

Xia Liang stared at the various delicately made small cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and puddings..Her eyes sparkled.

Song Qiyan's eyes, hidden under his cap, watched her excitement and her unsuppressable curled lips. He relaxed his right hand which had been tightly gripping the edge of the pocket of his pants. Luckily she liked it...

Xia Liang straightened up her back and poked Song Qiyan's arm. "Well, Shixiong, any recommendations?"

Song Qiyan was distracted for half a second. Then he earnestly looked at the desserts inside the counter. "That Angel's Dream is good. It's a butter cake with chocolate for decorations. The strawberry looks very fresh; it shouldn't be too sweet. This brownie is also good. Caramel pudding is also very tasty. I ate that Spring in Paris over there before; the yellow peach matches very well with the cheese. Their doughnuts are famous, too, but I haven't tried it before..."

Listening to her favorite voice gently introduce various pastries right next to her ears, Xia Liang's attention, for a rare moment, drifted away from the desserts.

"What's wrong?" Song Qiyan looked at her.

By the time Xia Liang recovered, she found herself staring into a pair of pitch black pupils. "Oh, nothing, uh..." She glanced over at the counter and couldn't make up her mind. "What to eat?" A person with choice phobia like her was the perfect example of a Gemini.

"One Angel's Dream and a Spring in Paris." Song Qiyan already decided for her. He turned around to look at her. "Do you want something to drink?"

Xia Liang responded, "Uhm, black tea will be fine."

Song Qiyan nodded. "And two black teas, please."

Song Qiyan's English pronunciation was the very standard American style with a bit of an east coast accent.

"What?" he noticed Xia Liang's gaze.

Xia Liang shook her head. She slanted her head with a light smile. "I was just thinking that English in most Chinese TV drama shows are written by lousy screenwriters. Whenever there's a foreigner who speaks in English, the Chinese character either speaks very simple English or responds in Chinese. In some cases, they find someone to do an English voice over the Chinese character. I was just thinking that it would be a very simple job for Bei Yan Da Da to voice act for the English roles.

Song Qiyan just smiled. "Not too many opportunities to do that. Basically I don't take any modern TV drama shows. I only record for period dramas or games."

"Your interests?"

"You could say that."


Come to think of it, Xia Liang had listened to nearly all of Bei Yan's works and indeed none of them was a modern drama. He also kept a low-key profile, he didn't even do any interviews.

Then she thought about herself. She could not help coughing lightly. She could probably understand Song Qiyan's reasons.

Because she was thoroughly a fan of period dramas, too. She did not take any modern drama work unless it was requested by a good friend...
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