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The Achievement Junkie summary:

Disclaimer: Neither the picture nor the content belong to me. They are uploaded here, not for any bad purpose but for entertainment only.

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The Achievement Junkie Chapters

Time uploaded
268 A Tradea month ago
266 4 V 1a month ago
265 Escape?a month ago
257 Whats Next?a month ago
255 Getawaya month ago
237 Alone Timea month ago
236 Opening Upa month ago
221 Day Threea month ago
207 No Way Oua month ago
206 Kidnapped?a month ago
199 Little Linaa month ago
186 Frost Pearla month ago
184 Recoverya month ago
182 Frenzya month ago
168 Blackmaileda month ago
167 Found Oua month ago
164 Bidding Wara month ago
149 Goodbyea month ago
141 The Escapea month ago
120 Exposeda month ago
112 Alreadya month ago
96 Its A Date?a month ago
94 The Verdica month ago
86 Special Evena month ago
85 Waking Upa month ago
72 A Wild Jacka month ago
65 Jacks Signala month ago
63 Infiltrationa month ago
55 The Spya month ago
54 Lying In Waia month ago
34 Ambusha month ago
20 Baltwooda month ago
6 The Roommatea month ago
2 Me A Hero?a month ago
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