The 99th Divorce Chapter 575

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Ordinary farewell. However, when Lu Yihan was turning around, his eyes were almost wet. Goodbye, it was not the same.

You know, everything is different.

Back in the car, Lu Yihan sat quietly for a long time. Watching Su Qianci’s car pulling away, he gazed into the distance. After long while, he looked at the steering wheel. This car had been with him for more than four years. Although the company had succeeded and he had more assets, Lu Yihan had never had the idea of replacing it.

He was reluctant. He just wanted to protect her carefully and not let her get hurt. Was this really wrong?

The palm of the hand caressed the steering wheel in front of him, and Lu Yihan’s lips were curled into a bitter smile. “It’s time to say goodbye, old fellow.” Then Lu Yihan started his own red Renault and slowly moved forward. Lu Yihan and Su Qianci were not aware that in a hidden corner of the parking lot, a white sports car had been parked for a long time.

Sitting in it was exactly the man who Su Qianci just chased after. With one hand on the window, his eyes gazed into their direction deeply. Suddenly, from the blue earrings on his earlobe came a hurried voice, “Come back. She is coming back soon.” He reached out and pressed the blue diamond. The white sports car was suddenly started, rushing away.

After Su Qianci came out of the restaurant, she did not return to the company, but returned home. When Captain Li saw her coming back, he felt a little guilty. He stretched, patted his leg and said, “Oh, I’m getting tired. The old man must go rest now.”

Su Qianci was rendered speechless, amused, and annoyed at the same time. She simply put on a grim face and went directly into the bedroom.

Taking out the mother diary, Su Qianci opened it to the page with the painting. It was a flame in the shape of a wolf head with a star in the center. The lines were clear, drawn with a colored pen. She picked up the necklace and found that there was no difference between the two. The wolf’s head was blue, the flame was orange-red, and the star was a sapphire. She was immediately certain that the person who had harassed her twice was definitely working for Tang Mengying.

However, Tang Mengying, Li Sicheng , Bo Xiao and Rong Anna had all disappeared for so long. If they had suddenly returned, why didn’t they show up? What were their purposes? Feeling nervous, she immediately stood up and went out the door.

When she saw Nanny Rong, she immediately asked, “Where are the children?”

Nanny Rong was shocked by her look. “Playing in the backyard.”

Li Jianyue was holding a little rabbit and trying to stuff a carrot into its mouth.

Li Jianqian couldn’t stand watching it anymore, looking away and playing with an iPad.

Li Mosen took her hand away and said, “The bunny will hate you if you continue to do this.”

“Ah?” Li Jianyue looked frightened. “I just want it to be full. Why would it hate me?”

“Think about it, if you don’t want to eat anything, but I take a carrot and stuff it into your mouth, will you hate me?”

“Yes!” Li Jianyue blurted out, and immediately tossed the carrot away, gazing at Li Mosen with her eyes shining. “Brother Mosen, you are so good!”

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