Tea Of Summer Chapter 2

2 Chapter 2 Summer Tea 1.2

After about an hour, Xia Liang looked at the time displayed on her cell. She filled up another pot of tea and brought it to them. Recording heavily depleted the vocal cords, especially on a hot summer day like today.

They seemed to have just finished recording one section and were playing back the recording. That young man sat on the desk in front of Zhao Ge. He was holding an empty transparent plastic cup in his hand.

He smiled. His voice sounded a little tired, but it was somewhat pleasant to listen to. "The tea is good. But it was a waste to use this type of cup."

Xia Liang stopped walking. She heard her heartbeat clearly. There was a tinge of weariness in his voice, but it couldn't conceal its original deep, magnetic timbre. Rather it actually added a feeling of laziness instead. Xia Liang thought she had listened to many good voices on the internet, but she was instantly struck by the quality of his voice. Xia Liang remained calm after she had seen that handsome face, but after she had heard his voice that truly made her remember this man.

Zhao Ge laughed and stared at him: "You brat, Ah Feng thinks highly enough of you to let you touch his precious tea. Don't be so picky."

He laughed but didn't say anything more.

Xia Liang moved her feet and quietly went to fill up their tea cups.

She heard Zhao Ge speak again: "So, do you want to continue?"

The man's voice sounded like it was coming from distance while Xian Liang was pouring the tea, "No, my throat is not in good shape today. Let's continue tomorrow."

Zhao Ge laughed, "It's up to you. This time you're voice acting for the leading character of this video game. It's quite a heavy role. You have to take good care of your throat, young man."

Xia Liang saw him nod with his lips curled up when she turned around.

Calm down. Calm down. Xia Liang warned herself. There were many good voices, many many...

Then she walked back to her own seat. She put her head down on the desk and wanted to cry --- --- there's hopelessly no cure for a voice nut.
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