Tea Of Summer Chapter 54

54 Chapter 54 Tea Of Summer 2.2

The car slowly moved forward on the green light. Xia Liang looked in shock at the side of Song Qiyan's face hidden in the shadow and then opened Qian Sui's Weibo.

Qian Sui didn't use Weibo very often, but he was more active compared to Bei Yan. Most of his posts were about the release of his song and occasionally he would share posts from good friends in the circle.

His last Weibo post was a chain of replies with Bei Yan.

@Qian Sui: Ha, finally it's public now. Hey, Bei Yan you're stealing my thunder a bit too much. @Zi Xia @Bei Yan Wish you happiness. //@Bei Yan: Once I was worried about whether I'm good enough for her. I was lucky. Eventually, after one year, I had the courage to approach her, walk into her life, and finally I earned the right to hold her hands. She is very nice, a very warm girl. Hope you wish us happiness and protect her together with me. //@An Zhi Ding Lang: Wish you happiness.

An Zhi Ding Lang had forwarded the Weibo post from Xia Liang's workshop about the new release. Song Qiyan had replied to her playful response and stirred up quite a storm among the fans.

Xia Liang was at a loss. She subconsciously opened the qq notification for new messages. There were numerous chat notifications. She glanced at them and they were all from friends in the circle asking her about their current situation.

The topmost one was from the producer of , Xiao Yu. There were more than 20 messages. She opened her messages. The first few were to inform her that their production had just been released. Then, probably after seeing Bei Yan's Weibo post, it went into a frenzy. The final message was an anime picture with tears, wishing them happiness.

She didn't reply to any of them. She checked the chat message box as well. It was from the founder and director of her workshop "Yo, the baby of our workshop got married? Be nice to my god. Otherwise, I will beat you to death. Ha."

She stopped reading and closed the messages.

A million thoughts ran through her head. She was so shocked that she didn't know where to begin. The biggest question was the fact that Song Qiyan had said "after one year" in his post. It hadn't been a full year yet since she met him even if she counted the time they met at New Sound Recording Studio. What did he mean by "after one year"...

Xia Liang turned her head, baffled, "Ah Yan..."

Song Qiyan saw from the corner of his eye that she was looking at Weibo and already knew that she had already saw the post he had replied to.

Song Qiyan steered the black car to a slow stop on the roadside.

Song Qiyan took his hands off the driving wheel and seemed to take a deep breath. He turned to look at her solemnly and sincerely. The minute his eyes met hers, Xia Liang could no longer move her eyes away.

"The first time I saw you, you just entered university. It was at the new students welcome party. Wei Jian dragged me to it. Originally, I just planned to sit at the corner until it was over. But halfway through, I saw you. You were late and didn't arrive until the party was halfway over. You were dressed in a black and white cocktail dress. It seemed that you weren't used to wearing high heels yet, and in the rush, you almost tipped over the water in the cup. But..."

At the time, she had stuck out the tip of her tongue innocently. Then she and Lin Qian talked with the other girls. The whole time, her smile was brighter than the light of the chandelier. It was so bright that it dazzled his eyes.

He could never forget it since then.

"Uhm, your smiles were very sweet. Later, I would meet you occasionally on campus. Sometimes, it was in the coffee shop. Sometimes it was in the library. I didn't know when it started, but whenever I ran into you, I was always very content. You didn't go to the library regularly and I always had lab experiments. When I didn't have labs, I would go to the library to sit in the seat near where you usually sat. Or I would go to the coffee shop to order a cup of your favorite black tea. But I still seldom saw you."

"When I went back China during the summer break, I accepted some voice acting jobs. I ran into you when I went to New Sound to record for a game. At that time..." He recalled the scene from memory and couldn't help but raise the corners of his lip. He confessed frankly, "I was very nervous. My palms were sweaty. I didn't know how to chat with you and wasn't sure whether I might scare you. I managed to drag one week of recording into three. But I didn't expect that you worked only during the daytime, so I didn't get to meet you in the evening. Until the last day, I used the clumsy excuse of asking for more water in order to talk to you."

Xia Liang, stupefied, listened to his story that she'd never known before. She unconsciously stretched out her hand.

Song Qiyan held her hand. He held onto a little, soft hand. He continued his story.
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