Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 636


Ability X Control class. The lecturer had spoke of many issues with fine control, especially against different types which required different methods.

Not all types were suitable for fine control. Some types only shone in explosive power, if they were wielded well. A variety of methods and choices. But what was written in the books were one-dimensional. One had to find one’s best way after careful thought and repeated practice.

But no matter what kind of practice, practice was practice. Till now, Wang Zheng’s results were average. In fact, it was Zhang Shan that saw much improvement. And Wang Zheng was a little distracted today.

After the day’s classes had ended, Oli followed behind Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan.

“Eh? Oli, aren’t you going home?”

“I’m going to train with Wang Zheng. How am I going to train if I go home?” Oli asked, puzzled.

Zhang Shan was surprised, and Wang Zheng as well. This, he had agreed without much thought. He thought they would just face off once. But it seemed like Oli’s plan was to train with Wang Zheng much like Zhang Shan did.

Zhang Shan dry coughed a few times. “Oli, ahem ahem. Aren’t you afraid that Olivios will get jealous if he hears about this?”

Oli thought about this for a while. “Why?”

Utterly confused, Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan looked at each other with nothing more to say. Perhaps the local customs were different there.

There were many people at the training grounds. Everyone’s enthusiasm had surged unprecedentedly, and the grounds were shared by many places. The Huang grade participation standards had already been announced. One needed to pass the Academy’s mecha test. Just Level 7 and above would suffice, where Level 1 was the highest. However, recently it was simply useless to go and participate. It was full of people queueing to take the test.

“Damn, must there be so many people? Granny’s legs, what are we gonna do?” Zhang Shan could not stand training in a crowded situation, let alone fighting beside them.

Wang Zheng thought about this for a while. “Follow me.”

Zhang Shan and Oli followed Wang Zheng, heading inwards to the training grounds. Wang Zheng had a try-and-see attitude as well. Perhaps it could be of use.

Indeed it was of use. With his Skylink status, he accessed smoothly. The training ground inside was of a higher rank, only this was clearly not for Huang rank students to use.

A few other Xuan rank students were training as well, although the conditions here were definitely better than down below. There were more individual rooms as well, and Wang Zheng brought the other two and chose a room.

“D*mn. Wang Zheng. How is your status level so high?” Zhang Shan asked curiously.

“You’ll only feel inferior if you compare yourself to me.” Wang Zheng was lazy to entertain Zhang Shan any further. Knowing him, it was possible he wouldn’t let him live it down. Though he had to admit that entering Genesis Coffee was not an easy nut to crack.

Thinking of that, Wang Zheng suddenly thought of Xiao Fei. Recently he had been frantically scraping cash together, only realizing the shortfall when the need arose.

It was not that there was no other way to raise capital. But with KING’s current position, one would have to offer significant collateral in order to attract further investment. He was the major stakeholder, and could not depend on anyone else to solve the problem. The fact was that with the current situation, he could not raise much money at short notice. It was meaningless and causing him a headache. Sometimes Wang Zheng wondered how much he could money he could fetch if he could only extract the Rubik’s cube and sell it.

Zhang Shan and Oli had already begun training. The place was spacious and well equipped, although Zhang Shan still disapproved of preferential treatment. These Xuan rank students were living too good a life.

Oli went to the changing room beside to change into her training uniform. She took off her spectacles, and immediately changed into a different beast.

Zhang Shan was speechless as well. This girl seemed to have switched personalities. He could not figure her out.

Oli started to warm up, executing a series of somersaults accompanied by little grunts. But Zhang Shan did not find this comical. Each punch and move was solid. If hit, one would be seriously injured, if not dead. Especially since her flurried combination was a high-frequency attack. Terrifying.

Such an ability was savage, and Zhang Shan was excited, watching. He gave a loud cry. “Student Oli, let this brother first test your improvement.”

As he said so Zhang Shan rushed in. He had also been training his Mad Grass technique. Although it sounded vague, but Zhang Shan felt that the name was cool, and he had decided to ensure it became famous.

The little loli’s eyes flashed, and suddenly towards the Zhang Shan bearing down on her, she flashed out a punch without warning!

Zhang Shan did not dare to receive it head on. He was no fool. With a quick change of footwork, he gave way. But Oli would not let him off so easily. She pressed forward, to Zhang Shan’s dismay. From the side, he had not thought much of it, but when he was up close facing her he knew that it would not be a good feeling.

With no other option, Zhang Shan used his Warp, escaping out of Oli’s attack radius. Oli was stunned. “Warp!”

“Hee hee. I told you. This brother is strong!”

Oli furrowed her brow, and with an explosion from the ground, appeared right beside Zhang Shan, her fist lashing out. Zhang Shan’s face changed. Damn, this girl was going at it for real.

If this punch hit him, it was hospital time for sure. In that instant, the Mad Grass technique kicked in. With a strange contortion of his body, he evaded it brilliantly.

Wang Zheng heaved a sigh of relief as well. Given the way things were unfolding, Zhang Shan was unlikely to lose quickly.

Both had completely different styles. Zhang Shan had followed a flashy erratic path when it came to his combat techniques while Oli went by a stolid, dependable path. It was unclear who would subdue the other. It depended on how good they were. Clearly, Oli was much stronger than Zhang Shan, who had only realized his power not long ago.


After evading for the longest time, Zhang Shan had still been sent flying, the punch sending him back 7 or 8 meters.

“Student Zhang Shan, don’t give yourself grand names.” Oli said seriously.

Zhang Shan clutched his stomach and clenched his teeth. “D*mn, preferential treatment much? Wang Zheng can shoot his mouth off, but I can’t even hype myself a little?”

“He can beat me. Saying whatever they wish is the victor’s privilege.” Oli said. Arbiter’s were in the end a serious people. Almost as if they had been born without a gene for humour.

Zhang Shan felt miserable. He could not beat Oli, but he was not discouraged. Back then, there were countless people stronger than him as well, but now he had left them in the dust.

Oli, having taken off her spectacles, was very serious. Wang Zheng beckoned, and she approached seriously, lifting her chin towards Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng laughed. “Don’t be so grim. Girls should smile a little.”

Oli was surprised. “Why?”

Now it was Wang Zheng’s turn to be surprised. “Does this need a reason?”

“On Arbiter, we’re conscripted regardless of gender. In war, we do not distinguish between men or women, old or young. There are only fighters. Strength is everything.” Oli said.

Wang Zheng rolled his eyes. He had thought his own childhood had been rather harsh, but now it seemed like others had it worse as well. Being born on Arbiter seemed to be no fun at all.

“What I meant was that one has to be mentally strong, but to keep the mood relaxed. This is the way to win. Being permanently tense is not good for mental or physical health. Especially for girls.” Wang Zheng said.

Oli nodded doubtfully.

“The Heavenly Overlord School of fighting seems more suited for guys. Girls seem less able to bring out the potential of such a fighting style given their constitution.” Wang Zheng said.

Oli nodded. “True. But it’s all I know.”

Wang Zheng nodded. She was direct, if nothing. But for a girl to fight so directly did not bring forth her talents. If the opponent was weaker, she would get by. But against an equally matched opponent, the drawbacks of such a style would be clear.

“There’s no need for major changes. It would be impossible anyway.” Wang Zheng said. Oli had trained for many years, and a complete overhaul would be destroying all that hard work. “We need to make some revisions to the fighting approach. Actually it’s not bad. Heavenly Overlord style has given you a very good foundation. Only, you cannot use direct hits when fighting. That only works for guys who specialize in strength, and you’re not.”

“But my ability X can supplement this flaw.” Oli clenched her fist. “I don’t believe I’m weaker than guys.”

Oli’s ability X could add speed to her attacks, instantly unleashing many attacks. It looked like she had been through arduous training. Such an ability X took a heavy toll on the body. Although she looked petite, but he had no idea what kind of punishing training she had been through.

Arbiter was really a bunch of crazy people.

“Alright, then let’s try a direct punch. Use your full strength.” Wang Zheng smiled.

Oli shook her head. “Without a mech’s protection, you’ll be hurt.”

Zhang Shan was extremely indignant. “What? But you hit me with so much strength! If you can beat this guy up though, I’ll call you Elder Sister from now on.”

“No thanks!” Oli turned down Zhang Shan decisively, shattering his fragile heart.

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. Besides, if you don’t do this, then we have no way forward. Do you want to get stronger or not?” Wang Zheng smiled reassuringly.

Oli bit her lip. “Then, if you’re hurt, you can’t blame me.”

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