Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306 The Prophet

Chapter 1306: The Prophet
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Crazy quarrels and a battle of words ensued, obviously in a fierce power struggle.

Thats right, the thirteen elders might be hidden in the darkness, but they held huge resources and power beyond the law of the Milky Way Alliance. Anyone in power would be numb after a while. That was why they wanted the Power of the Oracle so that they could do whatever they wanted and live forever, becoming God-like existences!

With the current technology, humans could only extend their lives to about a century. However, it was useless to them because it wouldnt help their fragile bodies, it wasnt what they wanted.

This wasnt a legend. They knew everything was real as the Elders of the Saint Sect.

The previous generations of Elders were not as fortunate, They died before they saw the arrival of the Oracle. The positions of the Elders were inherited, that was why they witnessed the deaths of the previous generations of Elders and had also inherited their angst.

But now, the Oracle had appeared. Everyone seemed to be calm, but their hearts were going crazy with joy. They could abandon everything for this power!

The problem was that no one knew what the Oracle was. Neither did they know what form it would present itself in. It was only recorded in the sacred books that the Oracle would appear on the successors, giving rise to the candidates of the Son of Saint. They had each chosen their Son of Saint. The right Son of Saint would grant the sponsoring Elder the first right of decision. That was a rule to prevent internal disputes between the Elders.

Nothing was more important than the Oracle.

The arguments got more heated along with the discussions.

Each Elder was secretly supporting one or many Son of Saint candidates. They used different methods. Some of them were their direct descendants, some of them binded them emotionally, some of them were even fully controlled.

The Elders themselves were aware that the Saint was too huge, which was why there were thirteen of them to balance the power.

Of course, struggle within a reasonable range would always be an effective way of maintaining vitality.

The Great Elder had been silent. The Oracle had appeared with an A-rank Ability X. He also possessed a prophetic Ability X. The Saint had put much effort in to train this person and succeeded. However, even he had died. Of course, that didnt mean his life was wasted. It was only a pity that he had only managed to get so far without more information.

The rest of the Elders quietened down seeing the Great Elder keeping his silence. They were all powerful in their own right, but no one dared to openly defy the Great Elder in the Saint. Hed inherited the most mysterious and strongest power.

The Great Elder hadnt sponsored any candidates till date. That was strange. Of course, it could be because the first choice would be the Great Elder, no matter which candidate had the Oracle.

Dong, dong, dong

The Great Elder hit the table with his staff. Are you done with your triflings?

Great Elder, the Oracle has appeared, we cannot just sit here and wait. What if

Actually, the Prophet didnt finish his sentence, the Great Elder said solemnly.

Chatter started amongst the other twelve in the instant. Concern usually confused people no matter what position they were in.

Great Elder, do you mean there is more information? the third Elder said seriously. He actually wanted to ask why the Great Elder hadnt divulge that earlier. Was he intentionally hiding it from everyone? Of course, he didnt dare to say that out loud.

The Great Elder peered at the surrounding elders with a small smile. The Prophet died begrudgingly. That was why he only predicted so much. The dead cant be resurrected, but I believe that the last thoughts of a person before he died dont disappear immediately. We can find them out with the current technology, but it will take a bit of time. Lets see them together.

Everyones spirits were uplifted.

They opened their Skylinks and saw images of the experiment base from the Saint. The Saint viewed control of technology and talents to be of importance. They didnt have to care about interference from the Milky Way Alliance regarding the methods they had chosen, which added to its effectiveness. That was why the Saint was a better place to many researchers than the Milky Way Alliance.

The final prophecy was on display on the screen of the laboratory: the Oracle had descended. That was the incredible power of human cultivation. The power had always been shrouded with a mysterious fog and would only appear when there was ample opportunity. The winner would be glorious.

The hearts of the Elders thumped away. That was the power of an A-rank Prophet. What a pity. He could have been able to clear the mysterious fog away if he were at the Heaven rank. It was too late though, the prophecy had a certain value.

Great Elder, you are our leader. I believe you have a way already. Same as always, you give us the rundown and we vote, the Ninth Elder said.

There is a natural cycle to life. If the Oracle Star is here, that means the Saint can be exposed or hidden. It doesnt matter anymore. Our ancestors and us have been waiting for this day here. Thats why we can do everything to find the Oracle.

The Great Elders voice was calm but filled with rigor. They might not know his age, but he was definitely more than a hundred years old. However, none of the twelve there were able to feel any breath of life from him. That was the scariest part. The one who would obtain the most benefits when the ancient forces recovered would definitely be the Great Elder. That was because it was impossible for the rest of their powers to compare with his power.

At this very moment, however, the Oracle conquered everyone. Their eyes were filled with craze and excitement. Nothing else in the world could excite them any longer. The oracle was their life goal.

Thirteen, youll be in charge of this, the Great Elder suddenly said.

The Thirteenth Elder stood up and nodded slightly. He had not said much throughout. Most of the candidates for the Son of Saint have arrived.

Thirteen, what do you mean? Why didnt you convey such an important message sooner? Some of them have special identities the third Elder said angrily.

Third, be calm. The Great Elder said that the Oracle has appeared. Why do you care about their identities now? the Second Elder said.

Great Elder, you must have some sort of plan in mind. Please let us in on it.



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