Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 637


Only now did Oli reveal a little-girl side.

“Get on with it, don’t be wishy washy!”


Oli adopted an attacking pose, her eyes blazing. Damn, this girl was clearly excited despite what she just said.

Her ability X bursting forth, Oli punched out with a strong murderous intent. An aggressive Loli!

Wang Zheng did not dare to be overconfident. He met it with a punch, his Primordial Regression Technique already exerting its full force.


Wang Zheng’s shoulder wavered, but Oli was thrown back 7 or 8 steps with a look of disbelief. “ that’s impossible.”

Wang Zheng’s hand felt a little numb, and he chuckled. “What’s impossible? In the future, you will meet many with such strength.”

Deep down, he sighed. Arbiter was nothing to be trifled with, to have trained a girl to be this formidable. There were not many who could receive a punch from Oli, but nevertheless the fighting style was not suited to her.

“Again!” Wang Zheng urged. “You must have held back just now. Now you can bring forth your full strength.”

Oli breathed deeply, adjusting her breath and body. At the same time, she activated her ability X to allow her energy to reach peak condition.

Wang Zheng was engaged too. This definitely was the work of a pro, to unify spirit, breath, and energy. Only one who had been through considerable training could reach this stage. To immerse so readily at such a young age, she could definitely be Zhang Shan’s teacher.

The strong were strong for a reason. That Arbiter could traverse unchecked through the Milky Way Alliance was not by chance.


Following the berserk Loli’s hearty cry, Oli punched out with her full strength. At one side, Zhang Shan inadvertently backed away. F*ck, this was a monster. Before, he had not been sensitive to breathing, but ever since he achieved enlightenment, he felt the difference. The area one meter around Oli had exerted an invisible aura.

This punch carried the pressure to rend the heavens and earth. More crucially, the fist moved so quickly that it disappeared like a beam of light.

Oli had full confidence in her own move, even more than piloting mecha.


The power completely dissipated. Oli and Zhang Shan were both stunned.

Oli’s little fist was firmly gripped by Wang Zheng’s, and all the power had been absorbed.

“How could it be” Oli stuttered.

Nobody could do this, not even her own family clan’s mentor.

Her power had vanished like a buffalo in the sea, without a trace left.

Wang Zheng frowned slightly, dissipating the aura. Palm on fist going head on would have been taking the brunt. He directly used his palm suppression technique to prevent her ability X from activating and stacking the effects of multiple strikes into one. Of course, the disclaimer was that one must have the ability to dissolve this attack.

Oli was deflated. Her huge eyes were watery, and Wang Zheng hurriedly consoled her with a few head pats. “Keke, now you believe me? You are very strong, but your methods are wrong. If you change, you will be much stronger than you are now.”

“Really? You’re not lying to me?” Oli raised her head. Her eyes, only just clouded over, were now even more beguiling. Where was the heroic manner from just now?

Wang Zheng gently patted her cheek, “Little girl, as if you could be deceived. The Heavenly Overlord style can lay down solid foundations. If you can increase your array of moves, especially those that suit your ability X and body changes, your power will increase multifold.”

“Mm!” Oli nodded furiously.

Zhang Shan tapped his own head. Poor little Loli, unknowingly walking into the big bad wolf grandma’s trap. Wang Zheng was definitely acting innocent. A true professional and expert!

Wang Zheng gave a few pointers to Oli’s attack approach to not always think of subduing the opponent, or even deciding the match with one attack. Such lines of thinking were innately dangerous. Of course, these were no problem when facing someone weaker, but against the slightest resistance, such an approach was very dangerous. Oli’s ability X and stature were in fact very suited to sudden attacks. Simply put, her willingness to attack made her suited to be an assassin.

Avoiding duels to the death, and killing with one hit, as well as utilizing the environment, or the momentum of the fight to create such opportunities. But clashing head on would not bring about such chances.

Wang Zheng gave Oli a broad outline of what to do, including how to conceal her true strength and feign weakness.

This would perhaps never occur on Arbiter, who liked to go hard or go home. In the bigger scheme of things, it indeed could built Arbiters’ iron confidence and courage to press forward. But on an individual level, one needed clear understanding and analysis. Iron dented easily, but could be nicked by softness.

“Softness can nick iron?” Oli’s huge eyes were full of question marks.

“Don’t fret. Rome was not built in a day. Think through it and practice slowly.”

Wang Zheng smiled. This girl was such an impatient one.

At this time, Wang Zheng’s Skylink received a message. A special notification from Tita Star.

Seeing that it was Rara Durai’s message, Wang Zheng’s spirits lifted. The matter had been on his mind recently.

Rara Durai’s true Titan form, according to Wang Zheng’s current understanding, could be counted as a type of ability X, just that the Tita giants held way more power than humans. Therefore, they could possess such preposterous strength.

It was also not sure whether such a transformation was from an alien civilization or somewhere else. Regardless, it was mysterious. All one could say was that the universe was enigmatic, and that humans were not its only marvel.

Accepting the call, the projected Rara Durai seemed especially happy. Why did it seem like the bugger had grown taller again.

Before he had been a shade smaller than Shan Meng, but he was now larger by a bit.

Rara Durai would pay respects to Wang Zheng every once in a while, telling him of interesting matters on Tita Star. Wang Zheng could feel an emotion emanating from Rara Durai loneliness.

Before, he had just been a normal giant, albeit stronger by a little than the best in his clan but there were still many who were stronger than him. But now he was the Titan, the one and only, and the leader of the Tita people. Honestly, Shan Meng was perhaps more suited to the position, but because Rara Durai was smarter, he understood that he should take up the responsibility. Yet in his heart he longed for freedom and the outside world.

“Rara, recently I gained new understanding in regard to your Titan abilities, what a good time you called.”

“Ada, do you mean I can become even stronger?”

“Haha, did you think you were invincible already?” Wang Zheng teased.

Rara Durai shook his head bashedly.

“The Titan ability is similar to humans’ ability X, just that your strength is connected with your innate ability. Next time you use your abilities, focus more on that method where you borrow natural energy. Pay attention to how the energy comes and how you release it. Then gradually change that to conscious control. This will invoke great change.” Wang Zheng instructed to Rara Durai’s fervent nods. “When you thoroughly understand it in the future, it’s possible that you can teach it to your kind. Remember, the only impossible thing is what you can’t think of.”

“Yes, Ada, I will remember.”

“I know what you’re thinking. Don’t rush it. When Tita Star finishes construction, and everything is set on the right track, you, Shan Meng, and the rest will be free to travel. But at the current phase, Tita Star’s construction and stability are of paramount importance.”

“Elder Mu Sen said so too.”

The noble Titan seemed like a small child at that moment. Wang Zheng shook his head. He enquired about the rest. He had heard that Lan Ling had developed a queenly aura about her, although the Lan family was worried about her marriage.

Switching off the Skylink, Wang Zheng felt a little overwhelmed by his emotions. He missed his companions on Tita Star.

If he was really out of options, he might have to ask for research funds from Tita Star, but if there was the slight possibility of not doing that, he would rather not have to. Tita Star was swamped with things to do. Although the Milky Way Alliance’s strongest countries had invested into them, they were hungry tigers and wolves anticipating their share. Their money would not come easily, and it would definitely trouble Lan Ling and Mu Sen. This was not a good stage to disturb them.

Look for Ai Xiaoyu?

Possible. Such financial groups were definitely not short of money, but what they lacked was avenues to park them in.

The problem was that KING, on this proposal, was choosing to maintain silence, whether by choice or not.

Haiz, perhaps he would have to call in favors from Snow Li. Perhaps he would have to give up his sex appeal.

Suddenly, Wang Zheng did not feel like returning to the training room. He wandered about, seeking to rein in his emotions. Perhaps he should invite Snow Li and the rest for a meal as a gesture?

Perhaps this would help to cultivate a relationship.

Suddenly, Wang Zheng spied an examination room. Wasn’t that a qualification exam?

Nobody. Hmm. Why not just do the test, since it was rare that there was nobody. He was prepared to test the day before, but after checking the waiting list, he had given up.

All he needed was to reach Rank 7 and above.

“Please scan your student number.” An automated electronic female voice stated as he entered.

After he finished scanning his number, the examination room voice spoke again. “Please provide higher authorization.”

Wang Zheng was exasperated. Damn, they really needed special authorization everywhere. He swiped his Skylink, and it passed.

A simulated war environment, nothing new to Wang Zheng. It was simply the difficulty which he had no idea about.

It was said that, for the Huang class standard, one had to get Rank 1, if not there was no chance of doing well in the main competition.

Wang Zheng naturally was aiming for Rank 1. As long as the examination did not test any one’s control of ability X, he would be fine. Those were a killer.

“Student Wang Zheng. Now entering the examination stage. We will determine your level according to the mission completion.”

The system voice was still compelling. However, there was not much of a choice for the mecha. In front of him only one was familiar to Wang Zheng. It was a mecha he had not touched in a long while.

Wargod No. 1.

He had always thought that, outside of Earth, such mecha had been long abandoned. To see it had a place in the nucleus of the Milky Way warmed his heart.

Gently caressing the mecha’s hull, it felt so familiar to him. He opened the cockpit, and Wang Zheng leaped in.

Once he entered, Wang Zheng discovered some differences. Although it looked on the exterior like a Wargod No. 1, but the inside had been drastically revamped. This Wargod No. 1’s G material quality was definitely quite high, not a normal type. Such fighter type mecha were suited for tests, because they could utilize a wide variety of fighting styles.

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