Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307 Holy War

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The Great Elder nodded. The Third is right. We should be finding the Oracle on the Oracle Star now. This person might be amongst the candidates for the Son of Saint, or he might not be at all. We have to do something about it.

The visuals were replaced with the background of young, capable people from all over. The images refreshed at every interval.

The successor of the Oracle will have two key attributes: young and talented. Moreover, since our A-rank Prophet could feel the appearance of the Oracle, that means hes pretty strong. Therefore, we should get all of them to the Oracle Star, the Great Elder said.

At this moment, the other Elders realized that the most insane one was the Great Elder himself. He didnt appear to be making any movement, but they could already feel a suffocating pressure on themselves. It was normal for the Great Elder to have Heaven-rank strength, but what exactly was his power? No one knew.

These are The royalty and nobles of the Arbiter Republic. Isnt this too exaggerated?

I dont think we can let any of them go, since we are going to do it. How many years have passed? What is royalty? They are just a group of vulgar locusts. Where would humans be without our Saint Sect? We have been scouring like rats in sewers for the past few centuries. Its time we get our rightful place and power back.

Thats right, I support that as well. We cannot falter at this point. Aslan did something good by holding the SIG. We should put the top sixteen into our considerations!

But the Princess of Aslan is not necessary. Im not afraid of Aslan, but it would be outright war with the Milky Way Alliance if we were to do that. We wouldnt have time if their fleet were to come at us.

Eighth, you seem to be too careless. The Prophet said a vague word with his dying breath which can mean princess in the Aslan language. In todays world, the only people who can be called princesses are the two princesses from Aslan and the other from Atlantis. We have no way with Atlantis at the moment, but we have to get at least one of the two princesses from Aslan here. I dont think we need to worry too much at this juncture. Our fleets are also not to be trifled with.

Lets start the vote then, the Great Elder said calmly.

Every one of the twelve raised their hands. This meant that the Saint was going all out with the power they had hidden away for centuries to bring them all to the Oracle Star.

Very well. Bring everyone, no matter if they were dead or alive. The successor of the Oracle wont die so easily, but we cannot let go of any chance! the Great Elder bellowed. Our time is coming, remember, we are starting the holy war!

Lear was resting quietly in the narrow room. He needed to think!

His original plan was foiled. He thought that he would be able to make a comeback once he reached the Oracle Star. It didnt go the way he wished. He didnt receive the respect he expected and seemed to be dispensable

There were so many candidates for the Son of Saint. His outstanding performance in SIG was not even worth a mention here. He was just like a frog sitting in his own well.

But Lear was Lear. The Saint seemed to be searching for something with these huge and seemingly insane moves. What were they trying to do?

The Saint had to be searching for something!

Lear caught the key objective. The Saint seemed to have abnormal judgment and perseverance. It was all revolving around this point.

He had made a wrong judgment because he had used the normal way of thinking to distill the objectives of the Saint.

Luo Fei, on the other hand, was nearly bored to death. Lear could sit there unmoving, but not him. Luo Fei had a strong wanderlust, especially in places he wasnt familiar with.

Boss, may I head out?

Luo Fei finally asked. He could no longer take it.

Dont create any trouble. Lear peered at him.


Luo Fei disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

The place was not bad. The murals and statues were all aged naturally and not old fakes.

Luo Feis outing wasnt all fun. He observed his surroundings and carved them into his memory. Lear had let him out because he knew that he would do that.

Many people were doing the same. Most of them just nodded and headed away coldly.

Luo Fei planned to do the same, until he heard someone mention Earth!

Earth can also send out a Son of Saint?

Are their heads alright? Earth, that desolate place?

You cant say that, Earth did well recently.

Hehe, you mean the SIG? How can you take a bunch of half-wits playing around by themselves seriously!

They roared with laughter. Obviously, they were all jeering.

The battles of those with Ability X were not bad. However, only two people in the entire SIG comprehended the inner universe. How can such a low-level battle be called the Greatest King? We wouldve definitely sent them flying if we were there, haha.

Low profile, please. We are people with standards, why are you self-praising!

You cant say that either. Ability X has certain power even under the layers of protection of the mech.

The convenience of the mech plus the advantage in numbers.

The inner universe is still superior when you talk about personal strength. Only your own power is the most reliable!

Luo Fei subconsciously sneaked in when he heard the word Earth. He instinctively wanted only to get more information. He knew Lear was troubled and his identity was somewhat more sensitive, but he didnt care. These people were very cooperative to give so much information.

What kind of cult was the Saint? Why were there so many Sons of Saint? So confusing.

Inner universe. Luo Fei knew a bit about it. He knew from Lin Feng and Wang Zhengs performance that it was different from the mainstream Ability X. Luo Fei agreed that ones own strength was the most reliable.

However, these people were too arrogant. They made it seem as though the inner universe was something normal.

Whos listening in!?

A shout suddenly came towards the direction of Luo Fei.

He was discovered! Luo Fei ran. His breathing was a pace too fast just now.

However, Luo Fei suddenly felt his body trembling. The strength of his body seemed to have been sucked away by ghosts. His body seemed to give way.

A completely foreign force had entered his body.

It was the shout from just now.

It pierced into his body through the sound waves.

What Ability X was this?

Luo Feis eyes flashed. He wasnt looking for trouble! This would become the humiliation of Lear at such an awkward timing!

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