The 99th Divorce Chapter 513

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“What do you want?” Li Sicheng’s voice was unexpectedly calm. Looking at them indifferently, he clenched his fists. However, he immediately heard a strong wind behind him. Li Sicheng became alert and avoided it sideways. The next moment, he had already grasped the sneak attacking hand. With a twist, the sneak attacker screamed, and then the steel pipe was taken down.

Clap! Clap! Tang Zhenghao clapped his hands and smiled. “Excellent.”

Tang Mengying suddenly turned around and went to pick up a steel pipe. She tested it with her palm, chuckled, and pointed it to Su Qianci’s belly.

Li Sicheng was so scared that his face was pale. “Don’t you dare!”


There was another hit coming from behind, and Li Sicheng did not manage to dodge it this time. His hand holding the steel pipe was hit, and the severe pain caused him to release the pipe.

“Ah! Don’t!” Su Qianci’s heart trembled. Watching his hand instantly getting red and swollen, she teared up and roared.

Li Sicheng was going to lunge and counter attack when he heard Tang Mengying’s gentle voice. “Brother Sicheng, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. As long as you avoid the stick, or fight back, I will count it on her.” Then she chuckled with her beautiful voice. However, at the moment, it was the most vicious sound. She said, “What do you think would happen if I do this…” She put the steel pipe against Su Qianci’s belly with a smile on his face.

Su Qianci looked at the pipe, her legs clenched, trembling.

“Don’t you dare!” Li Sicheng’s face was flushed as he screamed.

Tang Mengying raised her eyebrows. “I even dared to kill my own son, let alone the sons of others. What a pity, I heard that they are twins. Two healthy babies, if this pipe goes down…”

“Ah!” Li Sicheng’s leg was hit hard by a stick, and the pain suddenly spread throughout the body. Growling, he kneeled on the ground.

“Go, go!” Su Qianci burst into tears, “Li Sicheng!” Her voice was sharp and desperate. Li Sicheng’s heart trembled and hurt.

“Don’t cry… I’m fine… ah…”

Before he finished talking, he took another hit on his back.

“Ah!” Su Qianci struggled hard, but the person holding her from behind was so strong that she couldn’t wriggle free. Seeing more and more blood on his body, she became overwhelmed with despair and fear. “Don’t beat him, don’t!”

The violent man smiled coldly, swinging the steel pipe at his legs, and then on his hands, back, and waist. Li Sicheng kept himself silent, looking up in the direction of Su Qianci. All he could hear was the swinging of the steel pipes, the muffled sound when they fell on him, and… occasionally the sound of broken bones. Her voice was getting farther and farther, and her figure was getting more and more blurred…

“Li Sicheng…” He thought he had heard her voice. Li Sicheng raised his hand with difficulty and tried to smile, but a stream of air rushed from somewhere in the body and went straight to his throat.

Li Sicheng couldn’t help but coughed violently. A thick mouthful of blood came out of his mouth…

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