The 99th Divorce Chapter 574

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Shuang Yu avoided it, caught up again, but the man had entered the elevator and saluted her with two fingers. When Shuang Yu arrived, the elevator door was closed, and she could not catch up.

Su Qianci picked up the thing he had thrown over, frowning. It was a pendant. It was on a chain, and the workmanship was very fine. The shape of the pendant was like a flame with a wolf head on top of it, and the wolf’s neck was inlaid with a blue gem. Very valuable.

But what grabbed Su Qianci’s attention was not its value, but its pattern. Wasn’t this pattern the drawing in Tang Mengying’s mother diary? How come… Did this belong to Tang Mengying?

However, this person had twice harassed her twice. What was he trying to say by dropping this necklace now? What did he want to express? Was it to explain that he had a relationship with Tang Mengying? Or, did he want to explain something else?

Su Qianci looked at the necklace for a long while, raised her eyes, and saw Shuang Yu turn around and use the sign language: Do you still want me to chase him?

Su Qianci slowly shook her head. “Go back, Yihan is still waiting for us.” Putting the necklace away, she went to the restaurant.

After she sat down in the original seat, Lu Yihan came back after ten minutes, and his clothes had been changed. It was awkward. Neither of them ate much.

Just when Su Qianci was eating the ice cream, Lu Yihan said, “Qianqian, in a few days it will be the fifth anniversary of our company, and you are a major shareholder…”

“I’m afraid I don’t have the time,” Su Qianci bit her spoon and stopped him before he finished. “You know, I have been developing a new project recently and am too busy. Jinnan is neither familiar or interested, so…”

Lu Yihan was silent. The LS Group had been managed by Su Qianci and Li Jinnan for many years. Lu Yihan was not sure who was the first chair. However, in the past few years, LS had been brought back to life from the verge of bankruptcy in the very beginning. Until now, it was as great as when Li Sicheng had still been here. This definitely had everything to do with Su Qianci.

“I know that our company is not big now, but…”

“It’s very powerful. It only took several years for everyone to know about it. Now, who doesn’t know you, President Lu? But I am really busy. If there is time, I will go, Yihan.”

“Well,” Lu Yihan smiled slightly, his eyes narrowed. “Then I will wait for you.”

After lunch, the two people went down to the underground parking lot silently. When they were about to part their ways, Lu Yihan suddenly stopped her. Su Qianci turned and looked at him. Lu Yihan smiled softly, his eyes fixed on her. He said, “You don’t have to avoid me like this. Can’t we go back to the old times? You are still Qianqian, I am still Lu Yihan, just like when Li Sicheng was still here. Can we?”

Su Qianci heard the words and blinked. Suddenly shaking her head, her voice was a bit low. “Yihan, he is gone, so everything is different, you know, everything.”

Lu Yihan smiled and lowered his head, giving her a little push.“Go back now. I have to go back to business as well.”

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