The Alchemist Of Harry Potter Chapter 513

Chapter 513: Unbreakable Oath

It is really hard to imagine that the other party is just a 15-year-old boy!

In less than half a day, Catherine recognized Albert's wisdom and talent, and was amazed for her opponent to win the international wizard chess championship.

Perhaps this is the real genius!

Catherine sat in the brightly lit sun room, looked up at the night outside, and casually smoothed Laila with a comb.

Just now, Nicholas came to tell her that tonight, under the witness of the two, he will continue the ancient "contract" with the young man from England.

As for the content of the "contract", Catherine was already informed when she became Nicholas' heir.

"What were you doing outside?"

Looking at the boy who came back from the outside with Caesar carrying an oil lamp, Catherine couldn't help asking.

The other party seemed to be using something to talk to others just now.

"Nothing!" Albert changed the subject casually, "I hope you can lend me the textbooks of the Ilvermorni School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I want to know what the professors of the Ilvermorni School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have taught you. "

"That's okay." Catherine nodded and said that the house elves would bring the books over, her eyes could not help but leave Albert's pockets, "Just now it was something made by Mochi, I remember it was called:" Cell phone", that's what Grandpa calls that thing."

"Oh, you actually know."

Albert did not deny this incident. Because the double-sided mirror was sent back, he could only use Maji's mobile phone to get in touch with his home. This was a preparation plan he prepared for himself.

However, the price of making international calls is very expensive.

"Grandpa Nicholas is very interested in the technique of Mochi, and he has bought that stuff." Catherine said quietly: "He has also used magic on many Mochi items, but the things are not here."

"Although Maji can't use magic, some aspects of them are really amazing, and the speed of technological progress is very fast." Albert looked at Catherine, and said calmly, "A lot of things in the magical world are for me. The illusion that stayed in the last century is not good."

"Your grandfather is an amazing person. Many wizards are prejudiced against Ma Ji and can't deal with the problems between the two sides."

"Grandpa Nicholas will be very happy to hear your compliment." Kathleen smiled and corrected. "However, the wizard is not as backward as you think. Magic can do a lot of things that Maji can never do. "

"Of course I know this. But you probably didn't realize that the magical magnetic field can interfere with Mochi's electronic products, so why can't Mochi use reverse thinking to create a machine that counters magic?" Albert began to talk nonsense, "Before. , Maji may not be able to do it, nor can it do it now, but what about in the future?"

"Maji only needs to be a magic detection radar, you can easily find the hidden wizard, make some machines that can cause the wizard's magic to fail, and you can easily catch the wizard."

Catherine opened her mouth, but did not immediately rebut.

Albert continued, "The magic world is improving, but the maji are improving much faster than the wizard."

Kathleen frowned slightly when she heard the words, she knew that Albert was probably right.

If the magic magnetic field is too strong, it will interfere with electricity and electronic products, so why can't it be the other way around?

"Then what do you think we should do, Mr. Anderson?" Nicholas walked in with a smile.

Although he didn't think about it as deeply as Albert thought, he also knew that if Maji's technique continued, sooner or later he would conflict with the wizard.

Sooner or later, the time depends on the strength of the mochi.

Nicholas knows the social changes of Maji far better than other wizards in the United States.

"I don't know, maybe there is no solution from the beginning." Albert shook his head. "Perhaps, if the wizard is strong enough and kind enough, maybe a world where magic and technology coexist can be built, but it is very possible. low."


"The history of mankind is the history of war." Albert said softly.

"When Maji's technology is strong enough to limit magic, most wizards will probably become real rats and experimental objects."

"Why not the other way around?" Catherine retorted with a frown. "Do you think the wizard will lose this so-called war?"

"The other way around?" Albert shook his head. "A long time ago, when Maji was still very backward, they were in the eyes of wizards, um, probably the other way around. Many wizards enslaved Maji and let them Instead of farming and earning wealth for themselves, some wizards will even plunder the wealth of Maji."

Catherine's brows deepened. She didn't like Albert's statement, but instinctively told her that Albert's words might be right.

"Don't tell me, the U.S. Ministry of Magic paid for the mochi at the time." Albert took a sip of tea and said lightly, "Gellert Grindelwald probably also realized the problem, but he didn't. There are too few wizards, and Moji is not a lamb. Think about what happened near Las Vegas, Nevada."

Catherine naturally knew about this. There are detailed records of it in their magic history. The Maji invented a terrible weapon called the "nuclear bomb".

"In fact, the magic technology of wizards has become more and more backward. A symbol of magic civilization is the ability to manufacture magic items in an assembly line. Obviously, the current magic world does not meet this simplest requirement." Albert noticed Catherine's face. "But you dont need to worry about the changes. The wizard and Maji will still live in peace for a long time, until one party breaks the balance and invites war, or eventually leads to peace."

In fact, this is what Albert thinks of when Nicholas talks about magical magnetic fields.

He has never been the most malicious to speculate about this matter.

Naturally that situation will not happen now, but what about in the future?

It is hard to say that human science and technology are developing rapidly, and there will surely be a rapid growth in science and technology two to three hundred years later. Sooner or later there will be conflicts between the two sides.

Of course, Albert didn't care, because at that time he was already ashes, to use the words of French King Louis XV: Even after I die, there will be a flood.

"I believe that humans and wizards will eventually move towards peace." Nicholas said with a smile, "Well, let's not talk about this, you all come with me!"

With that, Nicholas took the two to the basement, and the house elves took the four to a more secret study.

It has been arranged there, with layers of shielding curses, protective curses and hidden curses composed of magical barriers, which can isolate any reconnaissance and snooping. It is said that even the traces of Albert's body will be shielded.

"Okay, let's start!" Nicholas motioned for both of them to stand up, "You need to get closer."

Catherine stepped forward and stood in front of Albert ~wuxiaworld.online~ The two reached out at the same time, holding each other's arms.

Nicholas drew out his wand and nodded the wand head on the two hands they held.

"Albert, as the heir to Wild Smith, are you willing to hand over the agency of Floo Fan to Caitlin?"

Albert glanced at the parchment that Serra had handed over, nodded and said, "I do."

A thin, dazzling tongue of fire spouted from the wand, like a red and hot wire wrapped around the two hands they held.

"Catherine, are you willing to abide by the duty of an agent and give half of the proceeds of Floo fans to the Wild Smith family."

"I do."

The second tongue of fire spurted out of the wand, intertwined with the first, forming a thin, red light chain, making the two of them closer together.

"Albert, are you willing to guarantee that under the circumstance that the interests of both parties are not harmed, you will not interfere with Catherine's right to operate Floo fans on the American continent."

"I do."

As soon as the voice fell, the third tongue of fire spurted out of the wand, intertwined with the previous two, and wrapped tightly around the two hands they were holding.

"Catherine, are you willing to use your own life to guarantee that, except for the heirs you can trust, you will never leak the formula of Floo powder in any way."

"I do."

The last tongue of fire spouted from the wand, intertwined with the three in front, as if tightly wrapped around the two hands they were holding, making the two inseparable.

"Well, the contract is established."

Nicholas put away his wand and reminded again, "Remember, an unbreakable vow must never be broken."


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