The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 98

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At the words, Qin Muyue choked and subconsciously looked around. Just now, Chu Li's words were not high or low, but it could be heard vividly by the people standing around them.

So, Qin Muyue looked down and laughed.

"Li gege, I'm joking with you. I naturally know that calling you by name is exclusive to Yunjin saosao."

Then, Qin Muyue looked at Mu Yunjin again and smiled.

"Yunjin saosao, you are really blessed ah."

Mu Yunjin put on a fake smile, and did not reply to Qin Muyue.

The atmosphere was awkward for a while. Qin Muyue looked at Chu Li and then looked at Mu Yunjin, pressing down her eyes, she went to stand beside Chu Li, no longer talking.

At this time, there was a shout outside the door, as well as a burst of firecrackers.

Soon after, everyone crowded around only to see Rong w.a.n.g unexpectedly holding Mu Lingzhu in his embrace and walked into the door.

Mu Yunjin subconsciously looked at the Rong w.a.n.gfei but saw that she was still sitting in the main seat with General Qin, without the intention of getting up to avoid.

When Rong w.a.n.g put down Mu Lingzhu, Rong w.a.n.gfei got up, and lightly walked over Rong w.a.n.g and gave ceremony.

After giving ceremony, Rong w.a.n.gfei sat down again and looked at the red-capped Mu Lingzhu, embellishing her voice she said:

"According to the rules of the past, it was not necessary to do the ritual of heaven and earth when marrying a cefei, but for the sake of you being Mu Xiang's daughter, today it is an exception to let you and w.a.n.gye have the heaven and earth ceremony. When you enter the door, you are expected to serve w.a.n.gye well and in pa.s.sing, a.s.sist benfei organize the fu's big and small matters."

Rong w.a.n.gfei's words made the people present tongue-tied. This Mu Si Xiaojie, had still not yet officially pa.s.sed the door, and Rong w.a.n.gfei is already giving a show of strength on the spot.

Looking at Rong w.a.n.g dressed in happy clothes, it seems he had not heard anything amiss and he also nodded, completely agreeing with the words of Rong w.a.n.gfei.

Mu Yunjin looked at Rong w.a.n.gfei, and then at Mu Lingzhu. When she saw her fingers tightly grasping her sleeves, she knew that she was trying to suppress her emotions.

It is just now, Rong w.a.n.gfei's words, had let her (MLZ), in the capacity of being a member of Xiangfu, get one's share of gift price, it made her somewhat unhappy.

Next, after a simple husband and wife ceremony, originally, it would be the entering of the bridal room. Rong w.a.n.gfei, who was sitting on the main seat, once again spoke.

"Ben Fei's body has been sick for a long time, barely able to come out today to see the visitors. As a meimei, you should give Ben Fei an early tea ceremony, in order to avoid Ben Fei's body to break, tomorrow is not good, at that time it would be bad for meimei's good luck."

Rong w.a.n.gfei smiled yet not a smile and sat upright in her chair with a slight contempt in her eyes.

On the other hand, there were several buzzes among the guests.

Everyone knows that the bride's red cover should stay when waiting in the bridal room, then the husband will take it off himself. But this Rong w.a.n.gfei want to make Mu Si Xiaojie offer tea at this moment. Isn't it necessary to take off the red cover in front of the public at this time?

This is unreasonable..


Mu Lingzhu stood in the same place, naturally she can hear Rong w.a.n.gfei deliberately making it difficult for her. But at this moment, the guests are numerous, she is a cefei, she cannot directly confront Rong w.a.n.gfei.

"Zhu'er, listen to w.a.n.gfei. w.a.n.gfei is really not in good health recently. After the news of benw.a.n.g's wedding has been spread out recently, her body has gradually become stronger and stronger. Now you should give w.a.n.gfei a tea ceremony first."

In Rong w.a.n.g's words, Mu Lingzhu took a breath and began to tremble uncontrollably. At this time, there were also several low and suppressed laughter.

Mu Lingzhu bit her lip, and thought of Rong w.a.n.g's words again to see if she heard the words correctly. He just said that he married her as a cefei because Rong w.a.n.gfei was ill. Should she be happy?

For a moment, Mu Lingzhu felt a sense of humiliation that she had never felt before.

Mu Yunjin kept her appearance calm and her eyes wandered on Rong w.a.n.g and Rong w.a.n.gfei. It was clearly premeditated, seeing that the two people had exchanged thoughts with each other with their eyes from time to time.

Originally, Mu Lingzhu was looking forward to defeating Rong w.a.n.gfei and act as the genuine hostess of the fu. In a short while, it turned into washing the sickness with happiness, Mu Lingzhu must be vomiting blood now.

A moment later, a little maid came to Mu Lingzhu with a cup and bowed her body.

"Mu Cefei, please offer tea."

Mu Lingzhu lowered her eyes, and through the tiny cracks in the red cover, she could clearly see the tea in the tray of the little maidservant beside her. Her countenance suddenly became a little gloomy and cold.

Even for Rong w.a.n.gfei, tomorrow is a long time. Let's wait and see!

Thinking about it, Mu Lingzhu pulled off the red veil. Today, after pulling off the red veil by herself, her hair bun was somewhat disturbed and dropped a few silky strands which made her seem a sorry figure.

Mu Lingzhu reached for the tea cup in the maidservant tray. As soon as her hand touched the edge of the cup, she retracted. She looked down and looked at her already scalded finger.

Mu Lingzhu frowned tightly and looked at the cup, only to see that the cup was somewhat blackened, apparently broiled for a long time.

"What's wrong? Don't miss the auspicious time for meimei to enter the bridal room. Offer the cup of tea here."

The Rong w.a.n.gfei glanced at her and drew a faint smile between her lips.

Mu Yunjin put her hands behind her, and her eyes always wandered on Rong w.a.n.gfei. When Mu Lingzhu hesitated to touch the cup, she knew that a trick must have been made on the cup.

Inexplicably, she looked towards Qin Muyue standing on the side.

At this time, Qin Muyue was covering her mouth with a handkerchief unable to see clearly her face, but it was hard to hide the mocking expression in her eyes.

What a good Qin family.

After pausing for a while, Mu Lingzhu reached for the cup again with trembling trepidation. After cooling for a while, the cup was still boiling hot, but it was not as scalding as it had just been.

After holding the cup firmly, Mu Lingzhu took a few steps forward and knelt down towards Rong w.a.n.gfei.

"Please, inviting w.a.n.gfei to have tea."

Rong w.a.n.gfei looked down at Mu Lingzhu. She didn't reach for the tea cup. After a while she bowed her head and coughed a few times.

"I'm so sorry, benfei almost forgot that benfei coughed so badly recently that the doctor did not allow benfei to drink the tea infused water."

"Don't mind, don't mind. It's just offering tea ceremony today. Benfei won't disturb w.a.n.gye and cefei meimei. Go on to the bridal room."

After that, Rong w.a.n.gfei got up and looked at Rong w.a.n.g.

"w.a.n.gye won't blame chenqie for delaying your good deed?"

"w.a.n.gfei, chatting ang laughing, benw.a.n.g is glad to see that your body is much better today!

Rong w.a.n.g said with a smile.

Rong w.a.n.gfei smiled and nodded, glancing at the Mu Lingzhu, then faintly moved away her line of sight.

After Mu Lingzhu was brought into the backyard by her Xi Po* the atmosphere of the place gradually began to become lively.

(Xi Po - Happiness/Joy Grandmother or Matron; An elder who helps and guide the bride during a wedding ceremony.)


Qin Muyue runs to Rong w.a.n.gfei's side and grabs her arm intimately.

When Rong w.a.n.gfei glimpsed Qin Muyue, her face showed a genuine smile.

"It's Muyue ah. Aunt didn't notice you just now."

"Aunt's complexion is really good today. It seems that the happy occasion in the fu, can really wash away impurities."

Qin Muyue lifts the corner of her lips, and the corner of her eyes sweeps gently on Mu Yunjin at the side.

"Yes, it's true that my body has been lighter lately. Still its you girl that had the idea to wash away sickness with a happy occasion."

Rong w.a.n.gfei smiled.

Qin Muyue looked down and smiled.

"These are what I heard from some small villages in the border when I was fighting at the border. I thought they were superst.i.tious, but now they seem to be true."

Rong w.a.n.gfei and Qin Muyue did not speak very loudly, but Mu Yunjin, who had excellent hearing, heard them all, she twisted her eyebrows slightly and sized up and down Qin Muyue.

As it turns out, it was Qin Muyue's idea to find Mu Lingzhu for the happy occasion.

Mu Yunjin thought it was boring to stand here and looked at Chu Li.

"How long are we going to stay here?"

"After giving the congratulatory gift we can go."

Chu Li lightly replied.

Mu Yunjin nodded and said to Zixiang beside her:

"Go and hand the gift box to the housekeeper of the w.a.n.gfu."

"Yes, xiaojie."

Zixiang curtsied, and then went to the housekeeper with the gift box in hand.

At this time, the Rong w.a.n.gfei seems to have noticed them, with Qin Muyue's help, she walked slowly towards Mu Yunjin and Chu Li's direction.

After approaching, Rong w.a.n.gfei automatically ignored Mu Yunjin and looked at Chu Li with a smile.

"Your Royal Highness Liu Huangzi, long time no see."


Chu Li grunted in remark.

"Ben fei's body has been bad all these years, and has not seen you for about three or four years. Didn't expect you to grow so tall in this three to four years."

Rong w.a.n.gfei continued to say.

"Aunt, Muyue is right. Li gege is as beautiful as he was when he was young, absolutely splendid."

Qin Muyue's eyebrows raised, there is a bit of proudness in her words.

Rong w.a.n.gfei nodded, and then her eyes fell on Mu Yunjin who was beside Chu Li. She loweres her eyes and smiled.

"Muyue spoke rightly, Liu Huangzi is really extraordinary. Even the little maidservants beside him, all have such beautiful looks."

Little maidservant

Mu Yunjin resisted the impulse to punch Rong w.a.n.gfei into the wall, she squeezed out a smile, and looked at the w.a.n.gfei coldly.

(TL: Don't resist! We'll cover you so no one will notice!)

"Qin Xiaojie, what do you usually call me?"

Mu Yunjin suddenly turned her eyes, and it fell on Qin Muyue beside the Rong w.a.n.gfei.

Qin Muyue is holding Rong w.a.n.gfei's arms, she gradually tightened her grip and embarra.s.sedly said:

"Yunjin saosao."

Hearing it, Mu Yunjin looked a little provocatively towards Rong w.a.n.gfei.

Rong w.a.n.gfei was stared at by cold eyes as she was stumped for words. After caressing her heart, she pulled the corners of her mouth.

"It turned out to be Liu Huangzi Fei, forgive benfei's eyes for being clumsy."


Mu Yunjin snorted and looked away, no longer paying attention to Rong w.a.n.gfei.

At present, it seems that the Qin family is nothing more than a family of bulls.h.i.t generals, to the extent that some of the low cla.s.s people has a bit more of the demeanor of an influential family.

Rong w.a.n.gfei is slightly suffocated, seeing Mu Yunjin is really like the rumors, rude and unreasonable, but is also not surprised, she reached out and rubbed her temples, she looked at Qin Muyue.

"I am a little tired, Muyue, help me go back to rest, just have a chat with aunt."

"Yes Aunt."

After Qin Muyue helped Rong w.a.n.gfei to leave, Mu Yunjin rolled her eyes at Rong w.a.n.gfei's back and looked at Chu Li impatiently.

"Is it possible to go now?"

Chu Li casted a sidelong glance at Mu Yunjin, his eyes were lightly stained with some refined brilliance.

"Let's go."

They had just stepped out of the Rong w.a.n.gfu Gate's steps, when Mu Yunjin and Chu Li were stopped. Turning around, Chu Qing walked out of the door quickly.

"Liu dimei, just now, ben huangzi pa.s.sed through the backgarden, but heard your meimei crying inside, are you not going to comfort?"


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