Tea Of Summer Chapter 7

7 Chapter 7 Autumn Tale 1.1

"Xiao Zixia, how about this voice?" After the person spoke an audition recording was played, a male voice started to play in the YY chat room immediately.

--- --- "In next life, we will still meet underneath this peach tree and you will still dance 'Zui Tao Hua' for me. Is it a deal?"

Xia Liang managed to fit in well a week after her class started. She and her roommate, who was a girl from Shanghai too, shared a small rental apartment. She went to classes during the day and went back home to study in the evening. Occasionally she voiced internet characters or listened to audio dramas. She had quite a productive life..

Xia Liang pinched the center of her eyebrows, "Just so so. The emotion was too strong and my goosebumps almost popped up. It does not match the personality of the lead male role."

Zixia was Xia Liang's ID online. She was on YY with the director of an audio drama to pick out the voice for the lead male role.

Finally the director, Mo Qin, could not help exploding, "Xiao Zixia, you better explain to me clearly. What's wrong with you lately, ah? I let you listen to the audition voices and no one is seems to be qualified to you? What exactly are you looking for?!"

Xia Liang silently turned down the volume of her earphones. She tightly pressed her lips together.

It was not her fault at all.

She muttered, "You wouldn't be attracted by a pond of water if you had seen the immense ocean before..."

Originally she was but a random fan of Bei Yan. But she had heard Bei Yan's actual voice live on site in the summer. She had collected all of Bei Yan's works and recently listened to all of them. As a result--- ---no other male voice could touch her as Bei Yan's did. She had thoroughly become Bei Yan's diehard fan.

His feelings were not too much and not too little. Too much would be over exaggerating and too little would be devoid of emotions.

His voice was not too high and not too low. It was exactly the lofty voice of a noble young man.

Xia Liang sighed. She spoke before Mo Qin exploded again, "Then this one is okay. Let's rehearse later..."

Actually picking out the voice actors was the director's responsibility, but this director was her good friend online so he had asked her, the leading voice actress, to listen to audition voices and provide her own comments. She ended up rejecting all the applicants. No wonder he exploded.

She heard the sound of someone knocking on the door. Xia Liang didn't react to it until she noticed that the knocking was not coming from the earphones. Somebody was knocking on her door.

"Just a minute. " She told Mo Qin, took off her earphones, and went to open the door.

It was her roommate standing outside. She sized up Xia Liang's casual wear, then said, "We have a party for Chinese students at 5 o'clock. Have you forgotten it?"

Xian Liang looked at her desk calendar and touched her forehead instantly, "My bad...Give me 5 minutes to change."

Xia Liang closed the door and explained to Mo Qin apologetically before she got offline. Then she randomly picked out a simple light blue dress and quickly put it on. She pulled out a pair of white high heel sandals, slipped them on, grabbed her purse, and rushed out of her room.

In the living room, the Beijing girl, Lin Qian, sat on the sofa playing with her cell. She already had exquisite makeup and an elegant hairdo. She looked up at Xia Liang, "Summer, my dear, don't tell me you're going out like this."

Xia Liang pulled at her skirt, "Oh, it's no good..?"

Lin Qian put down her cell and looked up at the clock on the wall, "4:20. It takes about 20 minutes to go to school. 20 minutes should be enough."

She dragged Xia Liang into the bathroom without any hesitation. She took the cosmetics bag from Xia Liang's shelf-----She helped Xia Liang buy it last yearand put it in front of Xia Liang, "Quick, get started."

Xia Liang pressed her lips into a thin line. She first put on her contact lens and began to put on the base makeup.

Fortunately she had learned some techniques for putting on makeup from Lin Qian last year. Her technique was not too bad for putting on basic makeup. Meanwhile, Lin Qian took out the hair straightener from the drawer and helped Xia Liang style her hair.

Fifteen minutes later, Xia Liang looked in the mirror and saw that she had turned into--- ---in Lin Qian's words--- ---a normal college student with clear, light makeup and bob styled hair spreading over her shoulder.

"OK, done. " Lin Qian clapped her hands and dragged Xia Liang out of the door.

Xia Liang puffed up her cheeks and muttered, "Cici, my queen."
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