The 99th Divorce Chapter 512

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“Yes,” the driver responded, then made a turn suddenly. The pedestrians on the side of the road were scared and scattered. The traffic police whistled madly.

Li Jinnan was about to keep up. But the traffic police suddenly rushed up and waved at him. He whistled with clear warning on his face. Turning the steering wheel, Li Jinnan stepped on the brake. The car ahead of them had already gone far. Tang Zhenghao turned around and waved at him, laughing with a triumphant look.

“F**k!” Li Jinnan hit the steering wheel, in furious.

Disregarding the traffic police hitting his window, Li Jinnan picked up the phone and called Li Sicheng. “Brother, Su Qianci was kidnapped. Come back soon!” After telling his brother the location and demand, Li Jinnan was asked by the traffic police to get out of the car.

Li Sicheng ran out of the building, disregarding Ou Ming’s shouting. After chasing De out of the car, he drove the car at the maximum speed and went straight to the abandoned warehouse in the east suburbs. When he arrived, it was already half dark. At the door of the warehouse, there was a man standing, smoking a cigarette. Seeing Li Sicheng driving over, he whistled. “It really is Li Sicheng. Even his car looks different.”

“Where is she?!”

“What’s the hurry? She is right inside. Don’t worry, your wife and babies are still good. Come, good boy, and come in with me.” The man waved at Li Sicheng, whistling and teasing. He looked like he was playing with a puppy!

Li Sicheng’s fists were clenched. His cold face was even more tense.

Stepping in, the man laughed. “Hey, good boy! Here’s a bone for you.” Then he threw a lunch box at him. A thick bone rolled out with rice stuck on it. Li Sicheng quietly glanced at him with his cold eyes. Feeling a chill, the guy still acted arrogant. “What the f**k are you staring at?”

“Where is she?!” Li Sicheng repeated, his voice was cold as if it was ice.

“Ayaya, so scary. I would think you are in your office if I didn’t know any better,” Tang Zhenghao’s voice came out. His body was slightly obese. Smirking at Li Sicheng, he blew out some smoke and said, “Why, our great president can’t get used to being treated as a puppy?”

Just behind Tang Zhenghao, Tang Mengying also walked out. She was dressed in a black tight-fitting leather outfit. Her hair was curled wavy, and her face was decorated with exquisite makeup, which made her beautiful facial features more delicate. Her red lips were especially dazzling.

“Brother Sicheng, you finally came. I have missed you like crazy.” Tang Mengying smiled. Although she said that, she no longer looked obsessed. All that was left on her face was coldness. “You came to find me, right?”

Li Sicheng looked at her, did not speak, and narrowed his eyes. In his deep-set eyes, there were danger and threat clearly showing.

Obviously, he was angry.

Tang Mengying smiled and clapped her hands. He heard the footsteps.

Su Qianci’s hair was grabbed by a man, and her hands were tied behind her. The moment she saw Li Sicheng, tears gathered in her eyes.

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