Tea Of Summer Chapter 5

5 Chapter 5 Summer Tea 2.2

Not long after, San Qi quietly came over to her while she was still mulling over her clumsy reaction the moment she saw Bei Yan.

San Qi was about the same age as her. He had not gone to college and started working right after high school. He was close to Xia Liang in the recording studio. He came over and sat down across from Xia Liang. "Come. Come. Come. Tell Ge Ge[1], are you falling for the godly Bei Yan~"

Though they were the same age, San Qi was callous enough to refer to himself as "Ge Ge" just because he had one extra year of working experience.

Xia Liang stared at him then turned away.

San Qi giggled and then dropped the topic; he didn't prod her sore spot anymore. He naturally switched the subject. "Ah, Xiao Xia[2], didn't you say that you did some voice over several days ago? What did the director say about your recording?"

Only then did Xia Liang get over the embarrassment she had a while ago. She finally replied to San Qi's attempts to start a conversation. "Don't even mention it...I was dragged onto YY chat by the director so that he could lecture me. Then I practiced with the lead voice actor for two hours. I managed to pass those 3 sentences that needed to have more "deep feeling" finally. It took two hours, ah, two hours!"

When two young people got together, they always had endless topics to talk about. They chatted for about an hour. San Qi suddenly asked a question out of nowhere, "Ah, Xiao Xia, then when are you going to US?"

Xia Liang tilted her head and thought. "I booked the direct flight to Seattle on August 15th. I'm going back there one or two weeks earlier to get over the time difference."

"Oh?" San Qi counted using his fingers. "Then isn't it only a couple weeks left?"

Xia Liang nodded. "Uhm, only a little more than 3 weeks."

Xia Liang finished talking and noticed that San Qi's eyes were not looking at her. He was looking over her head and speaking enthusiastically. "Bei Yan, what's the matter? Finished recording?"

Xia Liang turned her stiff neck towards the direction of Bei Yan who was looking at them calmly. She smiled embarrassedly. "Uhm, how are you?"

Bei Yan looked at her, "How are you, en, the recording was finished." The latter was to answer San Qi's question. Then he raised the empty cup in his hand to Xia Liang. "Do you have more water? Just plain water will do."

Xian Liang went blank for a second, then quickly stood up. She took the cup from Bei Yan's hand. "Yes, I do!"

She rushed to pour in half a cup of hot water mixed with another half a cup of cold water. She handed it to Bei Yan.

All the while Xia Liang was quietly questioning herself ---warm water was better for the voice. He wouldn't dislike it?

"Thank you." Xia Liang heard that "ear pleasing" sound coming from above her plus the sound of him swallowing water. Her thoughts began to wander until the figure in front of her began to turn his back to leave. He threw the empty plastic cup accurately into the trash can against the wall. Ah, good shot.

Bei Yan paused when he put his hand on the door knob. "Goodbye."
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