The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 99

Mu Yunjin glanced at this meddlesome Chu Qing, slightly raised her eyebrows.

"Si meimei is married, if it is to comfort, it is Rong w.a.n.gye that should do the comforting, it is not my turn."

Chu Qing gave a low laugh.

"Actually it is ben huangzi who was meddlesome, then won't trouble you."

After that, Chu Qing looked at Chu Li and added a sentence.

"Liu Di, tomorrow Fu Huang wants us go to him at chenshi (7-9am) to discuss official business. You must not forget."


Chu Li gave a casual grunt and boarded the black, horse-drawn carriage parked outside the w.a.n.gfu. Mu Yunjin followed him into the carriage. Outside the carriage, Chu Qing looked at the back of the two people just now, and his lips overflowed with a hard to fathom smile.


In the carriage, Mu Yunjin lay on the edge near the window, looking at the scenery along the road outside the city, and there was an indescribable feeling in her heart. After some time, when the carriage stopped at Shuiyun Temple, Mu Yunjin looked at Chu Li with some surprise.

"Why are we here again?"

"Ben Huangzi has something to do with Master Huaiyuan. You should go around by yourself first."

Chu Li looked at Mu Yunjin and then went out of the carriage. Mu Yunjin twitched her lips and sat in the carriage and did not get off. As Chu Li and Ding Xian walked up the steps, Mu Yunjin pursed her lips and yelled:

"Zi Xiang."

"Servant is here."

Zi Xiang immediately went to the window of the carriage.

"Is there anything delicious near Shuiyun Temple?"

Mu Yunjin was a little bored and looked around her. Zi Xiang paused for a while to think, then shook her head.

"This servant is not clear on the specifics, just heard from Shen Momo that Qin Taifei especially likes to eat the vegetarian dishes of Shuiyun Temple, saying that they are very light and delicious."

"Oh? Vegetarian dishes? "

Mu Yunjin raised her eyebrow, instead of usual, having no interest in light dishes, but today her throat is itching from cough, listening to Zi Xiang mention this vegetable dishes, she wants to eat some.

Shortly afterwards, Mu Yunjin got out of the carriage and winked at Zi Xiang.

"Ben Xiaojie has enough silver today. Let's go and take you to eat vegetarian dishes."

"Thank you, Xiaojie."

Zi Xiang then followed by Mu Yunjin's side, as they walked up the steps.

At the gate of Shuiyun Temple, a few monks were there at this time. Mu Yunjin came several times now so the monks recognized her naturally. At this time, when they saw her step up, they bowed in ceremony.

"Excuse me, where do you eat vegetarian dishes?"

Mu Yunjin asked.

"Replying to Liu Huangzi Fei, after entering the temple, it is straight to the left, Jingxin Yuan is the place where the temple provides vegetarian dishes."

The monk's respectful reply. Mu Yunjin nodded her head and thanked him. She then went to Jingxin Yuan on the left. A moment later, Mu Yunjin stood in front of the gate of Jingxin Yuan, listening to the murmuring Buddhist music coming from inside, which was inexplicably refreshing and comfortable.

As she walked inside, a monk came up to her and said:

"Greetings to Liu Huangzi Fei."

"Our Huangzi Fei would like to try the vegetarian dishes here. Inconveniencing young shifu (master) to prepare them."

Zi Xiang asked.

"Huangzi Fei, please wait a moment."

After the monk left, Mu Yunjin found a place to sit down. Zi Xiang also sat down beside her. She saw a teapot on the table and helped Mu Yunjin pour a cup of tea. Mu Yunjin's throat is dry and hoa.r.s.e, difficult to bear. She held up her teacup and sips her tea. At once, the sweet scent of flower tea spread, moistening her throat a lot.

"Shixiong, my injury is almost healed, you can continue to accompany me to practice tomorrow."

"Shidi, wait a few more days, let your serious injuries recover, it is better to raise your body, than practicing in a hurry..."

"Yes, Shixiong."

Mu Yunjin looked down at tea and heard two voices coming from the room. She held the cup in her hand and raised her eyelids, and saw the people who came into the door, the one who were speaking was the men whom she had dealt with that day. The two men sat down on the table beside Mu Yunjin. Mu Yunjin's secretly sighed 'unlucky'. Her right hand was supporting her head, leaning to the left. She tried to avoid the two men as much as possible.

A moment later, several monks brought vegetarian dishes at Mu Yunjin's table.

"Please, slowly employ."

A monk bowed and went out.

Mu Yunjin looked at the table filled with simple and light dishes, licked her lips then picked up the chopsticks, took a bite of green vegetables, and slowly ate them. After eating a mouthful of green vegetables, Mu Yunjin took a spoon to scoop up the tender tofu. After eating it, she still unable to tell what to feel.

Really a vegetarian dish, it's not even a bit salty.

While immersing herself in eating, Mu Yunjin did not notice that her every move was already in the eyes of Wenyuan and Mingyuan. The two men had just begun to see uncertainly that Mu Yunjin is someone who looked familiar but when they caught a glimpse of the silk thread wrapped around her wrist, they immediately exchanged glances with each other.

Legend has it that the spiritual tool phoenix tail whip was once poured into an immortal spirit when it was created. Thus after recognizing a master, it can change into a silk thread wrapped around it's master's wrist. When the master of the spiritual tool applied true qi, the silk thread will react and become a phoenix tail whip. At this time, the woman's wrist is entwined with a silk thread, isn't it the spritual tool, Phoenix tail whip, that injured them that day?

Good, they don't have to worry about revenge. Now, it is delivered right at their door by itself.


Mu Yunjin originally felt that the vegetarian dishes were dull and tasteless, but gradually after eating some, she felt that it had a different taste. She completely forgot everything about Wenyuan and Mingyuan sitting beside her. After the light dishes, Mu Yunjin leaned back on her chair and gave a long sigh.

Then, before she could react, she felt a cold tip brush her neck and she lowered her eyes only to find a sword aimed on her neck.

"Ah! You're outrageous."

Zi Xiang saw this scene and slammed the table, just as she was about to curse in rage, she saw Mu Yunjin make a hush movement.

"Witch, remember us?"

Wenyuan held his sword and saw Mu Yunjin sitting motionless in her chair with a triumphant smile on his lips.

Mu Yunjin looked askance at two people, reached out and flick the sword in Wenyuan's hand, and uttered a 'tsk' sound.

"This young shifu, did you make a mistake?"

"I'd like to think it was a mistake, but the Phoenix tail whip on your wrist won't let me be mistaken!"

Wenyuan looked despisingly as he approached Mu Yunjin and lowered his voice.

"If you understand, hand over the sutra, or else don't blame the sword for not having eyes."

"Ai, indeed, I forgot to look at calendar when I went out. Only want to eat vegetarian dishes but came across people carrying a vendetta."

Mu Yunjin picked up the silk handkerchief, and wiped the sweat on her forehead and looked at Zi Xiang.

"Little Xiang'er, go and tell my husband to come."

Zi Xiang immediately nodded and ran out.

On one side Mingyuan saw Zi Xiang ran away, just as he was preparing to give chase, he suddenly felt his lower leg hurt. Looking down, three silver needles are stably stuck in his calf.

"Despicable witch, you must be killed today!"

Mingyuan is angry, he pulled out the silver needle, then picked up the stick beside him, and prepared to strike toward Mu Yunjin.

Perhaps the movements inside were too big that the monk on duty outside the door ran in. After seeing the scene, he stared at Wenyuan, who was holding a sword aimed at Mu Yunjin.

"Master Wenyuan, this is a n.o.ble person in our temple, the current Liu Huangzi fei, absolutely must not offend!"


Wenyuan's hand holding the sword, trembled and he looked astonished at the running little monk who entered the door. Mingyuan on one side was equally surprised.

"Just a moment ago, I saw Liu Huangzi talking to Master Huaiyuan. Liu Huangzi Fei had come to the temple several times with Liu Huangzi. I cannot be mistaken!"

Wenyuan is filled with surprise at this time. He looked at Mu Yunjin's face, and recalled the woman's fierce skills on that day. How could she possibly be the Liu Huangzi Fei?

Did they really get the wrong person?

But the Phoenix tail whip on her wrist will never be mistaken. What's going on?


Before Wenyuan had fully reacted, the sword was still resting on Mu Yunjin's neck, a strong wind palm force landed on Wenyuan sweeping his whole body across the room breaking the window and finally falling on the rockery outside, he was bleeding and fainted on the spot.

Mingyuan saw this scene, his feet became soft, he knelt down.

"Greeting Liu Huangzi."

Chu Li stood at the entrance of Jingxin Yuan, with a steady and collected face, he slightly narrowed his eyes, and coldly shot glance at Mingyuan kneeling on the ground.

Mu Yunjin got up, stretched her neck and body, and gave a long sigh.

"Aiya, it's not safe to eat a meal. Someone wants to kill me with a sword. Quite scary people."

"Your Highness, the two men spoke irresponsibly and cursed our Huangzi Fei as a witch."

Zi Xiang stood beside Chu Li staring at Mingyuan who was kneeling. Mingyuan's legs were soft, and his eyes turned for help to Master Huaiyuan who came with Chu Li.

"Shixiong, this is all a misunderstanding. Wenyuan Shixiong mistakenly recognized Liu Huangzi Fei as the woman who injured us in the Secret Pavilion last time."

"You two are really..."

Huaiyuan shook his head helplessly and looked at Chu Li. He saw that Chu Li was emitting low pressure all over his body at this time. He dared not open his mouth for Mingyuan and Wenyuan.

Chu Li's ice cold gaze crossed over Mingyuan and then turned to Mu Yunjin.

"What do you say? "

In other words, the life and death of these two men will be decided by Mu Yunjin. Mu Yunjin touched the Phoenix Tail Whip at her wrist and glanced lightly at Mingyuan kneeling on the ground.

"Heaven has the virtue of life, Buddhism is very important, it's better not to see blood."

"Since the two masters have mistaken me, it means that there is a misunderstanding. It should be made clear."

"Master Mingyuan, next time you see me, will you be able to recognize me? "

Mu Yunjin lowered her eyes and looked towards Mingyuan. Mingyuan met Mu Yunjin's eyes and nodded repeatedly.

"It's this little monk's eyes that are clumsy. Many thanks to Liu Huangzi Fei, a person of grwat moral stature who does not remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature. Next time, this little monk and Shixiong will never make this mistake again."

"Good, that will do."

Mu Yunjin smiled faintly and looked at Chu Li.

"Let's go now?"

Chu Li glanced at Mu Yunjin. There was an indescribable meaning in his eyes. He hmmed softly and turned to walk outside Jingxin Yuan. Mu Yunjin raised her eyebrows and followed Chu Li out with a brisk step. After the group of people left, Mingyuan, who was kneeling on the ground, immediately got up, jumped out of the back window, and supported Wenyuan, who had fainted to death at this time.

"Shixiong, shixiong."

Wen Yuan woke up after a long while and frowned. He clutched his painful chest. He said slowly.

"There is no mistake, that Liu Huangzi Fei is surely the witch who s.n.a.t.c.hed the sutra from us."

"Then, the Mysterious Spirit Sutra, isn't it now in the Liu Huangzi's hands?"


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