The 99th Divorce Chapter 573

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A glass of orange juice was poured onto Lu Yihan’s body. His elegant and beautiful royal blue suit was immediately soaked. At the same time, there was the sound of the bouncing marbles that the children played with. Lu Yihan stood up and looked at himself incredulously.

The waitress exclaimed and was shocked. She quickly went to Lu Yihan and took a paper towel, apologizing in horror while helping him wipe, “I’m sorry, so sorry. Sir, I didn’t mean it…”

“It’s okay. I got it.” Lu Yihan gently pushed her aside and took out his handkerchief.

Su Qianci lowered her eyes and saw a transparent marble on the ground rolling under a table. She looked up and around, catching a glimpse of a tall and straight man. Wearing a big dark cap and a pair of sunglasses large enough to cover two-thirds of his face, he was playing with a marble in his hand, tossing it. Feeling the gaze of Su Qianci, he turned to look at her.

It was noon, so there was plenty of light. At first glance, she saw a blue diamond cross stud on his earlobe. Because of the light, Su Qianci clearly saw his hair was of a light color under the cap. His lips were so pale that even his lip line could not be seen clearly. At that moment, he noticed her gaze and placed the marble in his hand in front of her with a provocative smile..

Su Qianci recognized him at a glance. Wasn’t that the guy who harassed her in the dark parking lot and then in the room of the Royal Hotel? “You…” She was a little angry. “Shuang Yu!” The man looked frightened, turned away, and ran. “Shuang Yu, catch the guy!”

Shuang Yu had stayed close. Seeing where Su Qianci pointed, she caught up immediately. Su Qianci also picked up the bag and ran towards the door.

Lu Yihan was a little shocked. Why was she so impulsive? Over the years, she had grown a lot, and now she was not like her calm self. Was there anything more important than his current state?

Lu Yihan looked hard at her and asked, “Qianqian, where are you going?”

“I will come back soon.” Su Qianci left this sentence and she was already out of the door.

Lu Yihan was so upset that he called his assistant to bring him an outfit and then went into the bathroom.

The mysterious man who caused all of this was standing in a corner outside, gazing at Lu Yihan with a pair of shop and bright eyes under the sunglasses. Shuang Yu and Su Qianci looked around, and suddenly Su Qianci saw him near the restaurant and askedShuang Yu to quietly approach him. When the bodyguard approached the guy quietly, he suddenly turned his head and nodded at them. Then he turned around and ran again! Although the man was running, he looked like was taking a leisure walk, turning around and looking at them from time to time, like he was deliberately teasing them. Shuang Yu was annoyed and ran faster. But the man also accelerated. Suddenly, he stopped and threw something at Shuang Yu.

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